Preparing for a new baby brings both joy and overwhelm. Enters the baby registry.

What is a baby registry?

A baby registry is more than a list; it's what you need for a smooth start with your newborn. It tells your loved ones what you require and helps minimize stress.

Choosing items can be challenging. Pick versatile things that grow with your child. This saves time and money. Think beyond the newborn phase. Choose items that last through infancy and toddlerhood.

What Is A Baby Registry

What Is A Baby Registry And What Should Be Put In It?

The Foundation: Selecting the Right Baby Furniture

Picking baby furniture is crucial for safety and comfort. It's the base of your baby's world. Choose pieces that are safe and practical. They give you and your child peace of mind.

1. Crib

Choose a crib carefully* for your baby's first space. Pick one that meets safety standards and uses safe materials. Make sure the mattress fits snugly and is easy to clean. 

Convertible cribs are popular because they grow with your child. They start as cribs, then become toddler beds and even full-size beds. Although they cost more upfront, they save you money in the long run.

On the Go: Transportation Essentials for Your Baby

2. Car Seat

A car seat is a must-have item when bringing your baby home. Pick one* that meets safety standards and fits your baby's size.

Car seats have different stages: infant, convertible, and booster. Infant seats are for newborns and can attach to strollers. Convertible seats grow with your child and are a wise long-term choice.

3. Strollers

When choosing a stroller,* consider where you'll stroll. City sidewalks need different strollers than rural paths. Look for durability, easy folding, storage, and reclining for naps.

4. Baby Carrier

Consider a traditional baby carrier. It's an easy way to keep your baby close and content on the go. Choose one with ergonomic designs* for back and shoulder support. It should adapt as your baby grows.

5. Diaper Bag

A diaper bag will save you from carrying multiple bags. It's portable and provides everything you need for a quick trip or a day out.

Diaper bags have insulated bottle pockets and changing pads for on-the-go diaper changes. They also have waterproof compartments for wet clothes or dirty diapers, keeping you organized.

Various styles and colors of diaper bags can match your preferences and lifestyle. Whether it's a backpack, messenger bag, tote bag, or stylish purse, having a diaper bag in your registry* ensures you're always prepared and organized when caring for your baby away from home.

Feeding Time: Must-Haves For Nursing And Bottle Feeding

Feeding time is essential for you and your baby. The right equipment matters. Whether nursing or bottle-feeding, here are the essentials for a smooth experience.

6. Breast Pump, Storage Bags And Cleaning Supplies

For nursing moms, a good breast pump* is critical. It lets you store milk when you're away. Look for one that's efficient and comfy. Also, get accessories like storage bags* and cleaning supplies.

7. Baby Bottles

For bottle-feeding, choose bottles* that are easy to clean and reduce air intake. Nipples come in different flow rates, so pick the right ones for your baby.

8. High Chairs And Booster Seats

High chairs* and booster seats* are must-haves during meals. A sturdy high chair should be easy to clean and adjustable. Boosters are great for travel and dining out, offering a safe spot for your baby.

Outfitting Your Baby From Head To Toe

9. Basic Clothing

When making your baby registry, cute outfits can be tempting. But focus on practicality in the wardrobe. A checklist of essentials prevents unnecessary buys. This ensures your baby is comfortably dressed for any occasion.

Start with the basics:* onesies, sleepers, and socks. Onesies with shoulder folds and snap bottoms are great for quick changes. Sleepers with zippers are more accessible, especially at night. Remember, plenty of socks.

Prepare for changing seasons. Layer with jackets and hats for cold weather, and use light, breathable fabrics for hot months. Always choose soft, hypoallergenic materials to keep your baby comfortable.

10. Cloth Diapers Or Disposable Diapers

Deciding between cloth and disposable diapers is crucial for your first child. Cloth diapers are reusable and eco-friendly, while disposable diapers offer convenience but ongoing costs.

Including disposable diapers in your baby registry can help save initial expenses, while cloth diapers offer long-term savings. With over 50 cloth diapers in my stash, I find the all-in-two option the most economical after testing them. However, for convenience, pocket diapers are preferable.

Pocket diapers can also function as all-in-two if your child isn't a heavy wetter. You can lay the insert outside the pocket and change it when wet. As your child grows, adjust absorbency by adding a charcoal bamboo insert inside.

