The Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max is a good car seat with upgraded features if not for the installation struggle. Read more.


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Maxi Cosi Magellan Max*


Ideal Use


Rear-Facing Weight: 5 to 40 pounds
Rear-Facing Height: Up to 40 inches
Forward-Facing Weight: 22 to 65 pounds
Forward-Facing Height: 29 to 49 inches
Booster Weight: 40 to 120 pounds
Booster Height Limit: 43 to 57 inches


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Will It Fit In My Car?


Width 19.25 inches
Height 24 inches
Depth/Length 24.25 inches

Some car seats are by default, tall.

The good thing about the Magellan Max is that if you use it in a smaller car for an infant and therefore it’s rear facing, you don’t have to make it tall yet. Pressing the sides of the body extends its “torso’s height” up and down.

This is a useful functionality in the rear facing mode to save space in the vehicle because the seat directly opposite it will not have to move all the way to the front to give some space to the car seat.

After using the Magellan Max for an infant, you will need to press the button on the sides again to raise the car seat’s body up (technically termed as “torso” as per manual). You then adjust the headrest up according to the needed height of your child.


Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max All-in-One Convertible Car Seat with 5 Modes and Magnetic Chest Clip, Nomad Blue
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Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel? Yes
Easy To Install Rear-Facing With LATCH Relatively
Easy To Install Rear-Facing With Seatbelt Relatively
Easy To Install Forward-Facing With LATCH Relatively
Easy To Install Forward-Facing With Seatbelt? Relatively
Easy To Uninstall? Yes

As of writing this review, there are few installation feedback about the Magellan Max seat. A few that says in forward-facing mode, it can be tricky to install. And the rear-facing installation is just bearable once you get passed tightening the strap (which is almost the end of the process).

YouTube videos have comments about how tricky installation can be too.

Although there is a bubble indicator for the correct recline, the manual says you may need to put a pool noodle to help achieve the proper recline. A parent also mentioned that a pool noodle helped to have a tight install.

To hopefully help you with the installation, I have enumerated the steps per mode, because as we all know, the first-time installation can sometimes be overwhelming.

When installing the Magellan Max car seat rear-facing with LATCH, you need to do the following.


How To Install The Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max Rear-Facing With LATCH


1. Raise the torso up by pressing the sides of the car seat’s body.

2. Remove the cup holders.

3. Remove the car seat pad off the front of the car seat to reveal the straps and the rear-facing belt path.

4. Get the LATCH straps.

5. Press the LATCH adjuster’s button and pull the belt to loosen.

6. Thread the straps in a way that adjuster is in the child’s right side. The lower anchor webbing needs to be in front of the crotch buckle.

See the photo from the manual:

maxi cosi magellan max

7. Press the sides of the seat to lower its height back to “Position 1” or the rear-facing position.

8. Press in front of the seat to get the proper recline.

9. Attach the LATCH straps to the vehicle. Make sure arrows on connectors are facing up.

10. Push down and towards the vehicle seat back as you pull to tighten the strap. Expert car seat installers will even use their full body weight to help.

11. Test the tightness by moving the seat front to back and side to side using your non-dominant hand. It shouldn’t move more than an inch.

12. Pull harness adjustment strap through the slot as you put back the seat covers in the front and sides.

13. Put the cup holders back.


See it done in the video.




LATCH rear-facing installation is only for a child weighing no more than 35 lbs. You need to do a seatbelt installation after 35 pounds.

Also, some vehicles do not have a LATCH anchor. You can still use the Maxi Cosi Magellan Max using a seatbelt installation.


