One of the main attractions of the Graco Triride is its flexibility - it can be used for children of different ages and weights. But is the Graco Triride 3 in 1 really a top pick for parents? Let’s see.
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ideal use

Rear-Facing Weight:

5 to 40 pounds

Rear-Facing Height Limit:

The head must be at least 1 inch below handle

Forward-Facing Weight:

22 to 65 pounds

Forward-Facing Height Limit:

up to 49 inches

High Back Booster Weight Limit:

40 to 100 lbs

High Back Booster Height Limit:

43-57 inches, at least 4 years old

Although children are safer riding rear-facing, they should ride forward-facing once they reach the maximum rear-facing weight or height for this car seat, which is 40 pounds and the head at least 1 inch below handle.

will it fit in my car?


19 inches


23.5 inches


20 inches

Measure the space available in your car before purchasing the Graco Triride 3-in-1 car seat. At 19 inches wide, 23.5 inches high, and 20 inches deep, the Triride is a bit large for a small car but should fit comfortably in most SUVs.

Graco TriRide 3 in 1 Car Seat | 3 Modes of Use from Rear Facing to Highback Booster Car Seat, Clybourne
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Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?


Easy To Install Rear-Facing?

LATCH - Relatively

Seatbelt - Yes

Easy To Install Forward-Facing?


Easy To Uninstall?


The Graco Triride 3 in 1 Car Seat has been praised by many parents as being easy to install and reclines well even without using rolled towels. 

However, some have complained that it did not work well with their car's LATCH system or that it slid around too much. It also seems to not come with the new LATCH system (it's a hook-type instead of the push-on type). 

Despite this, the majority of parents who have installed the seat are satisfied with it and would recommend it to others.

How To Install The Graco Triride 3 in 1 With LATCH (Rear-Facing)

How To Install The Graco Triride Forward-Facing With LATCH

How To Install The Graco Triride Using Vehicle Seat Belt


Country Of Origin:


Steel Frame:


Five-Point Harness?


Side Impact Tested:


Approved For Airplane Use:


Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?


Some parents have complained that the 5-point harness doesn't stay in place and that it keeps sliding down no matter how many times you adjust it. While this may not be a deal-breaker for some, it's definitely worth considering before making your purchase.

The Graco Triride 3 in 1 Car Seat is said to have 6 recline positions, but depending on your car's seat slope, your child's head can still end up being nowhere to rest and it will hang down completely when sleeping. This can be a safety issue for some parents.

the seat

Is The Material Breathable?


Seat Weight:

18.45 pounds

Machine Washable Cover?




No-Rethread Harness?


Comes With An Infant Body Support?


Easy To Remove Cover?



10 Years

Comes With A Cup Holder?


Shoulder Harness Has Pads?


Leg Straps Have Pads?


The seat seems very well made with many parents saying the car seat is comfortable. It is plush with lots of padding. Because of the no-rethread harness, it is very easy to adjust the headrest up and down to loosen then tighten the harness straps.

However, it can be difficult to put the baby in the seat without setting the baby on the straps. Some parents have also complained that the pad for the seat slides around a lot, exposing the hard plastic and mechanics behind it which can hurt the child's back. Others also wish the seat was lighter to carry.


The Graco Triride is a good choice for parents who want a car seat that is strong, sturdy, and comfortable. It has been praised by many parents for its easy installation and reclining abilities. 

However, some have complained about its large size, lack of LATCH system compatibility, and poor headrest design.

Despite these flaws, many reviews say that the car seat has held up well during use and was a good choice for new parents.

What do you think?



The Graco Triride 3 in 1

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