I will help you save your time and tell you straight away that if you stand around 5′ 4″ and above, you will have to keep on bending while pushing the Disney Umbrella Stroller With Canopy.

Taller people should start looking for another umbrella stroller that has a higher handlebar. Otherwise, if you are like me who stands at only 5′, this umbrella stroller should work for what you need it for – a temporary stroller.



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The Seat


The seat only comes with a three-point harness. It is much safer if it has a five-point harness.

It has no capacity to be reclined. It’s okay for short trips where you just have to transport a heavy toddler immediately but not for long walks when there is a possibility for your child to fall asleep.

It wouldn’t be very comfortable on their part since the sides of the stroller barely have something that you can comfortably lean on to.


The Wheels


The wheels are small but strong and roll easy and nice – as long as you don’t bring it in muddy and rough surfaces. The front wheels can swivel, too.

Expect a hard time in maneuvering it when you force to use this off-road. Note that there are no springs on the wheels to serve as “shock absorbers” so your child will feel every bump in rough surfaces.

The brakes can be found at the back of the rear wheels and are easy to engage and disengage.


The Canopy


The canopy provides limited coverage. It does not move at all. And because it is very small, you wouldn’t be needing a peekaboo window since you can easily check on your child.

The size of the canopy makes this stroller not ideal for use outdoors. That’s because you will be leaving your child exposed to the sun or the rain. Unless you get a weather shield or a rayshade cover, which is a bit funny since the said accessories would cost more than this stroller, LOL.


The Stroller  Handle


This is probably one of the deal-breakers. The handle is not adjustable and will only be comfortable to push if you are somewhere in the height range of 5’3″ and below. It’s a small stroller.

Folding and unfolding it would need you to use both hands. Once folded, it cannot stand on its own. But that’s okay. It is very light to carry and folds compactly.


Storage Area and Accessories


The Disney Umbrella stroller does not come with a parent tray, a child’s tray, or a cup holder. It does not have a basket underneath the seat, too! That means you would have to get a separate stroller organizer if you want to easily access your essentials. Otherwise, you can leave them in your diaper bag.


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Weighing only 8.2 pounds, it is one of the lightest umbrella strollers you can find nowadays. It is easy to carry around and also very quick to fold and unfold.

For less than $25 (Check the latest price), you can have something to quickly bring with you for easily transporting your child from point A to B to C as long as it is indoors (like the airport).

It is a cute stroller but that is just a bonus. It has a good price, too, for something that you will not be using as your primary stroller. If you need something “cheap” and easy, this is good. But if you need something more functional that you can use for every day, consider adding a few more dollars to your budget and get a different one.

This link will take you to the other umbrella strollers that I have reviewed. You can dig in further until you find what suits your needs or you can head over to check the reviews of parents who bought The Disney Umbrella Stroller.

I highly suggest that you also check out the feedbacks of parents who got this stroller to further confirm your decision.

Read The Disney Umbrella Stroller With Canopy Reviews From Amazon


So what do you think?

Will it be enough for what you need it for?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!





The Disney Umbrella Stroller With Canopy


I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I bought a Chicco Echo for my son and found it very satisfying. Your review is great, I like it very much. Thanks for your post. I will regularly visit your website.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. 🙂 I had a look at Chicco Echo over Amazon, and it looks not bad from the price point. It actually looks like the Summer Infant 3D lite stroller. I’ll have a look at it more thoroughly and probably compare it with Summer Infant since they come with almost the same price tag and looks almost the same.

      Have a nice day!


  2. Hi Pitin,

    I have one of this strollers, and I love it! It is light, smooth and easy to storage. But you are totally right not great to use it on long walks. Most of the time I use in the mall, at the airport and when I go to the playground with my son.

    About the handle, I do not have any problem with that since I am only five feet tall, but because my husband is 6.7 ft, he ‘s not really happy using it.

    1. Hi Darmendra,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It really is useful if used by the right people (petite parents) in the right place. Different designs of strollers come with different functions. So utilizing them for what they are supposed to be used for is always the way to go.



  3. Great review on a fairly inexpensive stroller but its biggest drawback to me is it’s not ideal for outdoors. I agree I think it’s probably great for the airport or even the mall. It’s light weight and can easily be stored in the ole minivan without ever getting in the way but I need something a little more versatile than what this is designed to provide. Thanks for the in depth review.

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