Between the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 car seat and Britax Boulevard Clicktight, I’d favor the Boulevard Clicktight over Pria 70. See why.


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Maxi Cosi Pria 70*


Britax Boulevard Clicktight*

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Ideal Use


Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Britax Boulevard Clicktight
Rear-Facing Weight: 9 to 40 pounds 5 to 40 pounds
Rear-Facing Height Limit: Up to 40 inches 1-inch rule applies
Forward-Facing Weight: 22 to 70 pounds 20 to 65 lbs
Forward-Facing Height Limit: Up to 52 inches Up to 49 inches


  • Rear-Facing. The minimum weight allowed by Pria 70 is 9 pounds, while Boulevard Clicktight is 5 pounds. 
  • Forward Facing. The forward-facing capacities of these seats make them distinct from one another. With Pria 70, the maximum limit is 70 pounds and 52 inches, while the maximum for Boulevard Clicktight is 65 pounds and 49 inches. 


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Will It Fit In My Car?


Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Britax Boulevard Clicktight
Width 19.5 inches 18.5 inches
Height 25.5 inches 23.5 inches
Depth/Length 22.8 inches 23 inches


  • Dimensions.

While Boulevard Clicktight is “narrower” than Pria 70, both would still not fit in a 3-across setup. Pria is taller than Boulevard, but their depth is roughly the same.

  • Fit In Car 

According to parents who shared their experiences, they could install Pria 70 with no problem in cars such as Subaru Outback, Acura MDX and Toyota Tundra double cab. It also fitted well in a RAV4. Inside a 2017 Honda CRV, it sat perfectly well on the rear location while still providing enough space for the front passenger. In a Toyota Avalon, however, a parent said that it occupied space for over one seat.

For Boulevard Clicktight, parents commented that how this car seat will fit depends on the model of a Honda CRV. In a newer model, a parent said that it did not fit in the middle because of a seatbelt overlap. Another parent stated that she could fit 3 of this car seat in her 2010 CRV. Inside a Chevy 3500, the car seat still left a lot of room when installed rear-facing. Rear facing installation in a Chevy Colorado and 2015 Sorento resulted in a tight fit. 


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Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Britax Boulevard Clicktight
Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel? Yes, allowed as stated in the manual
Easy To Install Rear-Facing by LATCH? Yes No
Easy To Install Rear-Facing By Seatbelt? Relatively Yes
Easy To Install Forward-Facing? Relatively

No, by LATCH

Yes, by seat belt

Easy To Uninstall? Yes Yes, when installed via seatbelt 
Recline Position 3 7
Lower Anchor Weight Limit: 40 pounds

35 pounds rear-facing 

40 pounds forward-facing



Both allow the use of rolled towel/pool noodles to achieve the right recline angle, according to their manual. From customer reviews, you would know that while the manufacturers allow the use of aftermarket products, there are still parents who feel uncertain about this and it made them return the products to get something else. 

If you think you cannot install the car seat with a pool noodle/rolled towel on your own, you can always schedule an appointment with a car passenger safety technician. With or without pool noodle/rolled towel, you need to make a habit of checking the tightness of the car seat each time you put your child in it. 



  • LATCH Installation. The LATCH connector of Pria 70 is the more preferable and easier to use push button style while Boulevard Clicktight has j-hook style connector. The lower anchor weight limit of Pria 70 is even the same rear-facing and forward-facing so it reduces the possibility of confusion. The LATCH strap and connector of Boulevard is quite troublesome, especially when you need to uninstall the car seat.
  • Vehicle Seatbelt.  Once you learn about how easy it is to install the Boulevard Clicktight with vehicle seat belts, you would not mind the j-hook LATCH connector at all. LATCH installation is usually preferred because it is easier than seatbelt installation, but the Clicktight technology of Britax makes all this different. Pria 70 has no built-in lock-off, while the Clicktight feature of Boulevard serves as its lock-off. The optimized vehicle seat belt installation even allows you to forget about lower anchor weight limits. This means that you would not need to monitor your child’s weight just so you will not exceed the limits and jeopardize the car seat’s efficiency. 

The Boulevard Clicktight convertible car seats are seemingly optimized for a vehicle seat belt installation. With the seat in its appropriate position, anti-rebound bar attachment in the rear-facing (a requirement in Canada, optional and sold separately in USA; a separate model with ARB is also available) and recline angle, thread the seatbelt through the correct belt path and Clicktight will do the rest. A click sound will signal and confirm that the car seat is securely installed.

Installation is easy with a seat belt, but does not mean that vehicle installation is fool-proof. There are some important things you need to check. If you remove too much slack from the seatbelt, for example, you might have a hard time closing the Clicktight panel. Loosen the seat belt and try the process again. Make sure you take out excess slack from both portions of the lap-shoulder belt. You need to look closely and pay attention because the belt slots are narrow and concealed in padding by the cover. There are issues when installing the Clicktight, but a little of research online will teach you some handy remedies.

  • Recline.

Pria 70 has 3 recline positions. It has a recline adjustment foot found at the front bottom part, although it is adjusted from the back. A molded line at the side will serve as a recline or level indicator.

There are 7 recline positions available for use with Boulevard Clicktight. These positions are visible in the easier to use ball recline indicator. Referring to the right color for your child’s needs, recline positions only within the light blue area are for infants and children who still cannot sit upright on their own. Positions within the light and dark blue area are for older children who can already control their head and neck while sitting.


Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat (Black Gravel)
Price: --
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Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Britax Boulevard Clicktight
Country Of Origin: USA
Steel Frame: No Yes
Five-Point Harness? Yes
Side Impact Tested: Yes
Approved For Airplane Use: Yes
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle? No Yes



They make both in the US, have a side impact protection, 5-point harness and airplane use approval.



  • Safety Features.

The notable safety feature of Maxi Cosi Pria 70 is its Air Protect technology. Some parents describe it as an airbag in the headrest, although the manufacturer says it is not technically an airbag. Instead, it is a headrest system that contains pockets filled with air. In the event of an impact, this air is released and dissipates the force that could otherwise injure a child. 

Boulevard, and other Britax car seats are equipped with SafeCells that compress downward in the event of a crash to lower center of gravity and to counteract possibility of the car seat rotating forward. Boulevard Clicktight features 2 layers of protection, namely deep force-absorbing shell and energy absorbing headrest.

The product featured here has no anti-rebound bar, but there is a separate model with ARB. If your car seat has no ARB, you may purchase one separately. Parents even strongly recommend that other parents purchase the ARB because it offers extra protection for children in the rear-facing. As the name suggests, the ARB helps prevent rebound rotation. 

  • Real Life Testimonies. 

Sometimes, safety features described can overwhelm and just reading testimonies from parents can help inform you how effective these car seats are in protecting children from road dangers. 

A mother whose car ended in a total wreck from an accident said that her 9 months old baby was safe with no scratch even though she had whiplash and bruises.

Mother and daughter were in a heavy impact accident where the car spun and ended up totaled. The Britax car seat did not move from its place, and the daughter did not have even a scratch. Another accident with the car wrecked did not cause any bruise or scratch on a baby boy. A mother could not help but express her love for Britax seat after her 2013 Honda Civic was totaled, but her son remained seated and unharmed.

  • Recall Information. 

You need to be informed that some Boulevard car seats were recalled in August 2015 along with other Advocate and Marathon car seats (manufactured August 1, 2014 until July 29, 2015) because it was found that the Clicktight button of affected products might remain in release position although the harness has been tightened. Make sure that the car seat you are buying, especially pre-owned, are not affected by this recall.


Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat | 2 Layer Impact Protection - Rear & Forward Facing - 5 to 65 Pounds, Circa
Price: $324.99
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The Seat


Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Britax Boulevard Clicktight
Is The Material Breathable? Yes
Seat Weight: 23 pounds 29.4 pounds
Machine Washable Cover? Yes No
Roomy? Yes
No-Rethread Harness? Yes
Comes With An Infant Body Support? Yes
Easy To Remove Cover? Yes
Expiration 6 to 8 years 10 years
Comes With A Cup Holder? Yes, 1 No
Shoulder Harness Has Pads? Yes
# Of Crotch Strap Positions: 3 2



Both car seats are approved for helping child passengers remain cool and comfortable through their breathable covers. They have a no-rethread harness and easy to remove covers. They are both roomy and come with infant body support. Both also have shoulder pad covers.



  • Weight. Boulevard is heavier since it has a steel frame.
  • Cleaning/Maintenance. Both have easy to remove covers, but Boulevard’s cover can only be hand washed. Pria 70’s headrest requires special care since its Air Protect headrest could be damaged if you are careless in cleaning it.
  • Feedback/Complaints. Both are not exempted from complaints and negative reviews by parents who had a hard time using them. A common complaint is that their straps are hard to tighten. However, these negative feedbacks are outnumbered by the positive and high rating reviews. This means that either the negative reviewers missed or skipped reading the manual, did not check out other videos/articles that might help or their car seats were ultimately just defective. If you read more reviews, you may also pick up some pointers on how to resolve issues with these seats.

With Britax Boulevard, the straps are said to be sometimes uneven and loose, but this video will show you how it can be resolved. 

If the Clicktight is jammed, here is how you can manually remove the jam.


Some have noted that their Boulevard Clicktight car seats have crotch straps that are too tight on their kids that sometimes the straps dug into the child’s skin. Watch this video to see how you can have an extra room by adjusting the harness in the hip area.



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Compare The Price


Maxi Cosi Pria 70

Britax Boulevard Clicktight

Check The Latest Price*

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There is an approximately at least USD120 price difference between the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and the Britax Boulevard Clicktight. The Pria 70 is cheaper.

I believe that no car seat is perfect and foolproof. Each car seat, no matter how expensive, still requires attention from installation to maintenance and monitoring.  However, there are still child safety systems in the market that help lessen the confusion and complications of car seat installation and usage.

One of these car seats is the Britax Boulevard Clicktight. 

  • It is a car seat that can be used from birth (particularly average sized newborns).
  • It is a car seat that can be installed easily with seatbelts.
  • It lets you forget about LATCH weight restrictions.
  • It has more recline positions.
  • It has a steel frame.
  • It is easier to buckle and unbuckle the 5-point harness.
  • It has a longer expiration date.

Still, the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 has several features worth considering, especially if you are not ready to pay extra bucks for a Britax model.

  • It has a higher forward-facing weight and height limits.
  • It can be a good choice if you really prefer LATCH installation.
  • It is lighter.
  • It comes with a cup holder.
  • It has more crotch strap positions.


Do You Need More Help To Decide Between

 The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Car Seat Or Britax Boulevard Clicktight?

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