In this post, I aim to help you decide which of two AIO cloth diaper is a clear cut winner – the Bum Genius all in one cloth diapers or the AIOs from Ecoable. My daughter’s Bum Genius AIO is already six months used while the Ecoable AIO is only 4 and a half months used upon taking the below photos.

Let’s get started.


the bumgenius all in one cloth diapers
Animals Print (Ecoable) Vs. Pink Bum Genius All-In-One Cloth Diaper


Last Updated: April 11, 2017


Unaligned Buttons In The Waist Area To Avoid Leaks

There is always one thing I notice about a leaking cloth diaper. It is either the leak is coming from the tummy area or the thigh area.

The thigh area leak is caused by setting the waist area too loose. Most often, it is caused by only using one button (first row) on each side to secure the snaps.

See the buttons for the waist area of the Bum Genius AIO and the Ecoable AIO. Notice that Bum Genius buttons (first two rows) are aligned on both ends. The Ecoable’s second row is not aligned.


cloth diaper all one


It is an advantage for the Ecoable because when the thigh area feels a little tight, some parents tend to use only one button on each side (first row). When that is done, it gives the diaper a chance to leak on both of the thigh areas. Because the Ecoable buttons on the second row are more flexible (doesn’t need to be aligned to snap together), it usually comes in handy when your child’s thighs become chunkier. You don’t need to unbutton the second row, keeping the thigh area “sealed” from leaking.

Which Is Best to Fit A Newborn?

While the newborn setting of both of the two can get similar widthwise and height-wise, the Ecoable AIO has more buttons in the waist area to play with. Should the diaper be too loose for a newborn’s size, it wouldn’t be a problem on Ecoable’s side. However, the Bum Genius AIO has limited, aligned buttons for strict snapping. There’s less room for playing with the waist size and therefore more restricted to snug the waist area to a comfortable fit.


best all one cloth diaper
You can play around the size of Ecoable’s waist area.

cloth diapers all one
The smallest setting looks almost of the same size, but Ecoable has more buttons to play with the size in the waist area.


Which One Is Less Bulky

Bulky is not a problem for these two, as both are sleek as they are. However, the Ecoable is less bulky because it only has one insert sewn inside its pockets. Yup, Ecoable has pockets. It is like a pocket diaper as well, but because the insert is permanently sewn together with the cover, I consider it more of an all-in-one diaper.


the best all in one cloth diaper


The Bum Genius has two inserts attached on both sides. While the inserts are thin, when put on top of each other, it adds to the “bulk.” It is only less than 0.5 inches thick. Take note that a thickness like this for two inserts on top of each other is already considered slim.


one size all one cloth diaper
Both are slim as they are. They are thinner than most pocket diapers I reviewed here.


Which AIO Can My Child Use Until Potty Training?

A diaper that can grow with your child until potty training is the most ideal. After all, one reason why parents use cloth diapers is to save on cost.

Both of this two are considered one-size, that is adjustable from newborn to potty-training years (around 35 pounds).

Take a look at the size difference of the two width-wise. It looks like Ecoable can accommodate a toddler for a while more.

My daughter is currently 33 pounds and can still fit on both of the diapers, although there are days when the Bum Genius would feel a little tight on my daughter’s waist and thigh areas.


best one size cloth diapers
Snapped at the largest settings

**April 11, 2017 Update:** My daughter still fits the Ecoable AIO. She is currently 36 months old and 39.6 pounds. She does not fit in the Bum Genius AIO anymore.

Leak Proof Cover

Remember that Ecoable has unaligned buttons in the waist area that help with “sealing” the thigh area from leaking? Well, it is an irony that Ecoable’s material used for the cover is not as “leak-proof” as the Bum Genius cover. If you let your child get soaked for longer hours, Ecoable has a tendency to show some sign of “dampness” on its cover.

BUT, it is funny how Bum Genius has a leak-proof cover, when, there is a tendency for it to leak on the thigh areas once you let the waist area a bit too loose.


all one cloth diaper
Bum Genius doesn’t feel damp outside when soaked inside


Which Cover Dries Faster?

The Ecoable and Bum Genius exterior dry almost at the same time (around half day to 1 day after spinning), while the inner lining of Ecoable feels almost dry, 10 minutes after washing and spinning. That is because of the Charcoal bamboo material used, which in general, always feels dry. The interior of the Bum Genius needs half day more to a day to dry the interior.


How About Inserts Drying Time?

The Bum Genius is more predictable as it always needs a maximum of 1 day to dry the inserts. Letting the two inserts hang lose to air dry would make the drying time faster.

The Ecoable’s insert is sewn inside the pockets. It is well hidden and not ventilated at all, and it can take 2-3 days to air dry. Yes! And because of that, I have noticed that the insert inside has developed an ugly, brown pattern which is disgusting to look at!


what is the best all in one cloth diaper

To begin with, always flip the cover inside out so as to give the insert some ventilation. I have noticed that flipping the cover inside out makes the drying time faster. You can dry your Ecoable insert in 1 day if you dry it with the inserts out. I am sure I could have avoided the ugly stain if I had dried it this way from day 1.
**As of my February 8, 2017 Update for my review of the Ecoable diaper, the brown stain “chipped off” like flakes and the inside insert is clean again. I have been drying it inside out and probably, just probably, the direct sunlight helped. I didn’t put any bleach or any special detergent. It just went away like scales that flaked off.**

Which Insert Is More Absorbent?

