It’s easy to overlook all the good sides of The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller when there’s a major issue with it.

The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System comes with the Graco Aire3 stroller and the Graco Snugride 35 Click Connect car seat and its base.

I have a detailed review of the Graco Snurgide 35 in this link, so this review will focus more on the Graco Aire stroller.

This travel system could have been good enough if not for a major safety issue.

Learn more.



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Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System


The Stroller Seat


The stroller seat can almost recline flat. To do it, you have to squeeze the straps behind the seat and slide it to recline.

Being almost flat, you can make use of the stroller seat to do your diaper changes without worrying that your child will slip. You also don’t have to worry about their fragile little necks since it’s not too upright and is okay to be used for younger infants.

The stroller seat easily accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats without any adapter needed.

It also has a sturdy frame with a nice finish and can accommodate a child of up to 50 pounds.


The Footrest/Leg Rest


For younger babies lying down in the stroller seat, you can curve the lower edge of the stroller seat all the way up so that you “enclose” the foot area as if the baby is inside a “bassinet.”

For older children whose feet need to dangle, you can curve the edge of the stroller seat all the way down so as to let the legs dangle freely.

Older kids can make use of the “U-shaped” part of the lower frame to rest the soles of their feet so that their feet don’t touch the ground.


The Restraint System


The seat has a five-point harness system which can be converted to a three-point one as well.

Having shoulder pads on the straps, you don’t have to worry that the straps will rub against the neck area of your child.


Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller, Ames
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One-Hand Open/Fold Mechanism


In order to fold the stroller, locate the grab handle found under the seat fabric, almost at the center of the stroller seat.

Grab the handle and pull it to fold the stroller.

It won’t immediately perfectly fold. And you definitely need another hand to help it collapse altogether and lock it on the side.

To unfold it, you need two hands as well. One for unlocking the side lock, then both hands to help it open wide.


Can It Stand Upright Alone?


As advertised, yes it can. But many parents are missing a “trick” to actually make it stand on its own.

To do it, you have to lock the front wheel first so that it doesn’t swivel.

Once the front wheels are fully locked, you can collapse the stroller and make sure it is locked on the side.

Only then it will stand up on its own.


The Storage Area


graco aire3 click connect travel systemUnder the stroller seat is a standard size storage basket. It is medium-sized but is around 10 inches deep.

The opening to access the basket from behind and from the sides is pretty small too.


Stroller Handle


The stroller handle is nicely padded but it is not the type where you can hang your bag without a hook.

Although it’s not advisable to hang anything on a stroller handle as it can make the stroller tip over, I feel that it’s okay to put one or two stroller hooks to help carry light stuff especially when the storage basket is already full.


The Parent Tray


the graco aire3 click connect travel systemAttached to the stroller handlebar is a parent tray. It has two cup holders which are good only for small to medium-sized drinks as it does not look deep enough to be secure for larger drinks.

There is a zippered compartment where you can put your keys, phone and a small wallet for easy access instead of digging for them in your diaper bag in the basket.

There’s also a small mesh netting outside the zippered compartment for additional storage. It’s useful if you need to temporarily slide half of your medium-sized phone. I wouldn’t put my phone there permanently as it looks shallow and not secured. 


Child’s Tray


graco aire3 click connect strollerIt is advertised as having a child’s tray but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Instead, there is a removable, well-padded armbar with an attached “pouch” that seems to function as the child’s cup holder.

If your child needs to get out of the stroller, note that the bar does not swing open. You need to push something on its sides and remove the whole bar.


The Canopy


The canopy has two mesh peekaboo windows.

The first one is located almost on the top and can be exposed or hidden by a velcroed flap.

The second mesh peekaboo window is found by unzipping the zipper found on the canopy. Once you unzip it, I will extend the canopy more so that it provides more shade as well as ventilation as the mesh netting is revealed.

When you fully extend the canopy and view it from the side, it almost extends to 180 degrees.

When you have an infant car seat clicked onto the stroller, it is better to put the car seat canopy all the way up (don’t use the car seat canopy). Instead, extend the stroller canopy to the fullest so as to provide full coverage without compromising ventilation.

If the canopy of the car seat has a mesh netting too, then you can make both canopies meet at the center for a full coverage with good ventilation.


Check Out The Colors


Size And Weight


There’s a carry strap for portability, but I doubt it’s good to hang it over your shoulder. It’s too heavy! It weighs 21.85 pounds so the only time you should be carrying it is when you need to put it in the car. Otherwise, keep it rolling.

When folded, it’s quite compact to fit in a small SUV.


Stroller Depth: 17 inches
Stroller Width: 34.5 inches
Stroller Height: 40 inches


The Wheels


The Graco Aire3 stroller has three wheels. The two rear-ones are big, and the front one is almost ⅓  smaller compared to the rear ones.

The back wheels are removable. I can see it being useful when you have a limited space for storage in the trunk and the big wheels are getting in the way of other things that’s in there. Other than that, I don’t see the need to remove the wheels if space is not a problem.

The small front wheels can either be locked or unlocked so that it swivels. It has suspensions so that it provides a smooth ride. However, be aware that the smooth ride Graco is referring to is not applicable to gravel roads. Best to avoid rough terrains to avoid getting the wheels stuck.


Wheels Sizes
Rear Wheels: 9.5 inches Front Wheels: 6.25 inches


The Brake


the graco aire3 click connect strollerBehind the right rear wheel is one plastic brake. Many parents have complained about how it can easily get broken after just several months of use.

I’m not sure why Graco has decided to put just one brake. We used to have a different Graco stroller but the brakes are located at the back of both rear wheels. It’s better to have two breaks in my opinion so that if one breaks, you still have the other one.

Parents regard it as a MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE since you don’t want your child to roll away when they are supposed to be parked safely.



Check Out The Following Videos To See The Stroller In Action





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For the price point of around $299, you get to have the complete travel system – the Graco Click Connect 35 infant seat, its base, and the Graco Aire3 stroller.

If you have read my Graco Click Connect 35 review, you will know that it’s not actually the best Graco infant seat out there. The Graco 30 LX or Graco Click Connect 40, is way better than the Click Connect 35. See why in this review comparing all 5 Graco infant car seats.

Now, if you are thinking of getting the Aire3 stroller and a Graco Click Connect car seat separately, be reminded of the following.

  1. Don’t expect to utilize the stroller basket fully. It is not like some strollers with a humongous storage area where you can put a large diaper bag, groceries, and other stuff without needing to get separate stroller hooks to help carry other shopping bags.
  2. If you are a parent who always wants large hot drinks, know that the shallow cup holders may not be secure enough for it.
  3. If you need your toddler to snack on the go or have a place for toys in a child tray, it doesn’t have one. Only a sippy cup can be placed on the armrest for your toddler’s easy access.
  4. You only have one-foot brake – you better use it carefully.

On the good side, you’ll have a “bassinet” type stroller seat for your young baby should you need to go out without an infant car seat. You’ll also have a canopy with very good well-ventilated coverage.

Getting the Aire3 stroller is only good if you will not use it for rough roads and IF the plastic brake doesn’t give up on you at all.

I highly suggest that you check out the feedbacks of parents who got this seat to help you confirm your decision.


Check Out The Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller

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  1. I can see your point about your safety concern. I really cannot understand how such a reputable brand may not have thought of putting a brake to each of the two rear wheels. As a parent, yes, this is a feature that, I must admit, would worry me.

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