Choosing between the Graco Extend2fit and the Britax Advocate Clicktight was somehow a tough job for me. Both have recall histories, but both are also highly regarded for their safety features.

I’ll probably choose the Britax Advocate Clicktight. Here’s why.

(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)


(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)
ideal use


Graco Extend2fit
Advocate Clicktight
Rear-Facing Weight:
4 to 50 pounds
5  to 40 pounds
Rear-Facing Height Limit:
Up to 45 inches
until the head is 1 inch from
the top of the shell of the car seat
Forward-Facing Weight:
22 to 65 lbs
20 to 65 lbs
Forward-Facing Height Limit:
Up to 49 inches
Up to 49 inches

If what you want is a product you can use longer in the rear-facing position, the Extend2Fit has an extended rear-facing weight limit.

Although the two have the same maximum forward-facing weight and height limits, Advocate Clicktight measures 29 inches with a fully extended head restraint. This makes it one of the tallest convertible seats.

Both car seats might not provide a snug fit for smaller and lighter babies weighing below 7 pounds. This is a common issue with convertible car seats. Thus, you might want to use an infant car seat first before you transition your child to these seats when they can be well accommodated by the harness system.

The distinctive feature of the Graco Extend2fit is its legroom panel. While this is not a safety feature, it can be a deciding factor to consider as it can provide your child with more contentment while traveling. You can adjust this panel in its positions 2 to 4 for children more than 40 pounds. Position 1, fully retracted, is the default.

To have an idea if Britax Advocate Clicktight will be a fitting choice for your child, make use of the available website service at

will it fit in my car?


Advocate Clicktight
19.2 inches
20.5 inches
22.1 inches
23.5 inches
25.2 inches
23 inches

Both seats are wide so they cannot be chosen for 3-across assembly.

The front passenger seat legroom reportedly decreased a bit when the Extend2fit seat is installed rear-facing with fully extended leg panel. With this, check your car manual to determine if the middle seat would be a suitable location for installation instead.



Advocate Clicktight
Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?
Easy To Install Rear-Facing?

Yes, by LATCH

No, by the seatbelt

No, by LATCH

Yes, by the seatbelt

Easy To Install Forward-Facing?

No, by LATCH

Yes, by the seatbelt

No, by LATCH

Yes, by the seatbelt

Easy To Uninstall?
Recline Position

6-position recline:

1 to 4 for rear-facing;

4 to 6 for forward-facing

7 recline

Some cars have unusually shallow or steep seat-pan angles. This results in difficulty in installing a car seat at the recommended recline angle, thus requiring the need for pool noodles or rolled towels. Not all parents feel safe having to rely on aftermarket products in setting up a car seat in its correct recline angle.

In connection with this, just take note that you might need to use a pool noodle with the Advocate Clicktight when necessary.

Both seats have ball/bubble indicators, but Britax has one additional recline angle, so it is more favorable in this regard.

For rear-facing LATCH installation, the Extend2Fit’s InRight LATCH System is well regarded by users, but be sure to be mindful of the lower anchor weight capacity of Graco Extend2fit. Exceeding the weight limit of the lower anchors might compromise the safety features of the car seat.

The Graco Extend2fit’s belt path is smaller compared to other convertibles so a little more effort is necessary to make it work. When doing a seatbelt installation, the Extend2fit car seat is easy to install in forward-facing than in rear-facing.

If you do not want to be bothered with monitoring your child’s weight so as not to exceed the lower latch weight limits (Extend2Fit – 45 pounds; Advocate ClickTight - 30 pounds rear-facing, 35 pounds forward-facing), you can decide to install the car seat using the vehicle seatbelt instead.

For this matter, you will find the Britax seat to be a better choice because it is safe to say that it is optimized for this mode of installation given its ClickTight feature.

The ClickTight is something that you would really appreciate about the Advocate model (and other ClickTight convertibles from Britax) because it simply makes installation so much better. Just open the ClickTight and route the seatbelt in the right belt path. You do not even need to pull the seatbelt to tighten it because ClickTight will do it on its own.

You may still install the Advocate Clicktight seat using the LATCH, but Britax wants you to make the most out of its Clicktight feature. The lower anchors are stored in a rather difficult to find a place (back of the base). The lock-off is the ClickTight itself so there is no need for a locking clip. You may request for tether extension from Britax if you find the tether strap in your purchased seat to be short.



Advocate Clicktight
Country Of Origin:
Steel Frame:
Five-Point Harness?
Side Impact Tested:
Approved For Airplane Use:
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?