How To Install Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max Rear-Facing With Seat Belt


  1. Remove infant inserts once they are not needed anymore.
  2. Squeeze the recline handle and rotate the car seat to any blue position that will put the angle indicator ball in the blue zone.
  3. Remove the cup holders.
  4. Pull the car seat pad off the front of the car seat to reveal the “Rear-Facing Belt Path.”
  5. We should store the LATCH connectors underneath seat pads when you are done using it. The vehicle belt will be routed over the top of it.  
  6. Do not pull the vehicle belt all the way out to lock it BEFORE routing the belt.
  7. Thread the seat belt through the rear-facing belt path opening. Pull it across the seat, in front of the buckle, and over top of the stored LATCH belt.
  8. Then thread it through the other belt path.
  9. Buckle the vehicle belt in place.
  10. Firmly push down and towards the vehicle seat back (use your full body weight) while pulling all the slack in the seat belt.
  11. Go to the side of the car seat that does not have the vehicle buckle.
  12. Slide the shoulder belt into the belt lock-off. Pull it up until you cannot pull it any farther.
  13. Test for the proper tightness by moving the seat with your less dominant hand, side to side and front to back. It should not move for more than an inch.
  14. Make sure the angle indicator ball is still in the blue zone.
  15. Put the seat covers back.
  16. Put back the cup holders.


This video might help.






Some parents started using the Magellan Max in the forward-facing mode. Here’s how to do the forward-facing installation.


How To Install The Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max Forward-Facing With LATCH


Before you do a LATCH forward-facing installation, note that it is only for a child weighing no more than 40 pounds.


1. Select the correct torso position from the side of the seat.

2. Select the correct recline angle.

3. Locate the tether strap behind the car seat and loosely attach it to your vehicle.

4. Remove the cup holders.

5. Raise the headrest all the way up.

6. Remove all the headrest pad fasteners.

7. Lift the headrest pad to reveal the forward-facing belt path.

8. From the back of the seat, flip the seat pad forward to reveal the LATCH straps.

9. Get the LATCH connectors from the storage location.

10. Feed the LATCH connector through the forward-facing belt path. See the photo to check if you have threaded it correctly.


maxi cosi magellan 5 1 convertible car seat


11. Use either of the forward-facing recline angles to make the car seat as flush against the vehicle seat back as possible. The vehicle seat back must be upright.

12. Attach the LATCH connectors to the vehicle LATCH anchors.

13. While pulling the free end of the strap parallel with the belt path, firmly push down the car seat using your full body weight. Putting your knee in the car seat and pulling the belt tighter will help.

14. Push firmly on the back of the seat and pull the tether strap to remove all slack. It should create tension on the strap.

15. Check for the proper tightness by doing the 1-inch rule. Using your non-dominant hand, pull sideways and front to back to make sure it doesn’t move for more than an inch.

16. Put the seat pads back in place.

17. Reattach the cup holders.

18. Readjust the headrest back down to your child’s height.


This video might help.






How To Install Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max Forward-Facing With Seat Belt


1. Do steps 1-3 from the forward-facing LATCH installation.

2. Loosen the 5-point harness strap.

3. Raise the headrest up to the highest position.

4. Undo all the headrest pad fasteners.

5. Lift the headrest soft goods to have clear visibility of the belt path. To see the belt path, you need to pull torso pad flap to side.

6. Pull the car seat belt out.

7. Feed the seatbelt to the forward-facing seatbelt path of the car seat.

8. Fish for the seatbelt tongue and feed it to the other belt path located on the other end.

9. Buckle the vehicle belt in place. Make sure you hear it click.

10. Push the car seat down while removing the slack from the seatbelt. See the photo from the manual.

maxi cosi magellan 5 1

11. Slide the seatbelt under the belt lock-off once the seatbelt slack has been fully removed.

12. Push firmly on the back of the seat and pull the tether strap to remove all slack and create tension on the tether strap.

13. Test that the seat doesn’t move an inch in from side to side and front to back.

14. Fasten all the headrest pad fasteners.

15. Readjust the headrest back down to match your child’s needs.


This video can help.





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Steel Frame: No
Five-Point Harness? Yes
Side Impact Tested: Yes
Approved For Airplane Use: Yes
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle? Relatively

The Maxi Cosi Magellan Max is proud of the “Air Protect” technology. This works like side impact airbags in the event of a collision.

