This review used to be for the comparison of the Diono Radian RXT and Graco 4ever. Since the Diono Radian RXT has been changed to "3RXT" and Graco 4ever has a new improved version, Graco 4ever DLX, I decided to update this review to compare the Diono Radian 3RXT versus the Graco 4ever DLX.

(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)


(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)
ideal use


Diono Radian 3RXT
Graco 4ever DLX
Rear-Facing Weight:
5 to 45 pounds
4 to 40 pounds
Rear-Facing Height:
Up to 44 inches
the head must be at least 1" below the headrest adjustment handle
Forward-Facing Weight:
20 to 65 pounds
22 to 65 pounds
Forward-Facing Height Limit:
Up to 57 inches
Up to 49 inches
High Back Booster Weight:
Up to 120 pounds
40 to 100 pounds
Backless Booster Weight
40 to 120 pounds
High Back Booster Height Limit:
 Less than 57 inches tall
43 to 57 inches
Backless Booster Height Limit:
43 to 57 inches

You can use the Diono Radian 3RXT rear-facing longer for 5 pounds more than the Graco 4ever DLX.

Forward-facing-wise, the Diono Radian 3RXT is usable for a longer time height-wise since it has can sit a child for 8 inches more in the forward-facing mode.

When it comes to the booster weight limit, they both are usable up to 120 pounds BUT the Graco 4ever has an option to convert it to a backless booster seat.  

will it fit in my car?


Diono Radian 3RXT
Graco 4ever DLX
16.5 inches
21.5 inches
28.5 inches
24 inches
16 inches
20 inches

If you want to fit three seats in a row, the Diono Radian 3RXT is well known to achieve this. This is because of its narrow feature.

In a similar vehicle, you can put three 3RXTs in a row, but can only probably fit 2 Graco 4ever DLXs.

In the rear-facing mode, you can even improve the backseat space using a Diono Radian Angle Adjuster* for the 3RXT. This can adjust the rear-facing angle of the 3RXT (for the use of older children) and increase the front seat legroom. 



Radian 3RXT
4ever DLX
Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?
Easy To Install Rear-Facing With LATCH?
Easy To Install Rear-Facing With Seatbelt?
Easy To Install Forward-Facing With LATCH?
Easy To Install Forward-Facing With Seatbelt?
Easy To Uninstall?

Installing Graco 4ever DLX seems to be easier to deal with.

However, if you watch the videos in my separate reviews of the Diono Radian 3RXT and the Graco 4ever DLX, you’ll see some tips and techniques to help you install both seats easily in all modes. 




Diono Radian 3RXT

Graco 4ever DLX

Country Of Origin:



Steel Frame:


Five-Point Harness?


Side Impact Tested:


Approved For Airplane Use:


Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?


The previous version of 3RXT (which is the RXT) was made in China. They now make the 3RXT in the USA.

They build both seats for safety. They have steel-reinforced frames and are sturdy enough to protect your child in an accident.

the seat


Diono Radian 3RXT
Graco 4ever DLX
Is The Material Breathable?
Seat Weight:
28.1 pounds
23 pounds
Machine Washable Cover?
No-Rethread Harness?
Comes With An Infant Body Support?
Removable head and body pillow
Easy To Remove Cover?
Both Yes (But "Rapid Remove Cover" for the 4ever DLX)
8 Yrs/10 Yrs
10 Years
Comes With A Cup Holder?
Shoulder Harness Has Pads?
Leg Straps Has Pads?

For choosing a seat color, they make both seats of breathable fabrics, except for the darker tones of the Graco 4ever DLX.

The 4ever DLX is way lighter should you need to lug it around for air traveling, though you can fold the 3RXT for more compact transport.

Another convenience that the 4ever DLX has is its no-rethread harness. Unlike the Diono Radian 3RXT where you have to manually remove the seat harness from the slits in the seat and move it to the next level as your child grows, the Graco 4ever DLX will just need you to move the headrest up and down and the seat harness height adjusts instantly.

The head and body support for an infant, although present in both seats, seems to be better in the 3RXT, especially the head support.

Although both come with cup holders, you only get one in the 3RXT versus two with the Graco 4ever DLX.

*affiliate links



Most of the time, both seats have the same price tag.

Getting the Diono Radian RXT will give you the following advantages.

  1. It has a higher rear-facing weight limit.
  2. It has a higher forward-facing height limit.
  3. It is narrower so you can fit three in a row.
  4. With the help of an angle adjuster,* you'd even improve the backseat space/front-seat space.
  5. They make all seat colors of breathable fabrics.

In getting the Graco 4ever DLX, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

  1. We can convert the 4ever DLX to a backless booster seat.
  2. Without watching tips and tricks for installation, it is more intuitive to install the seat easily in all modes.
  3. It weighs lighter should you need to carry it for air traveling.
  4. It has a no-rethread harness.
  5. It has two cup holders instead of just one.

Parents who need to install three car seats in a row would usually go for the Diono Radian RXT (or the other 2 cheaper Radians 3RX or 3R). Know that one goal of the Radian RXT is the better rear-facing capacity. The higher the rear-facing capacity in terms of weight and height, the better. Here, the Clek Foonf*(My Review Here), for an added cost, can competitively do the job better.

The Clek Fllo and the super budget-friendly Cosco Scenera Next can also be installed three in a row.

If you only need one seat, and you are just choosing between the Radian 3RXT* and the 4ever DLX, the 4ever DLX* seems to be easier to deal with in terms of everything - installation, no-rethread harness, and adjusting the recline.


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The Diono Radian 3RXT Or Graco 4ever DLX?


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The Diono Radian 3rxt Or
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  1. Graco 4ever seems easier to handle and it has one key feature – recliner. That’s a must-have for me. My kids fall asleep and heads wobble. With Graco, just one easy pull of the handle and they can rest easier. It might be bulky but my kids being comfortable is my #1 priority, after the safety of course.

    1. Hi Johanna,

      Very good point. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Very helpful.


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