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Get the answer to this never-ending discussion once and for all and see what is the best baby registry!

What Is The Best Baby Registry

There has been a never-ending debate on what is the best baby registry out there. You have probably read several moms advising to register here because of this and that, or some moms warning you not to register here or there because of blah blah blah.

One thing to consider before jumping to a conclusion on what the best baby registry is that one parent's experience might differ from another one, hence, the various feedbacks.

I have been reading all the online "debates" and tried to find a solution and hope that it will eventually help parents to settle where to create their baby registries.

One solution to probably end the "best baby registry debate" is to know what exactly to put or not to put on the registry. Once parents know, they can make narrow down their list and take it with them while they research online for the lowest price of the items.

It also helps if shipping and returns are free. You will never know when you need to return an item.

Regardless of where you end up registering, customer service always changes. Some online feedbacks about a lousy customer service happened four years ago. For all you know, the employee is no longer working for that company, hence, a different experience with customer service.

Let us start by enumerating some most talked about baby registries.

1. Baby Registry* with Amazon (*affiliate link)
2. The Babies "R" Us Baby Registry
3. The Buy Buy Baby Baby Registry
4. The Target Baby Registry
5. The Wallmart Baby Registry
6. The MyRegistry Baby Registry* (*affiliate link)
7. The BabyList Baby Registry
8. The Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry
9. The Giggle Baby Registry
10. The Baby Depot Baby Registry
11. The Land of the Nod Baby Registry

Out of this 11, there are three that would allow you to add any item from anywhere. Amazon, and BabyList.

Note the different return policies of the gifts you are adding from third-party sellers to avoid future returning issues. Adding gifts from any store in the world can be overwhelming. So it would be good to have a list on hand to help you before you discover tons of items you might end up not using.

For example, if you choose Amazon and found an item on Babies R Us, you can add that Babies R Us item in your Amazon Registry via their Universal Registry Button. also allows you to do the same thing. You can add items from Amazon and Walmart and can literally add items from anywhere and even upload your Target and The Land of Nod registries. BabyList would also allow you to do the same and would even accept lists such as paid help, cooked meals, and college funds.

People should learn to accept the usefulness of things like a universal registry. Until they do, there will be twice as many returns and useless gifted items as there have to be.

Does The Amazon Baby Registry Work?


  • Amazon has the most extensive and unbeatable selection of products of all so you might not need to find another product from off Amazon.
  • Prices are mostly cheaper than other stores, so you might not have to search anywhere else most of the time.

Amazon Completion Discount: 

  • Automatically activates once you hit a particular date.
  • Can be used on onetime purchase for remaining registry items within 30 days of the baby's due date, for up to $5000 worth of products
  • Default completion discount: 10% discount
  • Amazon Mom: 15% discount


  • Amazon has one of the most comprehensive and unbiased items' reviews on the internet.
  • Return or exchange process (within 90 days) is free. The gift giver also does not find out that the gift was returned or exchanged.
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Fast shipping (and free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime)
  • Excellent Customer Service

Other perks:
Sweepstakes that you can enter for a chance to win your entire registry for free.


  • Not all items are eligible for free 2-day Prime shipping.
  • No physical store to see products. You can go to Babies R Us for example so you can touch the product and add them to the universal registry system afterward.

How About The MyRegistry Baby Registry?



  • You can add gifts from stores that don't have a website.
  •  You can register for cash gifts by creating a cash gift fund. Cash gift funds are great for anything you might need!


  • You need not be using a desktop to add an item to your list. Use your mobile while you are on the go.
  • You can scan any barcode and add items to your gift list while browsing your favorite store.
  • Scan and compare prices to find the best prices on the items you want and add them to your list later on.


  • Be careful of adding items from stores with limited reviews. To limit future problems, look for things on Amazon, which has the most comprehensive reviews online and add them to your MyRegistry list.

How Is The BabyList Registry?


  • Aside from adding any item from any store, you can order home-cooked meals, housecleaning, or used baby clothes.


  • Access list on all devices
  • Very flexible to accept your other registry list such as your Amazon list


  • Rewards only available if you purchase from 5 specific stores.
  • Relatively small company and have limited help for urgent matters.


