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Let me start by saying I have low expectations of the Skip Hop French Stripe diaper bag. That is because I got this as second hand and another mom has used this for nine months plus. Used diaper bags tends to lose quality over time. She also even gave me a huge discount which made me lower my expectations even more. So imagine my surprise when I finally got this almost one-year used diaper bag.


The Skip Hop French Stripe Diaper Bag
Still pretty at almost one year old. 🙂

Name of the Product: The Skip Hop Special Edition Diaper Bag
My Rating: 9/10
Lowest price to get it from: Amazon
Usual Price: $70 (Click here to check the latest price)
Pros: Nice feel of material, Roomy, Durable
Cons: Weird design of the stroller hook, thin diaper changing pad
Bottom Line: Excellent quality, stylish mommy bag that is good enough to carry a day’s needs of both mom and a baby/toddler.


1. Storage


The Main Compartment

The Skip Hop Special Edition diaper bag has a total of eight pockets. When you open the zippered main compartment, you’ll find a deep, light-colored interior which is spacious. The main compartment has two pockets side by side which is good for 6 disposable diapers.

the skip hop duo essential diaper bag french stripe
6 disposable diapers can fit the main compartment pockets

The main compartment can also house both your child’s changing clothes as well as some soft cloths and a thin blanket. I usually put them in a transparent flat casing for organisation so that I know where to find them. See the photo.

skip hop duo diaper bag french stripe
Changing clothes for one day

You can put 4 diaper covers with 2 inserts each as well if you are cloth diapering. On the photo, each Charlie Banana Cloth diaper has 2 inserts each. The used cloth diapers, you will have to put them in a separate wet bag for hygiene purposes.

skip hop duo limited edition diaper bag french stripe
Main compartment with 4 cloth diaper covers and 8 inserts (The blue storage is for changing clothes)

Another storage cube that contains a small bottle of liquid cleanser to clean diaper areas, an anti-flatulent oil, and a baby powder container can still fit in the main area. I can also still put a two-layer container of toddler snacks. See how I pack them.

skip hop diaper bag french stripe
2 layers of toddler snacks and other essentials

skip hop special edition diaper bag


The Second Zippered Compartment

The second zippered compartment is as wide as the main storage, but it is fifty percent less in height (more shallow). It can hold my wallet, keys, hand cream, mint and hand phone in there. It is so roomy it can still accommodate one thin dress (changing clothes) for me. The second compartment zipper also has a loop for hanging baby toys.

skip hop duo french stripe diaper bag
compartment for mommy stuff
skip hop diaper bag reviews
contents of mommy pocket

skip hop diaper bags reviews

skip hop french stripe duo limited edition diaper bag
loop for hanging baby toy

Two Front Pockets

The two front pockets are spacious. The first one can hold a new pack of baby wipes (around 80-100 pieces) if you are packing 4 disposable diapers inside. Half pack of wet wipes can fit if you are bringing 4 cloth diaper covers with two inserts each.

the skip hop special edition diaper bag
first front pocket with half pack of baby wipes

The second pocket can carry a circular container with milk power in it. On top of the milk powder container, I put my toddler’s straw sippy cup. Although the second pocket has slots for three pens, I do not use them. If I need to bring pen, I can put them in the second zippered compartment together with the rest of the mommy stuff. Both the two front pockets have magnetic closure. So if you end up not filing the pocket up to the brim like I do, then you can utilise the magnetic closure feature.

skip hop twin diaper bag

Two Side Pockets

The two side pockets are where I put my daughter’s 8 oz milk bottles. After I put the standard sized Avent milk bottle inside, there is still an inch of space on top. The side pockets both have zippers so the milk bottles are very well-hidden, a feature that some stylish mom would appreciate. The pockets, however, are not insulated.

skip hop french stripe duo limited edition diaper bag

The Back Pocket

The back part has a deep pocket which is good for keeping flat stuff, like the free changing diaper pad that it comes with. It is something that is not found in the other similar design stylish mom bag – Hip Cub diaper bag. You can also insert a soft cloth or two in there for easy access.

affordable stylish diaper bags
Diaper changing pad at the back pocket

Overall, the storage capacity of this bag is more than enough for a day out especially if you are an organised packer. You can take this bag as an airport carry-on luggage in my opinion.


2. Ease of Use

Because the Skip Hop Special Edition Diaper Bag has a lot of outside pockets, I feel that it is easier to access stuff than my previous diaper bag backpack which is mostly zippered up. I can make milk on demand since the bag hangs neatly on my shoulder and I do not need to hold it. The front pocket is so wide I can easily get the milk powder or the sippy cup.

best stylish diaper bag
My diaper bag can stand on its own

The side pockets, although zipped up, are very accessible too. The only extra step I need to do is to open up the zippered main compartment should I need to change my child’s clothes. The second zippered compartment (for mommy stuff), I can leave them open for easy access.

