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The Osocozy cloth diapers come in many variations, but the best selling seemed to be the unbleached version, and so I grabbed it from Amazon. I bought it a bit too late for my daughter’s use, though. She was already 31 pounds and 27 months old. Nevertheless, I tried to utilize it so I don’t waste my money, lol.

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the osocozy cloth diapers

Name Of The Product: OsoCozy – Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers

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This prefold has a very soft material and is ideal for an infant’s sensitive skin. It is affordable, too. For a maximum of USD 3.33 per piece, you can have an affordable solution for your infant’s cloth diapering needs. If you are going this way, you will need a diaper cover to avoid wetting the bed sheets.

The unbleached version of the Osocozy prefold is easy to use. There are several ways you can fold it. For infant’s use, see the folding instruction.
the osocozy prefolds
You will need a cloth diaper fastener like Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners if you don’t want to use the traditional safety pins. It looks safer to use.

Once your child turns a little older (over 15 pounds), you have to get the size two ones. Here is how a size 2 Osocozy unbleached prefold look like.
osocozy prefold cloth diaper
To use it, fold it into three lengthwise and into two crosswise. Lay it flat on top of a diaper cover. You can also insert it inside a pocket cloth diaper cover.


The texture of the prefold is very soft. In fact, it feels super soft that it almost feels like a cotton ball, lol.
osocozy 6 pack prefolds unbleached cloth diapers size 1


The claim of being “absorbent” is a little confusing. Yes, it can handle a heavy-wetter. However, absorbing is one thing. CONTAINING the wetness is a different story. You will need a waterproof All-In-Two cover to contain the wetness. The best I can recommend is the Best Bottoms cover.



The way the OsoCozy Prefold is made is above average. It looks sewn by professionals compared to some of my cloth diapers that look home-made.

prefold diaper folds

Washing Instructions

Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners. Line drying under direct sunlight is BEST to help it dry faster. Never leave it unwashed for more than four days to maintain your cloth diapers stash stink free. And the most important thing to remember is to prewash it as soon as it is soaked. Use a toilet sprayer, or rinse it with water without additives (baking soda, vinegar), wring it dry and keep it inside a wet bag until it is washing day. I have only used regular detergents so far, like the ones we use for our clothes. It works fine, and it comes out clean and stink-free.


Expect to use it as an insert inside a pocket diaper. If you lay it flat on top of a reliable All-In-Two cover like the Best Bottoms cover, you can have better results.

The Osocozy prefold might be the best option for parents who haven’t found their perfect newborn cloth diaper yet. It comes in sizes and size one is perfect for babies from 7-15 pounds. Should it not fit your child who might be less than 7 lbs, you can just adjust the fold before fastening accordingly.

The texture of the interior will surely leave your infant’s skin as if it’s untouched. It feels so soft.

It is a cheap, good backup every time I ran out of inserts. Although not highly absorbent as the other cloth diaper inserts I have, it is a step higher than training pants.

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Would you get The Osocozy Cloth Diapers for your newborn?

osocozy prefolds reviews

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Published on: October 19, 2016

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  1. If I were starting out with cloth diapers, it doesn’t sound like this one is the very best.
    What is your ultimate recommendation?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      The OsoCozy prefold, I believe, is not ideal for toddlers, but they are just fine when used with newborns and younger infants.

      Although we have been using the Charlie Banana cloth diapers for more than two years now, I’d probably go the All-In-Two way the next time we cloth diaper because it is more economical in the long run. My preferred cover is the Best Bottoms cover. You can use the OsoCozy prefold too inside a pocket diaper cover if your child is in the early years since they are not heavy wetters yet, and absorbency wouldn’t be that much problem.


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