The five-point harness can easily be buckled and unbuckled because it is magnetic. Even with one hand, you quickly slide it up to unlock. It’s not intuitive for children to do that, so it’s technically ”escape free.”

The red button for the lower buckle is hard to press, though.


Check The Colors*


The Seat


Is The Material Breathable? Yes
Seat Weight: 27 pounds
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Roomy? Yes
No-Rethread Harness? Yes
Comes With An Infant Body Support? Yes
Easy To Remove Cover? Yes
Expiration Up to 12 years
Comes With A Cup Holder? Yes
Shoulder Harness Has Pads? Yes
Leg Straps Has Pads? No

The Maxi Cosi Magellan Max is heavily padded and has upgraded fabrics making it extra comfortable compared to their already comfortable Maxi Cosi older models.

The seat covers are not only machine-washable. They are dryer safe too!

They have removed the harness holders on the sides. These holders keep the harness straps out of the way when not in use or as you buckle your child in the seat. Many parents find that feature useful.

In return, they have improved the no-rethread seat harness to be “spring loaded” so it stays up. That means, you still need not dig for the seat buckles and harness straps as you secure your child in the seat. The seat harness will not flop back down because of this added feature on the harness.

The shoulder strap pads are fixed in place, so you are assured that it won’t slide down as used.

The two cup holders that are included are dishwasher-safe.




For the price tag, it’s good that they have heavily upgraded the seat from their older models.

They have a more extended expiration date of 12 years instead of 10. The seat is heavily padded for extra comfort and safety.

The ability to raise the seat body up and down to extend and shorten the “torso” is an excellent add-on plus the spring-loaded seat harness are not typical for other car seat models.

However, Maxi Cosi needs to improve the ease of installation. Most parents find it tricky to install especially that not all who bought it actually read the manual.

When I watched the resources on YouTube for the installation, they have skipped a lot of instructions stated in the manual. A simple step like removing the cup holders before trying to remove the seat pad off, just so you can see the rear-facing belt path, is a crucial step that needs to be taken note of. Not all parents know where the rear-facing or forward-facing belt paths are.

Some parents got passed the installation stage with ease. They have probably referred to the manual (which is the most ideal step to do).

But some people need video guides. Maxi Cosi should at least make their video guides as detailed as possible – no cuts, done in real-time and inside an actual vehicle. I think if they do that, people will see that the Maxi Cosi Magellan Max is actually a good seat. The installation is just keeping the parents from getting it because of its difficulty as reported by most parents who got it.

I highly suggest that you check out what other people who got this has to say about this seat.


Check Out The Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max Reviews*


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The Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max

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  1. Thank you for your review. I think you hit on the install perfectly. I purchased this car seat in spite of the difficulty to install comments. I loved the features it came with and was willing to try it. Well I installed the car seat using the manual and I had very little issues. I will add though that I originally asked my husband to set up the car seat and he fit the car seat settings to the baby in the house. So I’m not sure if it mentioned to do that in a the manual before install. To also add, my husband instantly hated the car seat. I started to doubt whether I should have listened to the reviews. Well I decided to finish the install via manual and it was not that bad at all. One thing I noticed that doesn’t have to do with install, but a complaint I’ve read online is loosening and tightening the straps ( it has gotten easier, like it loosened up a little). My husband tried loosening the strap by pressing the button and pulling on one strap with the chest clip unstrapped. The manual specifically states to have the chest clip buckled and to pull from the clip. As for tightening, the manual states to leave the clip unfastened while tightening. So yes, the manual makes a huge difference. Lol my only gripe that I can do nothing about is that it really does have very tiny cup holders that will really only hold a baby bottle. Supply cups don’t work. I have yet to try a water bottle. Maybe that will fit?? Thanks for the review. 🙂

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