Choosing between the Cosco Scenera Next and the Graco Extend2fit is like deciding between fundamental and supplementary features.

We can describe the Cosco Scenera as a bare basic car seat. Graco Extend2Fit offers additional features that can make a child extra safe and comfortable. It's easy to say that you would prefer the Extend2fit. However, the Scenera Next still has attractive features that are although basic, can do the job well. Continue reading below to see these aspects worth considering.

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ideal use


Cosco Scenera Next
Graco Extend2fit
Rear-Facing Weight:
5 to 40 pounds
4 to 50 pounds
Rear-Facing Height Limit:
19 to 40 inches
Up to 45 inches
Forward-Facing Weight:
22 to 40 pounds
22 to 65 pounds
Forward-Facing Height Limit:
29 to 43 inches
Up to 49 inches

Extended Rear-Facing. It will be the Extend2Fit that you might choose in terms of extended rear-facing usage since its maximum rear-facing weight and height are 50 pounds and 45 inches.

Fit To Child. You could gather from reviews that the 4 pounds and 5 pounds limit in Extend2Fit and Scenera Next, respectively, would not be that useful for newborns and preemies. In many reviews, you would read that the two seats can offer a tight fit for babies starting at around 7 pounds, which is the average weight for newborns.

Leg Space. In rear-facing, Extend2Fit offers another helpful feature, its unique foot extension panel. It is a tray that can be extended to give the child passengers up to 5 inches of space where they could place their feet for more comfort.

Forward-Facing. Extend2Fit has a way higher weight and height limit for forward-facing. It would all depend on your child’s unique body-built or physique. There are tall but light kids and there are also short but heavy kids. Some kids outgrow their seats height-wise long before they reach the weight limit.

will it fit in my car?


Cosco Scenera Next
Graco Extend2fit
17 inches
19.2 inches
23.5 inches
22.1 inches
22 inches
25.2 inches

Fit In Car. To fit inside a car, it would most likely be a point for the Cosco Scenera Next. This is because of the narrowness that allows it to fit 3-across in a compact vehicle. Installed as the only child passenger safety seat in a car, it can still leave ample space for other passengers.

Seat Location. Another thing that might make you think twice about Extend2Fit, apart from its size, is its foot/leg extension panel. If you want to fully use the entire 5 inches leg space, you would need to install the car seat in the middle seat at the back row (if your vehicle will allow) so that the space for the driver and front passenger will not be reduced.

For reference, it will be great to know from reviews that the Extend2Fit has reportedly been installed with no issues inside Hyundai Veloster, Honda Accord Coupe, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Rav4, and Chevy Traverse. Reviews on Scenera Next show that it can be a much better travel must-have for children passengers because not only can it fit in cars like the 2012 Ford F-150 and 2012 Ford Focus hatchback, but also in airplane seats such as of Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines. 



Scenera Next
Need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?
Yes, for sloped vehicle seats
Easy To Install Rear-Facing by LATCH?
Easy To Install Rear-Facing By Seatbelt?
Easy To Install Forward-Facing?

No, by LATCH

Yes, by the seat belt

Easy To Uninstall?
Recline Position

6-position recline

1 to 4 for rear-facing;

4 to 6 for forward-facing

Lower Anchor Weight Limit:
None in effect
45 pounds


  • Both have rubber grips under the base which can help prevent the car seat from sliding.
  • Both have no lock-off devices for seat belt installation. You could either order from the respective manufacturer or interchangeably use whatever locking clips you have.


LATCH Connectors. Extend2Fit has the easier to use push button style lower anchor connectors, whereas Scenera Next has the “J” hook style connectors.

Lower Anchor Weight Limit. If you install Extend2Fit initially with the LATCH (since it is theoretically easier than with vehicle seatbelt), you need to make sure that your child’s weight as they grow will not exceed the 45 pounds limit or the safety of the car seat will be compromised. 

The Cosco Scenera Next has no lower anchor weight limit in effect, and you need not closely monitor your child’s weight for this purpose. The usual maximum lower anchor limit of most cars is 65 pounds. The forward-facing weight limit of Scenera Next is 40 pounds. The weight of the Scenera Next seat is just less than 8 pounds. So the combined weight of these two will still be way below the usual 65 pounds limit.

Recline. Because of the many recline positions that Extend2Fit offers, you would not need to use any aftermarket products like pool noodles and rolled towels to achieve the appropriate recline angle for children. 

In rear-facing for Extend2Fit, recline positions 1 to 4 are to be used. For forward-facing, position 4 is for those children under 40 pounds in weight, and positions 5 to 6 are for those above 40 pounds. This Graco child restraint even has a ball in the bubble level indicator.

The Cosco Scenera Next has a fixed recline for younger children in the rear-facing position. You need only to make sure that the line at the side of the seat is parallel with the ground. The seat can be installed in a more upright position as the child grows.

Cosco Scenera NEXT Car Seat OTTO
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Scenera Next
Country Of Origin:
Steel Frame:
Five-Point Harness?
Side Impact Tested:
Approved For Airplane Use:
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?

Similarities: Both have 5-point harness and approval for airplane use.


