The Grovia cover came weeks ahead of the Grovia soaker pads when I ordered it from Amazon. My first impression of the cover is that it is LARGE enough for my then 31-pound toddler. I used the third to the furthest button on both sides, which gives it an excellent chance of growing with my toddler until the day I successfully potty-train her. Read more to learn what I love and hate (mostly hate, LOL) about the Grovia cloth diaper.

Last Updated: April 11, 2017

the grovia cloth diaper

Name Of The Product: GroVia – Shell Snap Closure Baby Diaper with Waterproof Layer

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Grovia All-In-Two System For Starters

When it is your first time using this combo, snap the two buttons on the second row with the lowest row to get the smallest size. Keep them unbuttoned to get the largest size. See the photos.

hybrid cloth diapers
Smallest setting

ai2 cloth diaper
Largest setting

If you are using the Grovia Stay Dry Soakers, look for the buttons on both ends and match it to the buttons on the covers. Don’t worry since there are only two buttons on the covers as well as on the soakers – you won’t get confused. 🙂
grovia diaper shell

When you are using the largest size, the soakers fit nicely on the cover, however, using the same soakers on the smallest size gives you a weird setup. The soakers are supposed to be one-size, but they are too big for the smallest setting of the cover.
grovia diaper cover
Soakers are too big for the smallest size setting

grovia hybrid cloth diaper
Soakers go beyond the cover (waist) when in smallest setting


The Grovia Stay Dry Soakers

I have a few problems with the Grovia Stay Dry Soakers. First, it takes very long to dry. The first time I washed them together with my Best Bottom overnight inserts, I was expecting the latter to dry longer since it was way thicker than Grovia soakers. But I was wrong.

The Grovia Soakers “layers” make it difficult to dry the different parts of it all at the same time. Also, there is a feeling of “dampness” on the inside part of the Grovia Soaker layers even though I have allowed them to dry for two days! And when I reached the third day of letting it dry, my expectation about its absorbency is already very high. It sure must be something worth the wait.

grovia diaper covers
Soakers have three layers sewn together


The Soakers, after 1-2 hours are all soaked up (and therefore the covers and our bed, too!). I wanted to give it another chance and so I gave the absorbency a boost by adding an extra insert. I have tried the Charlie Banana insert, Rumparooz soakers, as well as the Naturally Natures Charcoal Bamboo on top the Grovia Stay Dry Soakers. But it was useless. After the added inserts are all soaked up, the Grovia soakers are more soaked up – and we never fail to get leaks with this cloth diaper cover.

I guess they are only good for newborns since they are so useless for heavy-wetter toddlers.

cloth diapers ai2
Soakers feel very flimsy – they crumple to the center when wet!


Covers Reusability

Being an All-In-Two system, I manage to use different brands of inserts I have in my stash while waiting for the Grovia soakers to arrive. The combinations I tried is

Grovia cover plus:
Charlie Banana inserts
Rumparooz Soakers
Naturally Natures Charcoal Bamboo Inserts

Regardless of what combination I tried, I have one problem with it – the covers are NOT WATER REPELLANT and NOT WIPEABLE, which defeats the purpose of being an All-In-Two diaper.

the best baby cloth diapers
The cover is not water repellant at all!

When parents go for the All-In-Two way, they probably have one goal in mind – and that is TO REUSE THE COVER as long as possible. The Grovia cover is made up of a mesh which quickly gets wet and therefore, cannot be reused as long as it’s already wet.

I wanted to return it, but shipping it from Singapore back to the US is too much of a hassle. I would like to think that I can use the cover as a swim diaper instead because that is what it says on the label.

To be fair, the Grovia cover is one of the most comfortable covers we own. The size if way bigger than the rest of the different brands in our stash, but that’s about it.

best hybrid cloth diapers
It’s not bulky with the Soakers at all!

what are the best cloth diapers
Side view of the smallest setting



The quality of the cover is above average. The seams are sewn professionally and the materials used is very soft and therefore breathable and comfortable. The soakers, however, is made of cotton-blend and Hemp – yes they are soft, but they don’t serve the purpose of absorbing enough liquid.

check out the colours

How To Wash the Grovia Covers and Soakers

As a general rule, bleach and fabric softeners are major NO-NOs. Unlike other cloth diapers which permit additives such as baking soda, Grovia doesn’t allow any form of additives. That is vinegar, essential oils and other boosters apart from the above mentioned.

