In a side-by-side comparison of the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and the Graco Extend2fit, the Extend2fit would be a better option because it has more preferable features. Find out more below.


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Maxi Cosi Pria 70


Graco Extend2fit

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Ideal Use


Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Graco Extend2fit
Rear-Facing Weight: 9* to 40 pounds 4 to 50 pounds
Rear-Facing Height Limit: Up to 40 inches Up to 45 inches
Forward-Facing Weight: 22 to 70 pounds 22 to 65 pounds
Forward-Facing Height Limit: Up to 52 inches Up to 49 inches

*If the version of Pria 70 with the Tiny Fit is still available, it might be the better choice since the accompanying insert allows a minimum weight of 4 pounds.



  • We can render both car seats useful in the rear-facing and forward-facing modes.



  • Rear Facing Weight.

Minimum Weight. They specify Graco Extend2Fit to accommodate a baby starting at 4 pounds (vs 9 pounds for Maxi Cosi Pria 70). However, in real-life scenarios, 4-pound babies and preemies would be too small to fit because the straps would still be above the shoulders of the child. To get a proper fit, it would require a crotch roll, but this may affect the safety functionality of the product.

According to reviews, Extend2Fit may provide a perfect fit for the little passengers at 7 pounds and 17 inches tall which is around the average weight of newborns at 7 to 7.5 pounds. This weight is still lower than that of the Pria 70’s minimum weight requirement of 9 pounds.

Maximum Weight. We can use Graco Extend2fit in the rear-facing position longer than the Pria 70.


  • Rear Facing Height.

Since the maximum weight capacity of Extend2Fit is higher than that of Pria 70, the maximum height also follows the same principle to accommodate the growing limbs and torso of the child.

Speaking of the child’s growing limbs, the unique feature of Extend2Fit is a foot extender on which the rear-facing child could put his/her legs and feet. While this feature does not add to the safety of the car seat, it helps in making the child feel more comfortable and contented while sitting in the child restraint.


  • Forward Facing Weight/Height.

It is in this aspect you would want to prefer the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 seat because it can accommodate a child up to 70 pounds in weight and up to 52 inches in height (vs 65 pounds and 49 inches limit of Graco Extend2Fit).


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Will It Fit In My Car?


Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Graco Extend2fit
Width 19.5 inches 19.2 inches
Height 25.5 inches 22.1 inches
Depth/Length 22.8 inches 25.2 inches



These two convertible car seats are not the widest and not the narrowest of all in the market. They are both not the ideal choices for 3-across installation. If you will install them in a small, compact vehicle, it might disappoint you that there might not be adequate space left for other passengers.



  • Fit in Car. The Extend2Fit has been installed well (according to reviews) inside Hyundai Veloster, Toyota Rav 4, Honda Accord Coupe, Chevy Traverse and Jeep Cherokee while the Pria 70 was said to fit great inside 2017 Honda CR-V, Subaru Outback, Toyota Tundra double cab and an Acura MDX.
  • Seat Location. Pria 70 can be placed on any seat location in the car, but with Extend2Fit, install in the middle back seat (if vehicle allows) to make the most out of its legroom and if you do not want to compromise front passenger’s or driver’s leg room.


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Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Graco Extend2fit
Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel? Allowed, according to the manual, (page 51) No
Easy To Install Rear-Facing by LATCH? Yes
Easy To Install Rear-Facing By Seatbelt? Relatively No
Easy To Install Forward-Facing? Relatively

No, by LATCH

Yes, by the seat belt

Easy To Uninstall? Yes
Recline Position

3-position recline:

Positions 2 to 3 for rear facing;

Position 1 for forward facing

6-position recline:

1 to 4 for rear facing;

4 to 6 for forward facing

Lower Anchor Weight Limit: 40 pounds 45 pounds



  • They have no built-in lock-offs.



  • After market products for installation.

In the manual of Pria 70, they state that we may place rolled towels or foam pool noodles under its front part so that the recline line at the side may be parallel to the ground.


  • Rear-facing LATCH Installation.

Maxi Cosi Pria 70. It is in the rear-facing that the Pria 70 could be installed easily than in the forward-facing when using LATCH.

The reviews and reactions are mixed. In an Amazon review, for example, one mother said she had a hard time installing it in her Subaru Outback, but other parents said that it was in the Subaru Outback where they had the seat installed with much ease. There is no such thing as effortless install because you would really need to invest some effort in installing any child restraint in your car to ensure that it is put up correctly. Thus, it might be a good idea to visit a Brick & Mortar store where you may be allowed to test install the Pria 70 in your vehicle. Another option is to schedule an appointment with professional child passenger safety technicians.

