Between the Clek Fllo and the Maxi Cosi Pria 70, I’d choose the Clek Fllo. Read on to see if you agree with me. 


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Clek Fllo


Maxi Cosi Pria 70

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Ideal Use


Clek Fllo Maxi Cosi Pria 70
Rear-Facing Weight: 14 to 50 pounds 9 to 40 pounds
Rear-Facing Height Limit: 25 to 43 inches Up to 40 inches
Forward-Facing Weight: 22 to 65 pounds, 2 plus years old 22 to 70 pounds
Forward-Facing Height Limit: 30 to 49 inches Up to 52 inches



Looking at the table above to compare Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and Clek Fllo, we could see that their only common trait is their minimum forward facing weight of 22 pounds.



  • Rear Facing. The winner in this category is the Clek Fllo because it is one of the few car seats (like Clek Foonf, Diono Rainier, Graco Extend2Fit) known for extended rear-facing capacity of up to 50 pounds. Keeping babies in the rear-facing position for as long as possible is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
    • They set Fllo at a minimum rear-facing weight of 14 pounds. Referring to the table of average weight for babies, the child has to be at least 3 months to use this car seat.

Fllo’s “Infant Thingy” will allow you to use Fllo starting at 5 pounds. This infant support is widely available for additional purchase. 

    • Pria 70 can start accommodating a baby at 9 pounds. For average-sized babies described in this table of the average baby’s growth, you would need to wait for at least two weeks after birth, at least half a month old, before you can buckle the baby on it. 

The Pria 70 used to have a “Tiny Fit” system that will enable you to use the car seat with babies beginning 4 pounds. However, know that Maxi Cosi has discontinued the Pria 70 Tinyfit system. Thus, you would not see this product listed on the Maxi Cosi store anymore. You may look for other sellers online offering the car seat (new or pre-owned). 

  • Forward-Facing. The Maxi Cosi Pria 70’s maximum capacity is 70 pounds and 52 inches compared to the 65 pounds and 49 inches limit of Fllo.


Good All In One Car Seats


Will It Fit In My Car?


Clek Fllo Maxi Cosi Pria 70
Width 16.9 inches 19.5 inches

23.5 to 27 inches (rear-facing)

26 to 31 inches (forward-facing)

25.5 inches

32.5 inches (rear-facing)

12.5 inches (forward-facing)

22.8 inches

Installing either of the two car seats as the sole child safety system in a car, there might not be an issue with any of them occupying the seating space. However, if what you want is a car seat that can save space, such as to accommodate other passengers or install 2 more car seats in a row, then Fllo is the one you should choose. 


Fit In A Car

  • Fllo has an Anti Rebound Bar or ARB and your decision to use this or not will affect how this car seat can fit in a vehicle. Without the ARB, this can fit in smaller cars. Even with the ARB, Fllo can still be installed well with no major problems, such as in a 2017 Subaru Forester, especially if your vehicle is spacious.

As mentioned earlier, Clek Fllo can fit 3-across. One mother said that it can in her Honda Accord and in her husband’s Subaru Crosstek. Another mother noted that this can fit 3 across in the third row of a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country. Fllo was also installed with 2 other car seats in a Chevy Malibu. A father mentioned this is slim enough to fit in the back of Chevy Equinox. Other vehicles where Fllo was installed well include Toyota Prius, 2017 Jeep Compass and Chevrolet Tahoe. In addition, an Amazon reviewer stated that they took this car seat during their recent flight and it was a perfect fit on the seat of Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800.

  • One parent said that if their Pria 70 could fit in their Toyota RAV4, then it could also fit in a BMW X3. Placed inside a 2017 Honda CRV, another parent noted that the passenger front seat could still be moved backwards if needed. However, in a Toyota Avalon, this car seat was said to occupy one and a half seating spaces. Other vehicles where this car seat was installed well include an Acura MDX and a Toyota Tundra.


Good 2-Way Car Seats




Clek Fllo Maxi Cosi Pria 70
Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel? Not mentioned in the manual Yes, allowed as stated in the manual
Easy To Install Rear-Facing by LATCH? Yes
Easy To Install Rear-Facing By Seatbelt? Yes Relatively
Easy To Install Forward-Facing? Yes Relatively
Easy To Uninstall? Yes
Recline Position 2 3
Lower Anchor Weight Limit:

Rear-Facing: 35 pounds,

Forward-Facing: 40 pounds

40 pounds



Using pool noodles or rolled towels when installing Pria 70 in the appropriate recline angle is allowed, according to its manual. This is not mentioned in the Fllo’s manual, but you can read from this support article at the Clek website that a tightly rolled towel may be placed under the foot of the car seat to achieve the necessary recline angle, especially if you opt not to use its ARB.

Both also have a push button or push on connector for LATCH.



  • Recline. 

At the side of the Fllo are reference lines for determining the seat level and recline angle. The upper line is more reclined and is intended for babies not weighing over 22 pounds. The lower line is for children weighing at least 22 pounds. Even though Fllo only has 2 recline positions available, it has the ARB which not only adds extra safety for the child in the event of a crash, but also makes up for the lack of more recline angles. Many parents have stated that when installed with ARB, they had a much easier time setting up the proper recline of the car seat in their vehicles. 

Pria 70 has more recline positions to offer. To adjust recline, you can use the adjust handle at the back and look at the proper recline label at the front. Refer to the molded line at the side to make sure it is level and parallel to the ground. 

  • Vehicle Seatbelt. 

