In the world of child car seats, there's a showdown brewing between the Evenflo Everyfit and the Graco Extend2fit. Both come with their own set of features, making it a tough choice for parents. 

But is the Evenflo Everyfit, with all its promising qualities, ready to step aside in this battle? Which one will win the car seat showdown for keeping your little one safe and comfy during rides?

(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)

(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)
ideal use

Evenflo Everyfit

Graco Extend2fit 3 in 1

Rear-Facing Weight:

4 to 40 pounds

4 to 50 pounds

Rear-Facing Height Limit:

17 to 40 inches; the top of the child's head is at least 1 inch or more below the top of the child restraint headrest

the head must be at least 1-inch below the headrest adjustment handle

Forward-Facing Weight:

22 to 65 pounds

Forward-Facing Height Limit:

28 to 49 inches

Up to 49 inches

High Back Booster Weight:

40 to 120 pounds

40 to 100 pounds

High Back Booster Height Limit:

44 to 57 inches

43 to 57 inches

Backless Booster Height Limit:

The top of the child’s ears are at or below the vehicle seat headrest.


Both Evenflo Everyfit and Graco Extend2fit offer rear-facing options suitable for infants and small toddlers, with the Graco Extend2fit having a higher weight limit in this mode.

Parents can transition their child to the forward-facing mode when they meet the weight and height requirements, and both car seats offer similar limits in this mode.

Additionally, both car seats can be converted into high-back boosters for older children. However, it's important to note that the Evenflo Everyfit has a higher weight limit in high-back booster mode compared to the Graco Extend2fit.

Furthermore, the Evenflo Everyfit can also be used as a backless booster, providing versatility for different stages of a child's growth, while the Graco Extend2fit does not have a backless booster mode.

Evenflo EveryFit 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Featuring 12-Position Headrest, Two Integrated Cup Holders, Removable Snack Tray, and Machine-Washable Fabric (Augusta Pink)
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will it fit in my car?

Evenflo Everyfit

Graco Extend2fit 3 in 1


19 inches


32.5 inches

24.5 inches


22.25 inches

20.75 inches

Both car seats have the same width of 19 inches, so there is no difference in width between them. Parents can expect them to occupy a similar amount of space across the back seat of their vehicle.

The Evenflo Everyfit is taller than the Graco Extend2fit by 8 inches. This height difference may be significant depending on the design of your car's interior. Parents should measure the space from the car seat base to the ceiling or roof of their car to ensure that the taller car seat will fit without any obstructions.

The Evenflo Everyfit is slightly longer than the Graco Extend2fit by 1.5 inches. This measurement is essential for determining if there's enough space for the car seat to be installed properly in a rear-facing or forward-facing position without interfering with the legroom of the front passengers.

For the Graco Extend2fit, it's worth noting that it comes with a 4-position adjustable extension panel that provides up to 5 inches of additional legroom. While this feature is beneficial for achieving an extended rear-facing position, it might pose challenges in smaller cars due to the increased space it requires. The car seat itself has a depth or length of 20.75 inches, which is relatively compact. However, when using the anti-rebound bar, the total depth of the car seat becomes 26.75 inches, potentially necessitating more space within the car.

Graco Extend2Fit 3 in 1 Car Seat Featuring Anti-Rebound Bar, Ride Rear Facing Longer, Up to 50 Pounds, Prescott
Price: --
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Evenflo Everyfit

Graco Extend2fit 3 in 1

Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?


Easy To Install Rear-Facing 

LATCH - Relatively

Seatbelt - Relatively


Easy To Install Forward-Facing?



Easy To Uninstall?



Both car seats do not require the use of a pool noodle or rolled towel during installation, indicating that they can be securely installed without additional accessories.

Some challenges mentioned with Everyfit include difficulty in getting the seat properly tightened, issues with maintaining the correct seat angle, and the need to remove parts of the seat cover for effective tightening. The instruction manual is also described as not very helpful initially, and there's a learning curve involved.

The Graco Extend2fit is praised for being user-friendly and convenient during installation, especially with the InRight™ LATCH system. It does not require additional accessories for rear-facing installation and is easy to install even without the anti-rebound bar. However, it lacks a seatbelt lock-off feature, which may slightly affect seatbelt installation for some users. The instruction manual is generally clear and straightforward.

If ease of installation is a top priority, the Graco Extend2fit appears to be a more user-friendly option, particularly for rear-facing installation. The Evenflo Everyfit may require some extra effort to achieve a secure and correctly angled rear-facing installation.

For parents concerned about the clarity of instructions, Extend2fit's manual is generally seen as clearer and easier to follow.


Evenflo Everyfit

Graco Extend2fit 3 in 1

Country Of Origin:



Steel-Reinforced Frame:


Five-Point Harness?


Side Impact Tested:


Approved For Airplane Use:


Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?