Machine washing and spin-drying as well as air-drying is what we do. I can imagine that line drying under direct sunlight would help speed up the drying time especially with the soakers.


This All-In-Two (AI2) cloth diaper is not bulky. The cover can grow with your CHUNKY child until potty-trained and dries fast. It is also made of soft and comfortable materials. However, the cover is not wipeable and therefore cannot be used the second time around. The soakers’ absorbency is below average and takes longer to dry compared to most inserts I have tried. It is supposed to be All-In-Two system but functions just like an All-In-One diaper.

The saying “first impressions last” is not applicable for this particular diaper we own. I love how it comfortably fits my toddler. And the fact that I didn’t have to force the cover to stretch using a baby hanger, is a plus. The first time we used it for my then 31-pound toddler, it looks so comfortable and breathable. We even used it once for less than 2 hours out of the house without leaks. Right timing in my opinion – my daughter was too busy to take any liquid.

But the first good impressions were replaced with nothing but complaints and utmost hate when used with the Grovia Soakers. The soakers never failed to disappoint me. BUT I still used them last night (for the last time I guess) just to give them a last chance. Upon checking my daughter’s nappies after 2 hours, our bed covers were not the only thing that is soaked; it even soaked the lower part of my daughter’s top.

Upon seeing it, I said, “I knew it!” My husband said, “Knew what?” And I said that “I knew this would happen.” Then he asked, “Then why did you still use the diapers then?” And I said, “I wanted to give it another chance before I write my verdict in my review,” LOL.

I am officially not using the soakers anymore.

My 36-month old toddler (39.6 pounds) still comfortably fits in the cover. She can still use it as “training pants” and still has a lot of room for adjustment. That’s the only consolation I have right now.

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Published on: June 28, 2016

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  1. We actually reuse our Grovia shells unless our little one poops! We alternate throughout the day with two shells, letting the other dry between changes!! We love our Grovia!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Wow! That’s something I haven’t experienced with Grovia. Every time my daughter wets the insert, it would crumple to the center, soaking even the inside lining of the Grovia shell.

      What type of insert do you use? I use the Grovia stay dry insert. I’m wondering how you manage to reuse the shell as it is definitely not wipeable right after my daughter soaks it.


  2. I love the colour of the diaper you have.

    Actually, I use to debate whether to use nappy or cloth diaper. I bought a six-pack cloth diapers from ebay (was actually really nice bright colours) for my 1 year old boy at that time, but then after putting the double inserts etc, it was just too bulky.

    It’s good at home, but I find that cloth diaper always leak or just not that comfortable after a while, so in the end, I just used disposable nappy.

    I ended up potty training my boy at just before 2 year old though so at least I’m being kind to the environment 🙂

    1. Hi Sally,

      Sometimes, we are being deceived by the nice patterns and colours, lol. It pays to have both the looks and the function. In fact, cloth diapers nowadays are all nice to look at. :-p So it will all boil down to whether they can function well. Most parents I know also ended up using disposables. It’s because it’s really hard to find the “perfect” cloth diaper that can cater our lifestyle. In my case, I found the ideal ones by purchasing more than what I needed and trying them one by one. In the end, it’s worth it. I have saved a lot and I can still save more by re-using them for my next child should I have another one. 🙂



  3. I’m using the disposable diapers for my kid. But in the first place, what is the advantage of cloth diapers over disposable ones, assuming that we have another cloth diaper that does it works well? Cost saving in the long run? Or hygienic purpose as in maybe preventing bacterial growth which may bring to UTI or similar disease?

    1. Hi Kenny,

      The main advantage of cloth diapers for our part, is the cost. If you check my Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper Review, you can see how it helped us saved over $2,000 for the last two years of cloth diapering alone. And for the next babies, we can cloth diaper them for free. It’s a big upfront cost, yes, but it saves a lot of money in the long run.

      Hygiene-wise, the correct cloth diapers will keep the baby’s skin rash-free. Cloth diapers are more breathable. As long as you change them every 3-4 hours, it will definitely help prevent UTI specially for baby girls.

      And don’t forget the help you are doing to the environment by not throwing something in the trash every 3-4 hours. 🙂



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