11. Bathing Needs

Add bathing essentials for your baby's hygiene:

12. Swadles And Sleep Sacks

Swaddles* and sleep sacks* replace unsafe blankets. Swaddles comfort newborns, mimicking the womb. Sleep sacks are for older babies who roll in their sleep. Choose easy-to-use options, especially during tired times.

13. Bibs And Burp Cloths

Get waterproof bibs and burp cloths* for inevitable messes. Choose gentle but durable materials. They should handle many washes. Absorbency matters — they need to handle drool and spills without soaking clothes.

Health and Safety 

14. Baby Care and Grooming Kits

Don't forget health and safety items.* Grooming kits are essential for daily care. Soft bristles for brushing, baby nail clippers, and gentle bath sponges are crucial. They seem basic, but they're necessary for your baby's well-being.

15. Baby First Aid Kit

Include a digital thermometer,* nasal aspirator, and antiseptic in your baby's first aid kit.* They help with minor emergencies. Your peace of mind means a happier baby.

16. Baby Monitor

Baby monitorsare vital because they let you hear if your baby is crying. With video, you can see sleep patterns and ensure safety without going to the nursery. Monitors now have two-way talk, which helps during sleep training.

Play Time

17. Developmental Toys And Activities

Consider the importance of play in your baby's development. They learn and grow through play, so choose toys that encourage curiosity and skills.*

For newborns to three months, choose soft toys with high-contrast patterns. From four to six months, introduce toys with noise or different textures. As they reach six months and beyond, opt for toys that encourage problem-solving.

Safety and stimulation are crucial. Check for small parts and hazards when choosing toys. A safe play mat or activity center is ideal for exploration. Look for various colors, shapes, and textures to engage your baby.

Quality matters more than quantity. Your baby benefits more from a few well-chosen toys. It's about creating an environment that supports their development.

Soothing and Comfort

18. Sleep Aids and Teething Solutions

good sound machine* can calm your baby with different sounds. Night lights offer gentle light for late-night checks.

Teething toys* are a must for soothing sore gums. Choose safe and durable ones. Some can be chilled for extra relief.

Quality blankets are versatile for swaddling and warmth. Pacifiers soothe and support oral development. Choose ones that are easy to clean and safe.

final thoughts

You've explored a comprehensive list of items for your baby registry. Each component makes your transition into parenthood smoother.

A baby registry helps you organize your needs and lets others support you. Balance immediate needs with long-term investments in quality, multi-use items.

Choose products aligning with your family values, like sustainability and non-toxic materials. Consider your budget, space, lifestyle, and preferences.

Review your registry to reflect your needs, wants, and investments. Curate a selection that supports your parenting journey with confidence and love.

Best wishes as you prepare for this exciting chapter. May your registry create a supportive environment for you and your baby.



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  1. Thank you so much for this post! Very helpful for this soon-to-be mama. I appreciate the work you put in. I imagine it wasn’t easy. Really looking forward to read more.

  2. Dear Pitin,
    This is the most sensible list I’ve seen so far, I really wish I had it before my eldest was born! I bought so much stuff as if there was an apocalypse coming…even diapers, as if the newborn size would fit forever LOL. And my parents, expecting their first grandson, bought a lot of unnecessary stuff I never used. You’ve made this so simple and practical although it must have taken you a lot of research, so thank you for that!

    1. Hi Noa,

      LOL. I think overbuying is normal for first-time parents (even first-time grandparents).


  3. This really makes sense! I am a mom too and one thing I was always concerned about is buying stuffs that I don’t really need, especially babies grow really quick! My sister is giving birth to her first baby so this would be very helpful as she is trying to figure out what and what not to buy. I am trying to help her as much but as someone who already gave birth a few years ago, I can no longer remember everything. Call it baby brain!

    1. Hi Cherie,

      That’s actually true, LOL. I have a friend who has two children who are now teenagers, and they had recently had another child. She had forgotten what to do during pregnancy and how to deal with the first months which are the most challenging of all. It also looks like it’s her first baby because she had forgotten a lot of things she already experienced before, LOL.

