The Graco MySize 65 Vs Size4me 65, also known as the Graco Fit4Me 65, and Graco Headwise 65 are practically ALL THE SAME.

They come in different fabrics and are sold by different stores using the above different names.

Although the Graco Headwise 65 has a "Safety Surround" in the movable headrest and a "premium" fabric, they all carry the same specs and offer the same performance.

Let’s dig in further.

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ideal use

Rear-Facing Weight:4 to 40 pounds
Forward-Facing Weight:20 to 65 pounds
Height Limit:Up to 49 inches

The Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat can be rear-facing for 4 to 40 pounds and forward-facing for 20-65 pound babies. Once your baby has reached the 40 pounds rear-facing limit, you can switch the car seat to a forward-facing position until your child has reached 65 pounds.

The weight limit is that of the normal two-way seat range. Most two-way seats carry the same limits.

will it fit in my car?

Width18.5 inches
Height23.43 inches
Depth/Length22.05 inches

The Graco Size4me is not very compact. Fitting it in a small vehicle in the forward-facing mode may be okay, but not in the rear-facing mode.

Once you recline and install in the rear-facing mode, you may have to move the seat all the way to the front, especially for smaller vehicles.

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Featuring Rapid Remove Machine Washable Seat Cover, Tansy
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Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?Yes
Easy To Install Rear-Facing?Yes
Easy To Install Forward-Facing?Yes
Easy To Uninstall?Yes

The ball-type level indicator on the side is supposed to make it easy for parents to find just the right recline for the baby.  But the presence of only one recline setting exclusively for when the car seat is in a rear-facing position makes it not very ideal for newborns.

Some parents find that it would be better if there are additional settings to recline the seat rear-facing. They certainly are not satisfied seeing their young babies seated too upright. The 2nd and the 3rd recline options are only good for the forward-facing mode.

The Size4Me 65 uses deluxe push-in LATCH connectors that are easy to use. You get two pairs of LATCH connectors which you can use for the rear-facing position and the forward-facing position.

There are also attachment points in the car seat where you can store the connectors whenever they’re not being used.

Most parents find it easy to install. All you have to do is click on the connectors and pull them to tighten. They also said it's a breeze to release the straps since all you’ll have to do is pull on a fabric loop.

When it comes to the seatbelt system, it’s also just as easy, especially because it’s comparable with seatbelt installation from any other model of car seat.


Country Of Origin:China
Steel Frame:No
Five-Point Harness?Yes
Side Impact Tested:Yes
Approved For Airplane Use:Yes
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?No

The manufacturer claims that the MySize 65 exceeds all Federal standards. This also includes a test at 2x the peak force of the NCAP test. It also claims to pass Graco’s personal standards as well as European standards for side impacts.

If there’s anything worth mentioning though that can serve as an improvement over the model, the harness straps provided some challenges when it came to tightening or loosening them.

Some parents say that in order to easily buckle their child up, access the harness from behind the seat, help it to loosen all the way, then pull in front to tighten. That's when it becomes properly tightened to pass the pinch test.

Good Convertible Car Seats Of 2023

Consider narrowing down your options by focusing on those made with EPP or EPS foam for impact management. Both materials meet government safety regulations, but EPP foam is more elastic and less brittle than EPS foam, making it better at withstanding multiple impacts and regaining its shape.

Keep in mind that any seat involved in an accident should be replaced, regardless of the foam type.

Good Convertible Car Seats With EPP Foam:

Good Convertible Car Seats With EPS Foam:

the seat

Is The Material Breathable?No
Seat Weight:19.2 pounds
Machine Washable Cover?Yes
No-Rethread Harness?Yes
Comes With An Infant Body Support?Removable head and body support
Easy To Remove Cover?Yes
Expiration7 years
Comes With A Cup Holder?Yes (1)
Shoulder Harness Has Pads?Yes
Leg Straps Has Pads?No

Some parents find the seat material to be quite unbreathable, especially on very hot days.

The seat cover for this convertible car seat is machine washable. It is advised to use cold water, drip dry, and avoid any bleaching.

Because it comes with a no-rethread harness, all you’ll ever need to do is to lift the red button and move it up and down according to your baby’s size. This can be used one-handed, can be done upfront, and comes with eight setting positions.

The removable head and body support provide added support and comfort for smaller babies or toddlers and can be removed once the child is big enough to need the support no longer.

It comes with a simple and integrated cup holder so your child can keep hydrated during your travel.

When you find the crotch strap to be already too short, remove the seat cover on the lower part of the seat. There are two separate slots for the crotch strap. Extend the crotch strap nearly double the size by removing it from one slot and moving it to the other slot.

My Final Verdict

The Graco Size4Me could have been a good, budget-friendly two-way seat if not for three reasons.

  1. There’s only one recline setting for the rear-facing position.
  2. Adjusting the seat harness for parents who will everyday use it in the forward-facing mode will be a problem. That’s because the car seat’s back will be pressed firmly against the vehicle seat. It will be impossible to help loosen the harness from the back of the car seat.
  3. The seat material can be made more breathable for people who live in very hot places.

The first point can be improved by placing a rolled towel or pool noodles to customize the recline. The third problem will not be an issue for people who live in cold places.

But the 2nd issue? It will be a universal problem for parents who will be every day dealing with the seat, in the forward-facing mode.

My personal opinion is to consider another seat.

I highly suggest that you check out the feedback of parents who got this seat to help you confirm your decision.

What Do You Think?

I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!




The Graco MySize 65 Vs Size4me

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I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Thank you for letting me know I’m not crazy! I have 2 of these seats and hate them! Impossible to tighten when rear facing. Ugh!

    1. Lol. I’m not sure how much space you have when the seat is in rear-facing mode, but as per the above video on how to “easily” tighten the harness strap, it looks like you will need just enough space for your hands to grab the harness from behind.

      I cannot imagine doing the same technique to the straps in the forward-facing mode as the car seat will be pressed firmly against the vehicle seat and there’s no way you’ll be able to access the straps behind.

  2. Hi. So it’s pretty much the same baby car seat but comes under several different names? Sounds fishy. Just knowing that already makes me not want to buy this baby car seat or recommend it to anyone else. LOL. But it does look good from the picture and videos though.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Yup. There’s no official statement from Graco as to why they named it differently it. Graco manufactures different seat colors and patterns/designs for different retailers such as Target, Amazon, etc..

      Quite funny though because upon checking, there are some Amazon sellers selling those that are supposed to be for Target only and vice versa.

      There are eBay sellers, too, that carry different fabrics/colors/designs. So the purpose for “exclusivity” for different retailers is somehow disregarded. LOL.


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