Extend2Fit. Many have noted that installing the Extend2Fit using LATCH is easier and makes the car seat more stable. Its push button LATCH is simple to use.


  • Installation By Vehicle Seatbelt.

Maxi Cosi Pria 70. If you find it hard to thread the belt through the pathway, you may slide the headrest all the way up. Still, Maxi Cosi could improve on this issue if they ever continue selling this convertible car seat model. Tightening the seat belt in the rear-facing mode will require more effort than you expect, but installation is not that difficult like other car seats in the market.

Extend2Fit. Installation with the vehicle seatbelt can be a challenge, especially in the rear-facing. While the belt path can be easy to locate, changing the belt from front to the back is where you might stress yourself out. You need to remove the seat fabric to somehow make this task easier, but the removal of seat cover is another taxing task. Although there is no belt lock-off, Extend2Fit is not as unsteady as other car seats in the market with no belt lock-offs.

Forward-facing installation with vehicle belt is easier with the lap belt than with the lap-shoulder belt, but it is in the forward-facing with lap-shoulder belt you can install the Extend2Fit with most stability.


  • Recline.

You could say that Maxi Cosi Pria 70’s recline system is more primitive as it uses a line molded onto its shell for the recline level. There are two recline angles for rear-facing and one for forward-facing. Some note by some reviewers that although the recline restrictions of Pria 70 are strict, it provides only one line level so the challenges in achieving the appropriate recline is clear. Thus, the need for pool noodles or rolled towels may arise.

Extend2Fit has more recline positions and more intuitive recline level mechanism. With its ball in tube type of level indicator, you can use positions 1 to 4 for rear-facing recline, position 4 for forward-facing if the child weighs less than 40 pounds and positions 5 to 6 for forward-facing if the child weighs over 40 pounds. For newborns not older than 3 months old, you can install Extend2Fit in a more reclined position.


Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat, Blue Base
Price: --
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Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Graco Extend2fit
Country Of Origin: USA China
Steel Frame: No Yes
Five-Point Harness? Yes
Side Impact Tested: Yes
Approved For Airplane Use: Yes
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle? No



  • Both have 5-point harnesses, are side impact-tested, approved for airplane use and can difficult to buckle/unbuckle.



  • Countries Of Origin. If it matters to you where the product you want to buy is made from, just like other people out there, then Maxi Cosi would be your definite choice since it is US-made.
  • Steel-Frame. Extend2Fit could provide more durability since it has a steel frame.
  • Each of these seats boasts of safety features like side impact protection: Safety Surround for Extend2Fit and Air Protect for Pria 70, it would still be more worthwhile to learn if they can perform well in real-life scenarios.

Real Life Accident Scenarios.

Maxi Cosi Pria 70. In an accident where the car was considered a total loss, a mother stated that she ended up with whip lash and bruises from this accident, but her baby suffered not even a scratch. The child was even smiling a few minutes after the unfortunate crash.

Extend2Fit. In a perfect score review, one mother said that it totaled their car after spinning from the road and hitting a sign. Despite the grave danger of this situation, her 16-month-old daughter in her rear-facing car seat even laughed through the incident, perhaps thinking it was all a game.

Another mom gave this product a 5-star rating after they had a 70 mph car accident where their vehicle rolled over six times. Her 3 and 1-year-old children remained safe and uninjured.

  • Safety Concern. At least one parent took note about the warning label of Extend2Fit that is painted (not sewn) on the area where the back of the sitting child would be located. It might pose a burning hazard during a boiling weather where the paint could melt and burn the child’s skin.


Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat | Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit, Davis
Price: --
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The Seat


Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Graco Extend2fit
Is The Material Breathable? Yes No
Seat Weight: 23 pounds 18.5 pounds
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Roomy? Yes
No-Rethread Harness? Yes
Comes With An Infant Body Support? Yes, body pads Yes, body pads
Easy To Remove Cover? Yes No (unless it’s the RapidRemove version)
Expiration 6 to 8 Years 10 Years
Comes With A Cup Holder? Yes, 1 Yes, 2
Shoulder Harness Has Pads? Yes
Crotch Pads? No
# Of Headrest Positions: 9 10
# Of Crotch Strap Positions: 3 2



  • Both have machine washable covers and provide ample room for the sitting child.
  • Both have no-rethread harness and have body pads.



