This combo comes with The Graco Fastaction Fold Sport stroller and Click Connect 35 car seat. I have reviewed the Click Connect 35 separately so we can focus more on the stroller for this review.

The Graco Fastaction Fold Sport Stroller Travel System may be a “good set” but there are better ones.

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The Stroller Seat


The Graco Fastaction Fold Sport is advertised as good for newborns up to 50-pounds toddlers.

Its recline position is multiple. However, it does not lay flat. When you pull the strap behind the stroller seat to get the most reclined position, you’ll still get a recline of around 20 degrees.

If I am going to use this stroller, I’ll wait until my child has good head and neck control.

Behind the seat, there’s an opening that you can use for additional ventilation. You have the option to just leave it covered, too.

The opening becomes larger as you recline the seat all the way back – around 6-7 inches deep from top to the top of the back seat.

When you move it all the way up, you will not get a perfect 90-degree seat angle. Around 65 degrees is the most your toddler can sit up unless they pull themselves up not needing a backrest if they want a more sitting up position.


The Restraint System


The seat harness system can be used both as a 3-point harness and a five-point harness system. It is relatively easy to buckle and unbuckle. 


One-Hand Open/Fold Mechanism


You’ll only need one hand to fold it.

To do it, find a clearly marked strap in the middle part of the stroller seat. It has a label saying “Pull to fold/unfold.” It’s red in color so it’s not easy to miss it. Lifting the strap would cause the stroller to fold.

Once it’s folded, its height is reduced to almost half of the original size. With this, you’ll need to lift it and carry it by the hand or the straps provided.

To avoid any inconvenience, don’t collapse until you are near the car trunk. You’ll not be able to comfortably wheel it behind you to the car trunk since its folded height is not easily draggable.

There’s no locking mechanism that will keep the stroller folded. As soon as you pull the red strap, it will unfold itself so you can use it again.

You may need two hands to make sure that it is really fully opened to avoid collapsing.


Can Stand Upright Alone When Folded?


When folded, it stands upright on its own. This is a space-saving feature your small storage closet or car trunk will appreciate.


Storage Basket


The storage basket is designed differently compared to the usual one compartment type. It has an extension at the rear that looks like a pouch when extended. This makes the basket not only wide but also LONG.

Some parents find the extra pouch a hindrance to easily get a large item on the main compartment.

To have a pleasant experience with the storage basket, limit the weight of the contents you’ll put in the basket up to 10 pounds.

A medium-sized diaper bag is ideal, not only because of easy accessibility while using the extended pouch, but also because the storage basket is not very deep.


Stroller Handle


The stroller handle is the foam-padded, enclosed/single type. It is not adjustable. However, parents who are as petite as 5’2” or as tall as 6’ 2” will be able to push the stroller comfortably.

A parent who is taller than 6’2” might start to feel uncomfortable after long walks.


Parent Tray


The parent tray comes with two cup holders and an uncovered compartment in the middle for your phone or keys.

The cup holders will only hold around ¼ of a standard bottle’s height. Wide-neck drinks will not fit in there, too.

The compartment doesn’t have a cover. Always make sure that whatever you put there won’t go over the compartment’s rim to avoid having your keys, phone, or small wallet fall.


Child’s Tray


The child tray comes with two cup holders, too. It’s not the deep and wide type of cup holder.

Your child will surely enjoy using them as a small toy holder or additional snack compartment.

To remove it out of the stroller, you must push two buttons on both sides at the same time and pull it towards you. It’s not the swing type.

Before placing an infant car seat into the stroller, make sure that the child tray is securely locked in place as it is essential to keep the infant car seat safely clicked into the stroller.


Foot Rest/ Leg Rest


As a part of the lower-front frame, there is a hard plastic that can serve as your toddler’s footrest. It is not adjustable as it is a part of the overall stroller frame.


The Canopy


One of the best things about the Fastaction Fold Sport is its canopy. It’s HUGE! When fully extended and if you view it from the side,  you’ll get an almost 180-degree coverage.

To fully extend it, find the zipper on top of the canopy to reveal the extension panel.

It has a peekaboo window, too. The peekaboo window is made up of mesh netting. It’s better for more ventilation should you be using this to carry your infant car seat.

If you don’t want to use the peekaboo window, simply cover it with the flap. The flap doesn’t have velcro but it will still stay in place.


Check Out The Colors


Size And Weight


Dimensions When Opened
Stroller Width: 25 inches
Stroller Height: 42 inches
Stroller Depth: 40 inches


Dimensions When Folded
Folded Stroller Width: 25 inches
Folded Stroller Height: 28 inches
Folded Stroller Depth: 16 inches

Stroller Weight: 21.38 pounds


The Wheels


This is a three-wheel drive. The tire is a hard rubber but the wheel (rim)  is plastic.

This is not a jogging stroller despite looking like one. The front wheel can either be locked or swiveling.

If the wheels squeak, Graco recommends using a light oil. If you hit a big bump or rock, it won’t go over the obstacle. You’ll simply stop.

It’s ideal to use the Fastaction Fold Sport for flat, gravel, grass or dirt parks. It is best to avoid the sand, big bumps, and super rocky roads.

One of the most common feedbacks about the front wheel is that it can be hard to assemble so it wobbles on smooth surfaces.

See this video. 






Rear Wheels Size: 8.5 inches
Front Wheel Size: 7.5 inches


The Brakes


There are two rear brakes. They are made of plastic and are durable.


Watch The Following Videos To See The Stroller In Action








It would be a better experience if one can get past the installation of the front wheels. It’s even better if Graco can provide a clearer instruction in a video on how to do it since most parents referring to the manual can’t seem to get it right.

The basket can be made deeper so that a large diaper bag can fit comfortably together with some other things you’ll need to bring.

The best thing about this stroller is its canopy. It’s one of the most extendable canopies in a Graco stroller.

Getting the whole travel system will give you the Graco Click Connect 35 infant car seat, which is not the best Graco infant car seat. I’d go with the Graco Click Connect 30 LX or Click Connect 40, most preferably the latter (Read: What is the best Graco infant car seat?).

Will I get the stroller?

I personally find it huge and heavy for my 4’11” build. I would also want a more intuitive wheel installation instead of solving a puzzle.

I highly suggest that you check out the feedbacks of parents who got this stroller to help you more.


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The Graco Fastaction Fold Sport Stroller

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  1. The stroller sounds great in alot of ways. I wish the manufacturer would read your review and make the proper adjustments! The wheels being so difficult to attach must be a huge frustration! I just hate that type of thing. I hope they will make improvements on it, based on your review!

    1. Hi Shelli,

      I’m not sure if they have people for that job (checking people’s blogs and improve their product based on reviews). But I’m sure they’ll do rectifications or improvements if you’ll be in contact with them to report it. 🙂



  2. My biggest pet peeve is when the storage compartments on strollers is too small. Parents don’t want to wear the diaper bag the entire time, and if you’re taking the time to go out in a stroller, probably need space for everything your child insists on not leaving the house without! Do you do reviews of other brands besides Graco? I need to replace my entire travel system soon, because it’s too old and worn out to use for the baby on the way!
    Thanks again for going through this review.

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