You would likely prefer the Clek Fllo over Maxi Cosi Pria 70 installation-wise because it is said to be easy to install either with the LATCH or with the vehicle seatbelt. Fllo is preferable in terms of vehicle seat belt installation because of its rear- facing and forward-facing integrated lock-offs. You need to use the vehicle seatbelt’s lock or a separate locking clip with the Pria 70.

  • Pre-Installation Procedure. 

Fllo, just like Foonf, involves at least two extra pre-installation steps. First is the recline foot that you must first find under the seat and lock in place.  If you want to and if your vehicle space allows, then put the ARB in place and then you can proceed to the actual installation. If you do not favor too many steps for installation, then go with Pria 70. You only need to set up the recline foot for the appropriate recline and then proceed to the installation. 


Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat
Price: --
(As of: 2021/05/19 4:57 pm - Details
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
0 new0 used
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Clek Fllo Maxi Cosi Pria 70
Country Of Origin: Canada USA
Steel Frame: Yes No
Five-Point Harness? Yes
Side Impact Tested: Yes
Approved For Airplane Use: Yes
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle? Relatively No



Each of these car seats has a 5-point harness, side impact protection and airplane use approval.



  • Safety Features.

The safety features of Fllo include a steel frame with an aluminum honeycomb system whose design is meant to reduce the collision forces towards a forward-facing child. Its Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology will activate during an impact to transfer the force away from the child and towards the aluminum honeycomb cores instead. What you will like about Clek is that it is one of the few (if not the only one) manufacturers of car seats that publishes the safety test results for its products.  Find Fllo’s safety test results here.

Additionally, it also comes with an ARB. Although optional since it is not a requirement in the US, placing this ARB in place when rear-facing a child can help reduce the rebound motion during an impact.

Pria 70 boasts of Dorel Juvenile’s Air Protect technology in its headrest. While other car seats make use of special foam padding in its headrest for side impact protection, Pria 70 has air-filled pockets. The air inside the pockets is released when the head of the child hits them during an impact. This way, the crash force will be dissipated and reduced along with the chances of injury.


  • Real Life Testimonies.

A customer at Amazon approved the Fllo and said that it is a great car seat for extended rear-facing. She added that they were rear-ended while on the highway, but her son remained safe and fine. 

A mother of a 9 months old baby approved and highly recommended the Pria 70 for its construction, design, ease of use and cleaning. Her baby did not even get a bruise although she had some along with a serious whiplash from an accident that totally wrecked her car. Because of this, she bought another car seat of the same brand for her other child.


Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat, Blue Base
Price: --
(As of: 2021/12/08 11:56 am - Details
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The Seat


Clek Fllo Maxi Cosi Pria 70
Is The Material Breathable? Yes
Seat Weight:

25 pounds rear-facing and forward-facing;

28 pounds rear-facing with Anti-Rebound Bar

23 pounds
Machine Washable Cover? No Yes
Roomy? Yes
No-Rethread Harness? No Yes
Comes With An Infant Body Support? Sold Separately Yes, Body Pad
Easy To Remove Cover? No Yes
Expiration 9 years 6 to 8 years
Comes With A Cup Holder? Sold Separately Yes, 1
Shoulder Harness Has Pads? Yes
Crotch Pads? Yes No
# Of Crotch Strap Positions: 2 3



They both have breathable fabrics, are roomy and come with shoulder harness pads.


  • Cover. Both are said to have breathable covers. Pria 70 has self-wicking cover while Fllo has a Crypton fabric that is more preferable since it is highly rated for its efficiency to repel stain, odor and bacteria. Some parents did not like Crypton cover, but there are a lot more parents who vouch that the highly advanced fabric technology does its job and keeps its promise.

In terms of ease to remove the cover when it needs to be washed, Pria 70’s cover is easier to remove. It is also machine-washable. With Fllo, the Crypton fabric cover was initially thought to be irremovable. However, this video shows how it is done. It can also be washed, although only by hand.


  • Weight. Pria 70 has durable plastic frame while Fllo has stainless steel so there is a significant difference in their weight.
  • Harness. Pria 70 offers a much easier to use harness system than Fllo because you need not manually rethread the straps when changing the height position. Pria 70 also has more headrest and harness positions to offer than Fllo.
  • Infant Accessories. The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 already comes with infant body support and cup holder.
  • Recycle Program. Clek lets you send back your car seat once it has been damaged or has reached its end of life.


Check Out The Clek Fllo Colors

Check Out The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Colors


Compare The Price


Clek Fllo

Maxi Cosi Pria 70

Check The Latest Price

Check The Latest Price




There is an approximately USD 140 price difference between the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and the Clek Fllo. The Clek Fllo is more expensive.

Clek Fllo:

    • has extended rear-facing capacity
    • can fit 3 in a row because of its narrowness 
    • easier installation in all modes
    • has a steel frame
    • has ARB for extra safety and better recline
    • has more widely available infant thingy insert for newborns
    • has a longer life span
    • has a stain, odor, and bacteria repelling cover
    • has crotch pads
    • is included in the Clek recycle program. 

Maxi Cosi Pria 70:

  • has higher forward-facing capacity
  • has more recline positions
  • is lighter
  • has machine-washable cover
  • has no-rethread harness
  • comes with infant insert and cup holder. 
  • has an easy to remove cover

The 2 car seats each have good qualities to offer, but I think the Fllo has a much more promising set of features. 


Do You Need More Help To Decide Between

The Clek Fllo Or Maxi Cosi Pria 70?


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