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I am a first-time parent. When I first had my daughter, I didn't know what a baby registry was. I only saw a few things I should prepare to make our life easier.

Turned out that being unprepared is the worst of all. We received random surprise gifts (baby bottles, baby shirts, etc.) and are very grateful. On the other hand, the gifts significantly dictated the quality of how I spent my first few days as a parent.

Having the baby bottles, for example, made me think about bottle-feeding from Day 1, therefore forgetting the existence and importance of breastfeeding. Also, not knowing about cloth diapers made us spend much money on disposables in the first few months.

Realizing a little later that I should be breastfeeding, I had wasted money on different breast pumps when I was trying to relactate (3rd month to 4th month) as well as accessories for pumping that I didn't manage to make use full-time because of unsuccessful relactation. I have a lot of feeding accessories to bribe my daughter to eat. I also have useless baby gear that I would love to return.

I thought it would be helpful to share with you what I learned about different baby products that you can use for your first child - as well as stuff that doesn't need to be purchased in the first place, or you can delay buying until you require them.

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