The Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Stroller Travel System comes with a Graco Snugride 35 infant car seat and a Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger.

I have already thoroughly reviewed the Graco Snugride 35 here so this review will focus more on the jogging stroller it comes with as well as it is a travel system.

I am not a fan of buying a travel system because you are stuck with the stroller or the car seat it comes with.

Most often, people are either just happy with the stroller or the car seat – but seldom happy with both.

Will you end up liking this combo?

Let’s see.


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Graco Fastaction Fold JOGGER Stroller – Click Connect Travel System


The Stroller Seat


The stroller seat only lays around 45 degrees angle. Make sure that your little passenger is safely buckled while riding it or they can slip and slide down especially if they are sleeping.

While it is still possible to do your diaper changes in the stroller seat, a flat recline would definitely be better.

This stroller can be used for children of up to 50 pounds.


The Footrest/Leg Rest


The leg rest and footrest of the Fastaction Fold jogging stroller look like the Graco Aire3 stroller.

There’s a U shape part of the stroller frame where your child can somehow rest the soles of their feet.


The Restraint System


Always remember to make use of the 5-point harness system that it comes with especially when jogging. It’s better safe than sorry.

Although you can convert it to a three-point harness, it’s best to make use of the 5-point strap system for a more secure ride.


One-Hand Open/Fold Mechanism

True enough, you only need one hand to open and close the stroller. To be safe, make sure that your baby is not in your arms!


Can It Stand Upright Alone?



And unlike the Graco Aire3 stroller, you don’t need to know special tricks to make it stand on its own. Just pull the handle on the middle part of the stroller seat and it’s good to stand alone.


The Storage Area


This is where this jogging stroller stands out – it has a very generous basket for your needs. You may not need to get separate stroller hooks to help carry extra stuff as the underneath basket is already large enough.


Stroller Handle


The handle is padded enough for comfortable strolling and jogging. It’s not adjustable though, so if you are too short or too tall for the stroller, there’s no way to customize the stroller handlebar’s height.


The Parent Tray


Although it is appreciated that for the price point, the parent tray has two deep cup holders as well as a slot for your handphone, anything larger than iPhone 4 will not fit in the phone holder.


Child’s Tray


It’s good that there is a removable snack tray with two cup holders for your child. When attached, the infant car seat’s rear side rests on it.

Make sure that the child’s tray is properly attached to the stroller because the safety of the infant car seat in the stroller seat relies on it.

When you are not using an infant car seat, you have the option to remove the child’s tray from the stroller.


The Canopy


When the car seat is clicked onto the stroller, the stroller’s shade meets in the middle with the car seat’s shade making it full coverage.

When using the stroller without the car seat, only half of a toddler’s body will be covered by the stroller’s shade.

Looks-wise, this travel system is sharp-looking. For the price tag, you can stroll with a not-bad-looking travel system. Not highly important, though.

Check Out The Colors


Size And Weight


As you can expect in a jogging stroller, the size is massive. Here are the specific dimensions to be exact:

  • Height: 42 inches
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Width: 24 inches

And when it’s folded, here are the dimensions:

  • Height: 15.3 inches
  • Length: 39″
  • Width: 23.6″

And the weight? 30 pounds! And to think I thought that the 28.5-pound Bob Revolution Flex is already a tank, LOL.

Anyone who is shorter than 5’6″ will have a hard time taking control because of the height of the handlebar. I am only 5′ and getting this stroller would only mean one thing – it would be for the sole use of my tall husband.

Not to mention that I would definitely struggle to load and unload it in the trunk.


The Wheels


Soccer fields? Gravel roads? Pavements? Malls? Yes!

It is fine for neighborhood walks as well. Even those that are slightly more rugged paths are also welcomed to be explored.

One thing to take note of is that the front wheels can get stuck after making turns so you might have to keep on straightening it out.

Although it works great when in a locked position, it would be better to enjoy the wheels on both swiveling and locked mode.

The Brake


There are two rear plastic breaks. It’s good to have two since you’ll never know where this stroller can take you. Best to engage both brakes while taking a break especially on uneven surfaces.


See The Features In Action






You don’t need to keep on looking at the manual as the design of the stroller is pretty intuitive. It would take you lesser time than you can imagine assembling the stroller.

If you are keen on getting the Fastaction Fold jogging stroller, know that it is compatible with all Click Connect infant car seats. That being said, I would advise parents to research what Graco Click Connect infant car seat they should be getting instead of taking the whole travel system which comes with a Snugride Click Connect 35.

While the Snugride Click Connect 35 is not a bad car seat, I honestly think that the Snugride Click Connect 40 is a better option.

Since you have the freedom to customize your travel system, I highly recommend you check out the Snugride 40 to go with the jogging stroller.

If you ask me if this combo will make it to my baby registry list, I would probably choose not to.

Although the price tag that comes with this combo is relatively more affordable compared to higher-end travel systems, I would just probably go with a lighter and more portable option that my build can take, LOL.

Overall, the Graco Fastaction Fold stroller and the car seat it comes with scores average in my books.

I highly recommend that you check out the feedbacks of happy parents as well as the unhappy customers who returned their purchase.

You be the judge.

Check Out The Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Stroller Click Connect Reviews


So what do you think? Is this travel system good enough for you?

I’d love to know in the comments section if you have any thoughts about my review and if you have any question.






the graco fastaction fold jogger stroller

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  1. I am very happy to see this article. It is very useful. The best part of this article is giving a proper idea to each and every reader and also it’s giving correct impressions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the information you give! I have been able to make an informed choice regarding this stroller.

    It looks good, but I would probably pass on this one.

    Please continue to give us quality review that help us decide which product is going to be the best for us!

    1. Hi Marcia,

      Thanks for visiting my site and I am glad that my review helped. Feel free to check on the other reviews and hopefully you will find what suits you best. 🙂



  3. Hello Pitin,

    Thank you for your honest review.

    We are expecting our first baby, so we are very excited and start looking for all the stuff we are going to need. 😀

    While the Graco Fastaction System Stroller seems to be not too bad, I agree with you that the SnugRide 30 might be the better option.

    I will definitely check that one out, too.

    On the other hand, I love the fact that the stroller, you write about here, is a combination with a car seat and a jogger.

    Since we will need both anyways, maybe we should go with that one?

    Wow, it’s really not easy to make that decision. 😀

    At least I am tall enough to handle it and our car has enough room, too.

    I will definitely think about it.

    Maybe you have some more advice for me?

    All the best


    1. Hi Moritz,

      This jogger is not bad, especially that given the price point, it already comes with a car seat. However, if you want a better combo and budget is not an issue, have a look at The Bob Flex (My Review Here) and the Chicco Keyfit 30 (My Review Here).

      Let me know what you think.



  4. Hello and thanks for the in depth review on the graco fastaction travel system stroller. You know I really like the design of this stroller (especially the cup tray for parents). I’m pretty tall like your husband so no issues there. When I saw that it weighed 30 pounds though I knew it would be too much for my wife. I like some of your other ideas but was wondering if there’s anything similar that weighs maybe half that amount? Anyway I do appreciate the detail and honesty of your review. Geoff.

    1. Here are some alternatives that are “lighter.”

      1. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller (25.7 pounds)

      2. Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller (28.8 pounds)

      3. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller (27 pounds)

      4. Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller (29 pounds)

      But I would personally go for the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller (28.5 pounds) – MY REVIEW HERE.

      Jogging strollers are very HEAVY in general, and the above ones are, in my opinion, the BEST and are lighter than the 30-pound Graco Fastaction Fold.

      I hope this helps.



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