Have your list ready and go to physical stores to test drive strollers, touch baby clothes and see other options that you cannot view online. Amazon is well-known for the cheapest deals and comprehensive reviews. If you cannot find some needed items on Amazon, use the MyRegistry to see price comparisons of things to find the best deals.

Use Amazon to take advantage of free shipping and free returns and completion discount. Once you have the list, you have the option to upload them to MyRegistry. MyRegistry would allow you to

  1. Add other items from physical stores as you scan them;
  2. Add items from stores without a website;
  3. Sign up for cash gifts. The cash gifts can be used for home-cooked meals, housecleaning and used baby clothes (the major selling point of the smaller company BabyList).

While BabyList sounds tempting because of their unconventional offers (e.g., home-cooked meals), the completion discount you get is minimal. You can only be discounted in specific stores.

Which one gets your vote, and why? 

I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!




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I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I would not recommend using I recently used it for my baby registry as it is convenient to have items from several different retailers. However everything that was bought off the registry had all kinds of issues with orders being duplicated to never showing up to sending the wrong item. I emailed them to share my feedback and they offered to help. That was a week ago and there was no follow up since. I will never use their site again or would recommend it to others.

    1. Hi Virgen,

      Thanks for your feedback and for sharing. I am sure my readers will find it extremely helpful.


  2. Wow, I did not know there were so many online baby registries! I think the best pick for me would be Amazon. I purchase a lot from them, so I see this as the best choice. I like it because you can probably get all the baby products from most popular companies in one store shop.

    1. Hi there,

      In any case where you can’t find what you want in Amazon, it’s good that you can use the “universal button” to add any item from all other stores to your Amazon baby registry. 🙂



  3. Hey

    What a nice and helpful review. I remember my first baby register – several handwritten pages with all the necessary (and also some unnecessary) things listed 🙂 and then crossed over when bought 🙂 It was a big mess back then so I am happy I have found your post to be more prepared next time.

    I think I will give Amazon a try. It is the well-known network and seems better than the rest to me. I am fond of all the reviews there as you can really benefit from those – before any purchase I have a look at what Amazon says about the product.

    I also think that customer service is extremely important and their customer service is excellent – I have felt it several times. So I will stick with the proven and tested value in this case – with Amazon.

    1. Hi Arta,

      At least you knew about a baby registry during your first baby. In my case, I didn’t know about its existence until our friends and family gave us surprise gifts. LOL.

      What I like best about Amazon is the hassle-free returns. I bought a lot of cloth diapers from them and it only took a few clicks to request for a refund or a return.



  4. I had no idea you could add things from anywhere to your Amazon registry! That’s amazing and super exciting… I love Amazon! For my first baby I registered at Target, which I still love, and I don’t even think I registered anywhere for #2. As we are thinking about having a third, I’m definitely going to remember this!

  5. Hi, thanks for the great sharing. Having a baby registry in hand help to keep everything in check.

    Out of the three registry websites that you mentioned in your blog post, seem like Amazon is the best but is the discount only limited to those purchase within US region or it is applicable for purchase outside the US as well?

    1. Hi there,

      Here are some rules about the completion discount regarding your question.

      1. Items must be sold by Amazon.

      2. In your completion discount view inside your Baby Registry, you must see the “Eligible for Completion Discount” on the item you want to add.

      I hope this helps.



  6. I started using the Babies R Us registry online, but found that I kept choosing the smaller bits to avoid causing too much expense for people. By the time I finished, my list was full of rattles and weaning sets and bibs. I just didn’t see the point. I ended up asking my family for the more expensive things and asked other friends for vouchers which came in really handy. I guess everyone has their own method! 🙂

    1. Hi Gus,

      Yup. It really depends on your preference. Gift vouchers would definitely be ideal for parents who don’t know yet what to ask for instead of asking for things that you may end up not using, like lots of rattles. ;-p

      If you happen to receive gift cards (vouchers) from everyone instead of receiving items from the usual baby registry wish list, you can later on use the vouchers to purchase more expensive but quality baby items that you will actually need (like a car seat or a stroller).



