I hate it when manufacturers name their products with difficult to remember names – Diono Radian 3RX*, 3RXT*, 3R*…it’s like trying to remember formulas in math back in school, lol. The Diono Radian 3RX is the new version of the Diono Radian R120* (which was again previously known as the Sunshine Kids version blah blah  – see what I mean? LOL). But what’s new with it?

Let’s see.


*This review is originally for Diono Radian R120. I have updated it to the Diono Radian 3RX, which is basically the same seat but a different name.


New Name:

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Diono Radian 3RX*



Old Name:

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Diono Radian R120*


Ideal Use


Rear-Facing Weight: 5 to 45 lbs
Rear-Facing Height Limit: 44 inches
Forward-Facing Weight: 20 to 65 lbs
Forward-Facing Height Limit: 57 inches
Booster Weight: 50 to 120 lbs

Diono 3RX’s main goal is to accommodate a child to be seated rear-facing for as long as possible. The longer your kids are rear-faced, the safer they will be.

Radian 3RX is one of the few seats that can do the job.

Comparing to the Diono Radian R120 (the old version), there’s no “upgrade” in the ideal usage.


Good All-In-One Car Seats



Will It Fit In My Car?


Width 16 inches
Height 28.4 inches
Depth/Length 16 inches

Radian 3RX is made especially to be accommodated in most mid-sized cars. With the slim and sleek design of this product, three of this car seat can definitely be set up quite firmly and comfortably while the entire family gears up for the trip.

The Diono 3RX is one of the few choices when looking for a narrow seat. The less than 17 inches (with seat cover) width is quite narrow to fit three of this in a row, both in rear-facing and forward facing mode. You will need approximately 54 inches to fit three across the back seat in the forward-facing mode.

Putting the cup holder on the side will add to the overall width. Be sure to remove it unless your vehicle can still accommodate it.

3RX’s space-saving reputation is only applicable width-wise. Its height, which is 28.4 inches, can eat the space of your vehicle when you install it. Here’s how it can happen.

When you install the 3RX rear-facing and recline it, around 120-130 degrees most of the time, the length of the seat plus the tall seat reclined, will need you to move the driver seat or front passenger seat more to the front.

If you have a larger vehicle, this may not be a problem. But for parents with smaller vehicles, it can render the seat directly across it to be uncomfortable to use, or worse, unusable.

To help “save” space a bit, Diono suggests using an angle adjuster* to place at the bottom of the seat. It will raise the car seat to a height that can significantly improve the space for the seat directly across it.

Size-wise, it’s the same as the old Diono Radian R120.

Diono Radian 3RX All-in-One Convertible Car Seat – Extended Rear-Facing 5-45 Pounds, Forward-Facing to 65 Pounds, Booster to 120 Pounds - The Original 3 Across, Light Grey
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Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel? No
Easy To Install Rear-Facing? Relatively
Easy To Install Forward-Facing? Relatively
Easy To Uninstall? Yes

Installing Diono R120 (previous version) was tricky – it’s good that the installation of the new Diono 3RX has been “somehow” receiving good feedback, although there are still times when you need put an angle adjuster* to get a tighter install.

See how the car seat lady does her magic in easily installing it. The installation process is the same with all the previous names of the “same” seat.


How To Install The Diono Radian 3RX Rear-Facing


How To  Install The Diono Radian 3RX Forward-Facing




Country Of Origin: USA (Seattle)
Steel Frame: Yes
Five-Point Harness? Yes
Side Impact Tested: Yes
Approved For Airplane Use: Yes
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle? Yes

The previous R120 was from China, the 3RX is from the USA.

The Diono Radian 3RX has a steel body to ensure safety. It also is easy to buckle and unbuckle the five-point harness.


Check Out The Colors*


The Seat


Is The Material Breathable? Yes
Seat Weight: 26.8 pounds
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Roomy? Yes
No-Rethread Harness? No
Comes With An Infant Body Support? Yes
Easy To Remove Cover? Yes
Expiration 10 years
Comes With A Cup Holder? Yes
Shoulder Harness Has Pads? Yes
Leg Straps Has Pads? No

The bright and soft fabric covers of the Diono 3RX are inspired by the finest European fashion. The 3RX’s seat material is breathable and comfortable for long rides. No issues in overheating in the seat.

Considering that it has a full steel body frame, it is relatively light compared to other steel-frame seats, However, parents find it heavy to air-travel with.

When choosing a seat to fly with, consider a lighter option to avoid breaking your back, otherwise, get a compatible car seat travel cart.* Although I feel that because of its weight, it is best to leave it installed in your car.

The seat pad, buckle pad, shoulder pads, and infant inserts could all be machine washed with mild detergent and cold water in gentle cycle. Dry them flat and away from sunlight.

Other components such as harness, buckle, and straps can be cleaned using a mild detergent in warm water. The same applies to other plastic parts of the seat. Dry the wet areas using a towel. Never use iron and bleach when cleaning this product. If the buckle would not fasten with a click, simply rinse it under warm water instead of applying lubricant or detergent.


How To Fold The Diono 3RX Seat For Traveling


The 3RX is a roomy seat, too roomy in fact, it can sometimes make a little baby feel lost in it.

To adjust the seat harness height, you will have to manually remove the straps and slot them into the next higher slots. You should do this every time your child needs more room height-wise.

It comes with an infant body support should you decide to use it for your infant.

Cup holder and shoulder harness pads are already included so you don’t have to get them separately.

And lastly, it has a generous 10-year lifespan so your other kids can reuse it.

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To say that the Diono 3RX is the only seat you will ever need may not be true. Although it says that it can accommodate a child as early as 5 pounds, the lack of enough recline for children without proper head and neck control yet makes it not ideal for newborns and smaller babies.

I think it is best to use this seat once your child has gained proper control of their heads so that they wouldn’t be needing so much recline, which in turn, can help save space in the vehicle.

If you are contemplating to get this seat, it is best to use it as soon as your child outgrows their infant seat. By then, they would have proper head and neck control.

Also, just leave it installed in your vehicle unless you have managed to replicate the tricks that the car seat lady have taught us in the above installation videos.

The Diono 3RX is sturdy and safe. It can have your child seated rear-facing for as long as possible. You can also use it for your older children until they are ready to sit in the vehicle without it.

If you are confused what’s the “upgrade” from the previously recalled Diono R120,* it’s basically the name and how prettier the new styles look. Installation is the same process as their previous names – Sunshine Kids/Diono Radian R120. They could have made this 3RX version to a no-rethread harness, for a change, so as to give the parents the extra convenience – but Diono didn’t. It’s still the same old manual rethread seat harness version.

Honestly, if you are a fan of the previous Diono R120, this will work for you. For lesser the price of the more upgraded version Diono Radian RXT* (now called Diono Radian 3RXT*), you can have two or three in a row without burning a hole in your pocket. But if you have the extra money to spend, I still highly recommend the Diono RXT (now 3RXT)* model.

I highly suggest that you check out the feedbacks of parents who got this to further verify your decision.


Check Out The Feedbacks Of Parents Who Got The Diono Radian 3RX*


What do you think of the 3RX model from Diono?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!







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The Diono Radian 3RX

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