If it is about where the seat is made, it would not be hard which one to choose. If you are from the US and would like to support locally made products (albeit the use of global components), choose Britax. If you are not affected by the bad connotation of Chinese-made products, then Graco would be a practical choice.

One possible drawback of Extend2Fit is the painted/printed warning right on the cushions of the seat. It could be a concern for possible burning during hot weather. As for buckling and unbuckling the 5-point harness, you could read from reviews that this is the cause of disappointment for many parents regretting their decision to buy this Graco product.

You should also know that certain Extend2Fit convertibles that were manufactured November 27, 2015, to January 20, 2016, were recalled starting March 22, 2016. They were recalled due to a confusion on proper usage because of wrongly placed recline label.

As of writing this review, I could not find reviews or news articles about the Britax Advocate Clicktight product being involved in any real-life mishaps on the road. However, many parents still give this seat the highest rating because of its perceptible sturdiness. Who would not be impressed with its set of safety features that include Click and Safe Snug Harness, 3 layers of protection, 14-positions harness, and SafeCell Impact Protection?

However, in 2015, there was also a recall on some Advocate ClickTight (Marathon and Boulevard ClickTights) models that were manufactured between August 1, 2014, and July 29, 2015, due to harness adjuster button problem. While possibly none of these models are in the market nowadays, it would not hurt to check if a particular product you can see in the store has not been returned to Britax for that reason. You can check here.

Also, a reported downside of the Advocate Clicktight is that the harness straps slide down frequently. This, then required, adjustment each time the child is placed into the car seat. Some say that the straps of Advocate is short and can be an issue in buckling, but Britax Customer Care explained that the harness straps can be adjusted in the hip area so as to get 2 inches more of harness length. The buckle can be also adjusted in any of its 2 positions. Furthermore, newer Advocate Clicktight models have now longer crotch straps.

the seat


Advocate Clicktight
Is The Material Breathable?
Seat Weight:
18.5 pounds
30.6 pounds
Machine Washable Cover?
No-Rethread Harness?
Comes With An Infant Body Support?
Yes, body pads
Removable body pillow
Easy To Remove Cover?
10 Years
Comes With A Cup Holder?
Shoulder Harness Has Pads?

The Advocate ClickTight is adequately padded and has a breathable cover.

If you want a seat that is considerably lighter to be carried around or transferred from one vehicle to another, then the Extend2Fit will be your choice. However, with the heavy weight of Advocate ClickTight, you can feel just how sturdy it is and could make you feel at ease regarding your child’s safety.

If you want a child restraint system that is easy to maintain, then Advocate ClickTight will be a much better option than Extend2Fit. Surely you can machine wash the Extend2Fit’s cover, but it would put you in a lot of stress just to get the cover off the frame. Removing the cover of Advocate might take some time since it is made up of 4 pieces, but this is not as bothersome as removing the cover of Extend2Fit.

Britax Advocate ClickTight’s cover should only be hand washed, according to the manual, but a number of parents admitted they machine washed their Britax seat’s cover. Nonetheless, the covers are still in good condition after numerous cycles in the washing machine. The straps, sadly, cannot be removed if you want to clean them.

If you do not want to spend extra money on cup holders, then the Graco Extend2Fit is the seat to purchase, but be forewarned that its cup holders are square and might not hold bigger sippy cups.

Graco Extend2Fit straps can be difficult to loosen, according to reviews.

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The Graco Extend2fit and the Britax Advocate Clicktight are approximately USD 150 dollars away from each other. The Advocate Clicktight is more expensive.

Let’s see why is that so.

  1. The Britax Advocate Clicktight is considered one of the tallest convertible car seats, making it usable longer height-wise.
  2. It is made especially for seat belt installation, a plus point for parents who have older cars with no LATCH anchors.
  3. It has 7 recline settings instead of just 6 in Extend2fit.
  4. It is made in the USA.
  5. It is easier to buckle and unbuckle the 5-point harness system.
  6. It has a breathable seat material.
  7. It is easier to remove the seat cover.

Now let’s see what you get from saving your money and getting the Extend2fit instead.

  1. It has an extended rear-facing weight.
  2. It has an extendable footrest to accommodate the added height of the growing child.
  3. Width-wise, you can have more room in the vehicle.
  4. You don’t need to use a pool noodle when installing.
  5. It is easier to install by LATCH, rear-facing wise.
  6. It is lighter.
  7. It has a machine-washable cover.
  8. It comes with cup holders.

Between the two, I’d choose the Britax Advocate Clicktight.*

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