  7. Thank you for highlighting the top three most recommended best baby registry! Out of the top three which one do you prefer to use? I believe that I’m going to sign up for the Amazon baby registry for my unborn.

    1. Hi there,

      I would probably start with Amazon Baby Registry. I am honestly tempted to try Babylist, but I am not sure if I need home-cooked meals or house help from people that I don’t personally know. I would maybe accept that unconventional help but only from people I personally know and trust.

      MyRegistry is tempting to try too, especially for cash donations. But I am quite embarrassed to ask for cash, LOL.

  8. Hey Pitin, I like the list you have covered on baby registries. I have tried the first two and I am very much satisfied.
    I would love to try the Universal Registry Button as I like the idea of it and I never tried that before. I agree with Norstad on not returning the gift items as these comes with love and affections of someone. 🙂

    1. Hi Sangeeta!

      Thanks for dropping by my site. 🙂 A Universal Registry is the answer to what’s the best in my opinion since you have the access to all stores in the world (literally) as long as they ship to your location. About the gift being returned, I sometimes think I wouldn’t return it since it is a gift. But you know, sometimes you put things on your list that you actually don’t need and realise it late. Don’t you think it’s better to just return them since you made a mistake asking for it in the first place? I am only being practical I guess – I’d rather use the refunded money to buy more cloth diapers maybe instead of keeping a spare stroller I might end up not using. What do you think?;-p



  9. Hi Pitin,

    Genuinely, I am not dumbfounded one piece by Amazon Baby Registry being among the all around loved. Since Amazon is doing almost anything conceivable these days. Moreover, on the off chance that you need to attempt it for nothing to check whether you like it or not they give you a 90-day trial. Best thing about the Amazon Baby registry is that you may give back a thing and get cash for what you require. There is constantly that one thing we by and large disregard to get for the tyke. Was asking why you didn’t do any audits for the other Baby registers you had recorded?

    Yours Truly,


    1. Hi Carlton,

      Sometimes, providing all the details of all the other options out there can give you an analysis by paralysis. I wanted to summarise the three best options (Universal Registries) since by using them, you can add any item from any other stores – something that the rest of the baby registries cannot do. Should you change your mind about the baby registry you used, you can always upload your list later to another universal registry. For example, you chose Amazon but decided to go with Babylist later on. It is very possible to do this without any hassle. I hope this helps.



  10. I agree that Amazon is indeed the best shopping site among all shopping sites and I would not doubt it to have the best baby registry.

    By the way isn’t it odd to return a gift that basically came from someone? It’s a GIFT. LOL! Good thing the gift giver won’t be notified. 😀

    1. Hi Norstad,

      The registry list is also a guide for gift givers on what else they can get for the new parents.🙂 In a case when the gift givers fail to check what else is needed, they might buy an item that has already been bought by someone. Therefore, the new parents would receive two strollers for example. In reality, you don’t need 2. Unless of course one is an umbrella stroller and another one is the travel system which has a car seat, in that case they can keep both. BUT if it is of the same kind, say, 2 umbrella strollers, then it would be good to just choose what to keep and return the other and therefore just use the cash for something else they need. 🙂

  11. Hi Pitin,

    I’m so glad you gave a recommendation for the top 3 baby registry gift sites. There’s no way I could’ve gone through all of those myself. Too much information gives me paralysis by analysis! It’s no surprise Amazon tops the list 🙂 I really liked I’ll recommend it to my friends because it has much-needed services for new moms. Great “outside the box” gifts!


    1. I like all of them personally but I think I’d stick with Amazon because of the completion discount. And if ever I need an “outside of the box” gift like a cash donation, I can upload my Amazon list to MyRegistry. The cash gifts I can ask for them using MyRegistry and I can use the cash to afford the homecooked meals and other outside of the box gifts that makes sell. It’s a personal preference because as I see it, has a very limited amount of options when it comes to baby products and they only give you discount if you buy from specific stores.

  12. This is a great list, but what about Walmart? I’d really like to see a comprehensive list of absolute necessities with recommended brands and what new mothers typically put on their registries but turned out to be a total waste.

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