It is very easy to find stuff inside because the interior of the main compartments is light in color. The lining of the French stripe bag is light gray in color and therefore provide a good contrast. You won’t feel like you are digging deep in the dark for something, Lol.

The adjustable shoulder strap is long enough too should my tall husband needs to help me carry it. There are two loops that you can use to hang this on your stroller. But take note, some strollers are lightweight and can tip over if you hang a heavily-packed bag. Best to make sure that your stroller is sturdy before hanging anytime in it, or better yet, avoid hanging anything in it at all.


One thing I noticed is the weird “hook” in the stroller loops. It is so tiny I sometimes wonder what kind of stroller loops it is designed for. Nevertheless, there are two big loops which are a no-brainer to use. They are obviously meant for hooking on to the stroller handle or larger stroller hooks.


3. Comfort

This bag is only 1 pound when empty which is my favorite part. Some bags I tried are heavier even if they are still empty. It is comfortable to strap it across me or hang it on my shoulder. There is also a small grab handle should somebody else need to help quickly me carry it.


4. Quality/Cost

I am surprised that even if the previous owner of this bag used it for almost a year, I can still rate the quality as 9/10. It feels very sturdy.


5. Material

The fabric doesn’t feel that it has already served a mom for 9 months plus. For the cost that I paid for (second-hand cost, almost half the new bag price), I am very well pleased that I got more than the value of my money. The only sign of usage is the slight stain inside the bag which I haven’t tried removing yet. The outside fabric is still immaculate. It is BPA-free, Phthalate-free wipeable kind of fabric so I guess that made it possible for this bag to be still clean after a year.

6. Return Policy

If you get this from Amazon, you will be able to return it 30 days after if you are not happy for any reason.




Check Out The Colors 


Product Specs

Carry Method: Adjustable shoulder straps, stroller loop, grab handle
Weight: 1.8 pounds
Dimensions: 4.2 x 13.8 x 13 inches
Materials: BPA-free, Phthalate-free fabric
Included Accessories: Diaper changing pad
Main Closure: Zipper, magnet on front pockets
Number of pockets: 8
Cleaning instructions: Wipe clean

Is This Product For You?

If you are looking for a mommy diaper bag that is both stylish and functional, you should definitely check this bag out. It comes in several patterns and designs so you might just be able to find a match if you are not a fan of the French Stripe design. Also, if you are cloth diapering, the main storage is enough for a day’s out.

cute stylish diaper bags


Of all the diaper bags I own, this is probably one of my favorites. Not only because of the above functions that I stated, but also because the design is not very much like an ordinary diaper bag. Should I need to use this as a laptop bag, I can use it without the screaming “diaper bag” look. Also, on my early days of being a mom, I used a same size Coach bag which is extremely heavy even when empty. The Skip Hop French Stripe Duo Limited Edition diaper bag offers the stylish feel while providing the comfort that my Coach bag doesn’t give.

Function meets style. Definitely a winner.


Click Here To Read Reviews Of The Skip Hop French Stripe Diaper Bag In Amazon


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask, and I would gladly be of help. Also, stay tuned for my video review!






Published on: May 30, 2016

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  1. I’m thinking about getting this bag! What is that magic organization zip pouch you have with the change of clothes? That’s super useful!

      1. Oh, actually, I mean the blue zipper case you put clothes in in the 3rd picture. That’s what I need in my life! Thanks again!

        1. Yup. That’s exactly the one on this link. It actually is not meant for baby clothes but supposed to be for school supplies. :-p But I figured since it is as useful anyway, especially for space-saving purposes inside a diaper bag, might as well use it. 😀

  2. This does look like a nice diaper bag. The one thing I like having is a backpack so that both arms are free (my kids are 3 years old and 19 months so it’s essential I have both hands free at all times LOL). The only problem is, my backpack doesn’t fit under my Baby Jogger stroller because of the crazy design of the bar under the seat. This looks like it would be a little flatter so that I could slide it under quite easily. It would be nice if the bottle pockets were insulated. This is essential if you’re a breastfeeding Mom like I was. Thanks for the review, very informative!

    1. Hi Teresa,

      I agree with having both hands free all the time! In fact, I think parents need to have more than two because of juggling stuffs here and there, lol. It’s indeed a life-saver if your stroller can handle your diaper bag so that you are hands-free. As far as I know, the Baby Jogger is heavy-built so at least you can hang this on the handle if the basket cannot accommodate it. But I am pretty sure the size of The Skip Hop French Stripe Diaper bag is just nice for your stroller basket. The insulated pockets will surely be appreciated by breastfeeding moms. 🙂



  3. What an awesome Diaper bag. I didn’t see anything remotely like this ten years ago when I needed one. I love the way you have shown all the different compartments and ideas on what to put in each. And best of all it functions as a handbag as well, so you don’t need to carry two bags.

    If this bag were mine, I think I would keep it, as I can think of other things that it can be used for other than a diaper bag.

    1. Hi Michel,

      I also use this bag to carry my laptop. In fact, I use this as an office bag, too. 🙂



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