Origin Country. Even though Scenera Next is quite a basic car seat, they make it in the US with US and international components. 

Durability. Extend2Fit has a steel frame while Scenera Next has a plastic frame. Still, either car seat needs to be replaced after an accident.

Real-Life Accidents. Speaking of accidents, even though the two car seats have different materials for their frame, both (when properly installed) have been proven effective in preventing any harm from happening to the child passenger. We can see this from the reviews and news articles available online.

For Extend2Fit, you could just browse through the customer reviews on Amazon and you can read about many testimonials from very grateful parents. One mother, for example, has two sons aged 3 and 1 when the accident happened. She said that neither child had any injuries after their car rolled over six times during a 70 mph crash.

Another mother said that she bought her daughter’s first Extend2Fit at Target when it was on sale. She bought another Extend2Fit from Amazon as a replacement for the first car seat after they had an accident that resulted in their car being totally wrecked. Throughout the incident, her daughter has been playing and laughing and had no injuries at all.

While you might not find any Amazon review for Scenera Next’s efficiency during accidents, you may further search online and find this article. It is about a car accident where the car was wrecked, but the two baby passengers survived miraculously with only minor injuries. No brand and model of the car seat was mentioned but members of the community stated that based on the photos, the car seat was Cosco Scenera Next.

Possible Skin Hazard. It is worth knowing that there were parents who expressed their concerns about the skin burning hazard of Extend2Fit. They said that the warning label of this product is painted/screen printed on the seat cover. When the weather gets too hot, the paint might cause a burn on the baby’s skin (top and lower back area).

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat | Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit, Binx
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the seat


Scenera Next
Is The Material Breathable?
Seat Weight:
7.65 lbs
18.5 lbs
Machine Washable Cover?
No-Rethread Harness?
Comes With An Infant Body Support?
Yes, body pads
Easy To Remove Cover?
No (unless it’s the RapidRemove version*)
8 Yrs
10 Yrs
Comes With A Cup Holder?
Yes, 1
Yes, 2
Shoulder Harness Has Pads?
Sold Separately
Crotch Pads?
# Of Headrest Positions:
# Of Crotch Strap Positions:


  • Both have machine washable covers.
  • Both can offer adequate room for the child passenger.
  • Both have no crotch pad.


Breathability/Comfort. While Extend2Fit has more padding than Scenera Next, some parents still find its padding as something to improve on. It may also not be breathable enough for some children, especially those who sweat a lot and those who live in a hot climate place. In terms of breathability per se, it is the Scenera Next that can be considerably more breathable since it has thinner padding than the competition.

Seat Weight. Scenera Next is lighter than Extend2fit. Since it has a plastic frame, it is very lightweight and compact that it is a preferable car seat for traveling. It can fit under or on a baby stroller if you do not want to carry it.

Cover Removal. This will be another point for the Scenera Next. Removing the cover of Extend2Fit is such a complicated and tedious task that you might need to watch this video while performing the activity. 

Compare this with how the Scenera Next’s cover can be removed from this video.

Infant Body Support. Extend2Fit already comes with an infant body support.

Cup Holders. Extend2Fit has 2 cup holders while Scenera Next only comes with 1. However, note that the cup holders of Extend2Fit are square and bottles or cups with larger diameters might not fit in them.

5-Point Harness. Extend2Fit has a more convenient to use no-rethread harness system.

Harness Routing. Even though Scenera Next has no adjustable headrest, we can still adjust its harness into 5 different slots:  5.5”, 7.5”, 9.5”, 11.5”, and 13.5”. It even has the so-called “Newborn Routing,” which allows it to provide a snug fit even to the smallest of occupants (at 7 pounds according to reviews). This alternate routing for the straps will allow the harness strap to pass the pinch test.  

They already include such a harness slot in the adjustable headrest/harness system of Extend2Fit and even easier to adjust because it is a no-rethread system.

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Let us first list down the best features that each child restraint system can offer.

With Graco Extend2Fit, you will get a car seat that

  • is useful for extended rear-facing use (up to 50 pounds and 45 inches).
  • can be used longer (higher forward-facing height and weight limit).
  • offers an extension panel on which rear-facing occupants can put their feet and legs.
  • has more recline positions.
  • has a steel frame.
  • has more convenience to use a no-rethread harness.
  • already comes with infant support.
  • has a longer expiration date.
  • has 2 cup holders.
  • comes with shoulder harness pads.
  • has 10 headrest positions.

With the Cosco Scenera Next, you could have a seat which

  • can fit 3-across and provide adequate room for other passengers.
  • is easier to install in all modes.
  • will let you install with LATCH throughout and forget about the lower anchor weight limit.
  • is made in the USA.
  • is easier to buckle and unbuckle.
  • has a cover/padding that is considerably breathable.
  • is so lightweight and portable to carry as a travel car seat.
  • has a fabric cover that is easy to remove.
  • comes with 3 crotch strap positions.

Looking at the lists above, it certainly is easy to see that Extend2Fit has more features to offer than Scenera Next. However, purchasing the Scenera Next as a spare or as a travel car seat is not a bad idea since it is such as a good economical option.

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