      It’s funny when you come to think of it, but I am sure I will also forget a lot from this list just in case I get pregnant again. This list will come in handy when that time comes. 🙂



  4. This is a really comprehensive list and very useful indeed for first time parents, but also even for parents who are having another child as there are simply too many things to keep in mind and it is very easy to forget things. At least that is my experience anyway. I really like the fact that you remind people to get clothes suited for the weather. Either parents buy them too early, or wanted to use the same ones from their first child, or handed down from friends, but at the end they may not be suitable if they are not for the right weather. So that is great advice!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      My daughter has a lot of hand-me-downs from her cousins who live in countries where the weather can get too cold. We, otherwise, live in a tropical country. And being a first-time parent. I was advised not to get too many clothes as my sisters can pass me the hand me downs for my daughter’s use.

      And yes you are so right. It was just on time for me to realize that the clothes were too thick and I was due in a summer (in a tropical country). That made the baby clothes extra hot. I managed to shop last minute and got what I needed just in time. 🙂



  5. My daughter is due this coming August. I tell her time and again all of the things that she will need (I did it 3 times), yet she looks at me as if I have two heads. I may show her this site so she will see that I am right. She will believe you!!! Then again, I don’t know any 21 year old that will actually take the advice that is given.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      That’s funny, LOL. “Kids” nowadays! 😀 Sometimes, it’s best to let them learn things on their own. ;D


  6. Hello Pitin!

    I always believed raising babies is not quite easy. It’s like a day job you know. I also thought they didn’t need a lot of stuff. Clothes, toys , food, medicine, and that will do. That was my idea. Anyways people are different. This is quite an amazing list of stuff you put up.

    1. Hi Mark,

      It’s actually not just a day job – it’s a 24-hour/on-call job, LOL. I have never had experienced a more demanding job until I became a mother, HAHA.

      I also thought I only needed baby clothes and diapers until my milk supply had gone MIA and I had to purchase several breast pumps trying to bring my milk back. And with that, the demand for more feeding bottles came in together with the need for some other pumping accessories. The list of “needs” started to pile up, such as more diapers (I started cloth diapering to save money) and the other “needs” never stopped yet.

      I believe it all depends on the parents’ lifestyle. I, for example, can live without a bassinet. I would rather co-sleep than have my baby in bassinet which is easily outgrown. A car seat is also a requirement for a lot of countries.

      Believe me, I have narrowed down this list, LOL. This article include all the things that we “don’t need” or can delay buying until we need them.



  7. I found your new baby checklist to be incredibly helpful! I really appreciate that you didn’t include toys or anything too excessive as I find most of the time we pay for things for our babies that could be just as entertaining to them as a spatula from the kitchen! Also, I love your tip of investing a bulk of your money into safely things such as a car seat and saving money on clothes, really sound advise. I also love shopping for baby clothes at discount stores like TJMax, they have quality baby clothes at discounted prices. Thank you for your great tips!


    1. Hi Monet,

      It’s funny how we think that babies need a lot of things…well, yes they do, but it doesn’t need to be excessive. For example, hand me downs are fine since the previous owner probably only used it for a while since babies grow so fast.

      And when it comes to toys, I find that they are more interested in the box actually than what is inside, LOL.


  8. It is quite expensive to raise up a baby so it is a great idea asking others to help out. Especially as they are giving some gifts anyway – so why not give a thing you do need?

    1. Hi Arta,

      Totally agree. Instead of making it difficult for our friends and family to think what else they can help us with, might as well give them a list instead of receiving redundant items that we might not end up utilising.



  9. I am a first time mom and I’ve never heard of a baby registry. I thought you were talking about the registration of the baby after he was born! lol!

    I suppose the idea is not bad if you want to get the set right and not wasting money.

    I have heard so many times not to get unnecessary items for babies because they grow so fast or I might not use them at all. And, yet, I couldn’t help but buy a lot of things in case of not having enough.

    Of, course there were items I have barely used.

    It is incredible how we can spend money for nothing.

    So, yeah, a baby registry could be a good idea for friends and family who want to offer but don’t know yet what you have already.


    1. Hi Natalie,

      We were on the same boat for not knowing what a baby registry is, lol. It was only until after my first born was out that I heard about it, and actually learned what it is for, haha! I was advised to buy as I need them when I was still pregnant. But I think it was not very ideal to do it that way. Once the baby is out, you will just impulsively buy stuff because you already need them. That would usually end up in an educated guess and often times, unhappy purchase.