  • Breathable Material.  We often equate breathability of material to how comfortable a child will be while sitting on the child restraint. Yet, there will be other factors at play on whether or not the child will feel cool and will not sweat while on the child restraint. These factors could be the temperature inside and outside the car as well as the clothes or garments that the child is wearing. There are also children who perspire more than other kids.

With Extend2Fit, there are parent reviewers who said that their children perspired a lot while on the seat during hot days.

The Pria 70 is said to be equipped with self-wicking fabric that helps deodorize and keep liquids away from baby’s skin. Perhaps true to its promise, most reviews you will find will claim that the fabric is indeed breathable.


Check Out The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Colors

Check Out The Graco Extend2fit Colors


  • Cover. Removing the cover of the Extend2Fit with the regular cover seems to be easy but putting it back is when parents struggle because of the loops and hooks. Watch this video and see for yourself.



The cover is attached to the shell using small elastic bands that are difficult to find and to remove so you might find yourself in stressful situation.  Washing the cover could be something you might need to do often because the fabric of Extend2Fit appears to have loose weaving, which can be a dirt magnet.

Pria 70’s fabric, as mentioned earlier, can offer comfort to the child even during long hours of driving (keyword is “can” because there are still some reviews where the parents stated that the fabric is still not comfortable enough).  Here is a video showing how easy it is to remove the Pria 70’s cover.



  • Padding/Shell. Extend2Fit, according to reviews, appears to have adequate padding, but once you touch it, you would immediately feel that this is an area where Graco should improve on its product. The padding can be made thicker in order to complete its sturdiness along with its steel frame. As for its shell, there are what seems like fins and sharp edges that may damage your vehicle seat.

Pria 70 is efficiently and sufficiently padded that you will not feel any bumps or lumps. It also adequately covers the entire plastic shell of the car seat. Its bottom part is also smooth and completely closed.

  • Expiration Dates. You might find some articles online with different lifespans for Maxi Cosi Pria 70. Most sites say that the manufacturer designed its seat for 10 years of use. Here at Maxi Cosi site, it says that the seat expires within 6 to 8 years after the date it was manufactured. With all car seats, it would be better to refer to the label where the expiration date is likely stated.
  • Cupholders. In terms of number, Extend2Fit is better because it has 2 cup holders (vs 1 cup holder in Pria 70). In terms of shape, you might prefer the Pria 70 for its circular shape (vs the square cup holders of Extend2Fit.
  • Buckle/Chest Clip. In terms of buckle, the Pria 70 has a more preferable buckle than Extend2Fit. Extend2Fit’s buckle could be stiff, chest clip is not very intuitive. The Pria 70’s buckle easily pops open with the press of the button and its chest clip is also easy to use even with just a single hand. Pria 70 has 2 sizes of chest clips. One is for smaller babies and the other if for bigger babies and for toddlers.
  • Shoulder Strap Padding. The shoulder pads of Extend2Fit might pose an obstruction when tightening or adjusting the harness. Pria 70 has better offering for shoulder pads because there are actually 2 sets of covers. One set is the regular padding for child’s comfort. Another set that has thick and grip-control material at the back  is for use with children weighing more than 65 pounds.
  • Harness/Headrest Positions. Extend2Fit is the better choice because it offers more adjustment positions.
  • Crotch Positions. The better choice when it comes to crotch positions is Pria 70 because it offers 3 vs the 2 positions in Extend2Fit.



Compare The Price


Maxi Cosi Pria 70

Graco Extend2fit

Check The Latest Price

Check The Latest Price




There is an approximately USD 40 price difference between the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and Graco Extend2fit. The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 is cheaper.

With Graco Extend2Fit, you could have a child restraint system that:

  • can be used longer in rear facing.
  • has a leg extension tray.
  • can be installed in appropriate recline angle without using pool noodle or rolled towel because it has more recline positions and intuitive ball/bubble level indicator.
  • is easier to install by seatbelt in the forward-facing mode.
  • has a higher lower anchor weight limit.
  • has steel frame.
  • is lighter in weight.
  • has a longer expiration date.
  • has more cup holders.
  • has more headrest positions.

With Maxi Cosi Pria 70, what you would have is a child restraint system that:

  • can be used longer in forward-facing mode.
  • is made in the USA.
  • has breathable seat material.
  • has an easy to remove cover.
  • has more crotch strap positions.


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