The Child Car Seat Accessories That Are Incredibly Useful 

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Last Modified: September 30, 2020

Here is the child car seat accessories list that can help you keep your child safe and comfy and make your travel times fuss-free.

The Child Car Seat Accessories


Infant Car Seat Cover

Having an overall protection for your child will never be possible with just a car seatโ€™s canopy. Except probably if you get the Chicco Keyfit Magic, which provides an almost full coverage.

But that is not the case for most infant seats that only comes with canopies that still leave your child open from direct sunlight, the wind, rain, snow, and even bugs.

A breathable and lightweight car seat cover will help you protect your little passenger. Give your child a safe โ€œenvironmentโ€ free from harmful elements with this infant car seat cover* that has a universal fit. And as a bonus, it has a peekaboo window to easily check how your child is doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Important note: Don't use a third party car seat cover while the infant seat is attached to the car seat base inside the car, as it can affect how safely attached your car seat is to the car.


Backseat Mirror

Easily checking on your rear-facing passenger is possible by getting a backseat mirror.

While any other backseat mirror can do the job, getting a brand that will give you a lifetime satisfaction guarantee should it should not satisfy you is always a smart move.


Activity Toys

Delight and keep your little passenger busy by hanging toys on the car seat handle. Itโ€™s good for improving their motor skills and visual tracking.

You can also use it on cribs and strollers.


Backseat Organizer

Get a backseat car organizer that can keep your childโ€™s toys, diapers, drinks, and snacks.

Long rides will surely need you to keep your child ever entertained. And as they grow a little older, they can get โ€œboredโ€ with the usual hanging toys. Stack it up with toys and snacks and other things you will be needing.


Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray

Give your toddler their own activity โ€œtableโ€ with a travel tray. Your child will have everything they need within their reach while you focus on the road.


Car Sun Shades

Get a car sun shade to keep your child comfortable and free from harmful UV rays, especially when driving on hot days!



Clip On Fan

Strolling on hot days can still be comfortable for your child if you clip on a fan in their infant car seats. A lot of blade-less, rechargeable fans are available nowadays and you can also clip them in their strollers.


Cart Seat Travel Cart

Parents who need to air travel with a convertible car seat will come to appreciate a car seat travel cart. Britax Travel Cart,* for example, can help you carry a heavy convertible car seat. Not just specifically Britax seats, but also car seats from different brands.

Some car seat travel cart will also help you do the same job and even let your child ride on the car seat while you pull the seat around.


Cart Seat Travel Strap/Belt

Sometimes a car seat travel cart is not compatible with a toddler seat that you have.

Having a car seat travel belt will allow you to attach your convertible seat to your carry-on suitcase and start rolling away.


Infant Cart Seat Adapter

An infant car seat adapter would let you customize your own travel system. Some parents are very particular with the infant car seat and the stroller that they want.

If they come from different brands, an infant car seat adapter would let your stroller accept the infant car seat to create your ideal travel system.

Which of the child car seat accessories do you think is the most useful?


Which of them are you going to include in your baby registry list

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!



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    1. Hi Ruby!

      Thanks for the great addition. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s actually a cool accessory, too! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Nice list of car accessories for kids. I didn’t even know some of these are available in the market. You can also include a car seat gate check bag on your list, that will be neat.

  2. I and my husband are planning to take the kids to the mountain and enjoy nature for a change. However, the nearest camping ground is a good ten miles away, and I’m sure my kids won’t be able to wait that long. That was why I thought it was amazing that I came across this article and found out about the children’s travel tray. I didn’t know that it is an activity table where they have everything that they need. Thanks for sharing this. I think I’ll go buy a few for my kids.

    1. Hi Marina,

      It’s awesome what new things are made these days to make the lives of parents so much easier. I’m glad this post helped you. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hi, I have bought a back seat car organizer because this car accessory is ingeniously designed to provide both convenience and functionality. Thanks for this informative post!

  4. I love this list the most. I have a 3-year-old daughter and I always finding creative ways to keep her entertained and the toddler tray, seem like such a great fit. My daughter likes to snack, read, play, you name it while we’re driving, even if it’s only 5 minutes away, she has to have at least a little toy. Number 4 is another great product! Our car seems like it can never stay organized or clean and this just might make it a little easier. One thing I notice is no electronic recommendations. Let’s face it, we’re all modern mothers and use technology. Any reasons why you didn’t recommend an attachable tablet to watch cartoons from time to time when on long trips?

    1. Hi Angelic,

      I do allow my daughter to use smartphones and tablets as long as it’s not in a moving vehicle. It’s just something I got from my mother. :-p

      During our times when we were younger, any activity using the eyes can, not only cause us motion sickness but also, possibly ruin the eyesight. Even reading.

      My daughter once used my phone to watch youtube while the car was moving, and she threw up all throughout the duration of the trip.

      I do respect parents for whatever they decide to let their kids do, but I believe that the gadget holder is not something I would put inside a car, ergo, it’s not on the list.


  5. Hi, Good list of accessories needed for a baby, especially a mirror. I tried to use one, but unfortunately, it didn’t work at all. It didn’t make enough contact with the glass. But yeah, when having a 2-year-old kid that can make any mess.

    The car sun shades are the best, I will change mine to something with a drawing.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Good and practical choices. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel that having the back seat organizer will eliminate some weight in the diaper bag. Often, people who don’t utilize the use of the backseat organizer ends up with an overpacked bag that usually ends up in a mess at the end of the day, LOL. First-time parents often tend to overpack, and with an organizer in the back seat, some stuff can go there instead.

      The travel tray is quite “new” in the market. I’d love to try it too when my baby gets a little older. ๐Ÿ™‚


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