  10. A baby registry is a wonderful idea to get prepared and ready for a new family member. It’s good when the baby is not with you yet, but everything look like they are already in your hands!

    1. Hi Milicka,

      Thanks for dropping by my site. 🙂 I agree with everything you said. It is better to get everything ready before the baby arrives, because once they are born, it will all be about them, LOL. Should you need to get anything baby-related, you will have limited time to do research. You might end up with an unhappy purchase.


  11. You have put a lot of thought into this list of must have baby supplies. I think a registry is an excellent idea. One because you get exactly what you need, and two because you won’t get too many of the same thing.
    It also makes life easier for your friends, as they will know exactly what to buy you.

    If I had my stork party again, I would ask for lots of nappies in different sizes.

    1. Hi Michel,

      I get that comment a lot from other people – they want as much nappies as possible. But have you ever considered going cloth? I have reviewed several cloth diapers which not only makes you save money in the run but also helps the environment. Imagine how much time mountains of disposable diapers take for them to actually “decompose.” A study was conducted and reported that it would take approximately 100-300 years for the mountains of disposable diapers all over the world to “decompose.” That’s 3-4x more than one person’s lifetime!


  12. Babies are so little, yet they often need so much stuff. I know with my first child I had so much unnecessary stuff – it would have been great to have a list like this so you can see what you would really need. We loved the footie PJ’s for my kids and they wore them for a long time. I was always concerned they would be cold and they just look so comfy. What was the most impractical baby gift you got?
    PS your daughter is adorable!

    1. Hi Shannon,

      I agree on everything you said. 🙂 I wouldn’t say it’s impractical because feeding accessories are a must, but I have a lot of colorful spoons, plates, food shapers and sippy cups that my now picky eater still ignores. I am sure they will serve their purpose someday (except for the sippy cups that are meant for younger babies).


  13. Limiting a list down to specific wants or necessities narrows the list down significantly, making it easier for anyone looking at your list to decide on what they wish to get for your new baby.

  14. I really wish that I saw your list when welcoming my daughter into this world. Thankfully, our friends and family are ready to help. They kept asking “do you have this?” or “have you prepare for that?” They almost covered all the things you said. I am grateful to them. And you. For making this list.

    It does take a village to raise a child. I will be helpless without the help from my family and friends. From how to change a diaper to feeding my baby. All that can be overwhelming to a new parent.

  15. You have covered everything here and this list will alleviate a lot of stress as to what to buy for the new baby, especially if father has to purchase some of it while mum is resting.

    1. Hi Ches, I think it is better if the couple gets prepared with the basic needs of the baby so that when the baby comes, they can focus on taking care of the baby as well as the husband can also additionally concentrate on making sure that his wife gets enough rest too. 🙂 There are things that they can just buy as they need it like diapers and soap. But the rest of the primary needs must be already bought (like a car seat).

  16. Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for this list. I can use this as a list of gift ideas! You’ve saved me a bunch of time! Thanks a lot again.

  17. I agree with this list of items because it’s not elaborate list but keeping to the basics.
    Diapers, diapers, diapers they are so expensive I think if I could I would just ask for a closet full of diapers.

    1. Or you can ask for Cloth Diapers 🙂 I bought 18 one sized cloth diapers and they are adjustable from xxs to xxl.I have been using them for more than 18 months now and they are still as absorbent as I first bought them. You can also keep them after your little one is done with diapers and reuse them for the next child. 🙂

  18. It can be so scary because you don’t want to put too little or not enough or leave out things that you really need or add things that you don’t. But if it is your first child then how are you supposed to know. This is something that a lot of moms can benefit from having with them when they go to register. When you register at big stores they give you a “list” of what you should register for but it is always so much more than what you really need. Obviously they want you to buy more. But with this in hand, one will be ready to take on any store!

  19. Thanks for putting together a very helpful and detailed list! It’s good. You’re right, you don’t need to buy everything at once. Also, I realised that you don’t need to buy everything! If you are fine with hand me downs, that should reduce the cost. By the way, you have a very cute baby. 🙂

    1. Thank you.:) I have more hand-me-down clothes than bought ones. I invest more on gears that will make my life easier like a hip seat carrier. When my daughter outgrown the soft carrier and still wants to be carried around, I had to buy the hip seat to keep both of us comfy. 🙂

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