Both car seats offer essential safety features, such as a steel-reinforced frame and a five-point harness, which are critical for protecting a child in the event of an accident. However, they differ in their emphasis on safety features.

The Evenflo Everyfit places a strong emphasis on side impact protection and is designed to meet or exceed federal safety standards in this regard. This focus on side impact protection is a key selling point for parents concerned about the safety of their child during potential side collisions.

On the other hand, the Graco Extend2fit offers a more comprehensive safety package. It goes beyond basic safety standards by conducting various crash tests and incorporating additional safety features like EPS foam and an Anti-Rebound Bar. The EPS foam is designed to absorb energy during a crash, while the Anti-Rebound Bar minimizes rotational forces in the event of a collision. Graco's ProtectPlus Engineered™ system combines multiple crash tests to ensure your child's safety in various accident scenarios.

Parents should also consider personal preferences when choosing between these car seats. Some may have preferences based on the origin of the car seat, whether it's a domestic or international brand.

In summary, both car seats are likely safe choices, but the Graco Extend2fit stands out with its detailed safety testing and additional safety features. This may provide added peace of mind for parents who prioritize a highly secure option. However, the Evenflo Everyfit remains a reliable choice with its strong focus on side impact protection and compliance with federal safety standards.

Good Convertible Car Seats Of 2023

Consider narrowing down your options by focusing on those made with EPP or EPS foam for impact management. Both materials meet government safety regulations, but EPP foam is more elastic and less brittle than EPS foam, making it better at withstanding multiple impacts and regaining its shape.

Keep in mind that any seat involved in an accident should be replaced, regardless of the foam type.

Good Convertible Car Seats With EPP Foam:

Good Convertible Car Seats With EPS Foam:

the seat

Evenflo Everyfit

Graco Extend2fit 3 in 1

Is The Material Breathable?


Seat Weight:

19 lbs.

20.61 pounds

Machine Washable Cover?




No-Rethread Harness?


Easy To Remove Cover?


Yes (Rapid Remove)


10 Years

Comes With A Cup Holder?

Yes, 2

Shoulder Harness Has Pads?


Headrest Positions



Recline Positions



Both car seats prioritize your child's comfort during extended journeys by using breathable materials to prevent overheating and discomfort.

In terms of weight, the Everyfit is the lighter option at 19 lbs., while the Extend2fit weighs slightly more at 20.61 pounds. This weight difference can be a factor to consider, particularly if you need to frequently transfer the seat between vehicles or carry it around, where the Everyfit's lighter weight may offer more convenience.

Both car seats offer the practicality of machine washable covers, simplifying cleanup when spills and messes occur.

Ensuring your child has ample room to sit comfortably is a shared feature of both car seats, which is crucial for lengthy trips where your child may need to remain seated for extended periods.

The convenience of a no-rethread harness is a common feature, streamlining the process of adjusting the harness height as your child grows, saving time, and ensuring the harness is always correctly adjusted.

Ease of maintenance is another shared trait, with both car seats featuring easily removable covers for hassle-free cleaning. The Extend2fit takes it a step further with its "Rapid Remove" feature, potentially offering even more straightforward cover removal.

Both car seats boast an impressive 10-year expiration period, allowing them to accommodate your child's growth for an extended period.

For added convenience during travel, both car seats come equipped with two cup holders, providing a handy space for your child to store drinks and snacks, with Everyfit going the extra mile by including a small tray for snacks.

To enhance your child's comfort, both car seats include shoulder harness pads, which not only improve comfort but also help prevent chafing during longer journeys.

When it comes to adjustability, the Everyfit offers 12 headrest positions, offering greater flexibility as your child grows. The Extend2fit, while slightly less adjustable with 10 positions, still provides ample adaptability.

Lastly, in terms of recline options, the Everyfit offers four positions, while the Extend2fit offers six. Having more recline positions can be advantageous for ensuring your child's comfort, especially during naps or when they require a slight tilt for better sleeping posture.

My Final Verdict

There is an approximately USD 80 price difference between the Evenflo Everyfit And Graco Extend2fit. The Everyfit is cheaper.

With the Evenflo Everyfit, you get

  • a higher high back booster weight limit
  • a backless booster mode
  • a seat made in the USA
  • a slightly lighter seat
  • more headrest positions
  • a snack tray

With the Graco Extend2fit, you’ll have

  • a higher rear-facing weight limit
  • an extendable footrest for a more comfortable ride
  • a more “compact” seat, height-wise
  • a seat that is easier to install and uninstall in all modes
  • an Anti-Rebound Bar for added safety
  • a 5-point harness that is easier to buckle and unbuckle
  • a seat that has undergone more crash tests
  • added safety features like EPS foam
  • a “Rapid Remove” seat cover for washing
  • more recline positions

Do You Need More Help To Decide Between

The Evenflo Everyfit And Graco Extend2fit?

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The Evenflo Everyfit And

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