When it comes to inserts absorbency, both needs a little boost from a third party. For Bum Genius, I typically add a piece of Charlie Banana insert on the lowest layer. It doesn’t add to the bulk that much, and the result is pretty amazing. With an added insert, you can use it outside the house and even for overnight use. Without the added insert, expect to change it after one pee for a heavy-wetter.

The Ecoable is no different in when comes to inserts absorbency. A Charlie Banana insert or a newborn Rumparooz insert will fit inside the pocket to boost absorbency. But unlike the Bum Genius, I am not very confident I can bring my daughter out of the house wearing the Ecoable AIO. That is because of the “dampness” issue I have when the inserts are soaked. However, I am okay to use it for overnight, provided that there is an additional insert inside. In fact, the bamboo material of the inner lining is ideal for overnight use, since it wicks away wetness away from my daughter’s skin.

It’s hard to rate which insert is more absorbent because of the need for absorbency boost, but I would say that just on its own, Bum Genius gets soaked first.


Bum Genius AIO is priced at USD 19.95 while the Ecoable is at USD 11.99.


For the price difference of almost USD8 more, you get a 1-year warranty for Bum Genius snaps, lining, closures, elastic and waterproofing. Ecoable only provides 60 days for the diaper’s stitching, seams, elastics, snaps, closures, and fabric.


Here’s A Summary Of the Point Of Comparison We Have Tackled Above


While it is better to rate each from 1-4, one being the highest, the goal is to determine which one is the BEST in a particular area. For example, putting 0 on absorbency doesn’t mean that it is not absorbent. I am only giving the point to the particular diaper that BEST performs in a particular category.

Bum Genius AIO

Ecoable AIO

Unaligned buttons in the waist area to avoid leaks.



Best Fit For Newborns



Less Bulky



COVER – Can Grow With Your Child



Leak Proof Cover



COVER – Fastest To Dry



Most Absorbent Inserts



INSERTS – Fastest To Dry



Other Important Considerations


USD 19.95 Get Bum Genius AIO Here

USD 11.99 Get Ecoable AIO Here

Number Of Inserts Included

2 (attached on both sides)

1 (sewn inside the pockets)

Warranty 1 year for snaps, lining, closures, elastic and waterproofing 60 days for stitching, seams, elastics, snaps, closures and fabric



The ugly, brown pattern that can develop on the inserts of the Ecoable (should you not dry it inside out from the start) can be a deal-breaker that you can just suddenly forget how amazing it performs on the rest of the areas.

If I am to get an AIO again, I will probably give Ecoable another chance, but this time, drying the inserts inside out to avoid the stain.

I would no doubt choose Ecoable, mainly because my daughter can use it longer.

What Do You Think?


Read My Bumgenius All In One Cloth Diaper Review

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newborn all one cloth diapers

Let me know in the comments section if you have any question.






Published on: October 26, 2016

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  1. Wow! As a mum potty training my toddler, your extremely detailed review brings back memories of his cloth diapering days (birth till around 9 months). It also tempts me to go back to cloth diapering for his potty training as he hasn’t learnt when to go to the toilet for urination.

    But like you mentioned in the inserts section, many inserts out there are tough to hang to dry because of the layers we can’t get to. One way a mum could get around that is to use folded birds eye nappies. They are easy to clean and dry. But this would be troublesome for potty training to pull the whole nappy up and down like when we visit the toilet.

    1. Hi Regina,

      I think potty-training while using cloth diapers is highly beneficial. If they are using disposables, they will always be comfortable with the dryness they get. So they just pee anytime they want. Comparing it to using cloth while potty-training, they are able to feel the wetness faster than most cloth diapers. Their tendency is to communicate that they are wet.

      While birds eye nappies are easy to wash and dry, I agree that they are not ideal for older children. Absorbency would be the main issue I am seeing. You can insert them inside a pocket diaper for convenience, but compared to a pull-up diaper, of course, that would still be a little challenge. LOL.



  2. Hi Pitin,

    I have used the Ecoable before on my son. Never really had any issues with leaking. I have also used the Charlie Banana inserts..they seem to work well. Only thing I dislike about reusables is the laundry aspect of them.

    Bum Genius looks like a good brand to try out however. My baby is growing so I am in need to get a size up. Thanks for this informative review.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree with the “no leaking” issue of Ecoable especially if I add an additional insert like Charlie Banana to boost up the absorbency and I made sure that the thigh area has no loose gaps for the liquid to escape.

      And yes, I totally agree with hating washing them, especially during my early months when I don’t know yet what detergent to use and how to deal with the stink. I almost hated my whole stash because they still smell like urine even after washing them.

      The best way to have a stink-free stash is to keep them in a DRY pail for not more than 12 hours. Rinse the pee/poop with water as soon as possible, wring out the excess water and keep the rinsed cloth diapers inside a wet bag. Make sure you wash them in 2-3 days. NO SOAKING. That’s the routine that keeps my stash smelling clean nowadays.

      And with regards to Bum Genius, it is a good diaper if AIO is your cup of tea. I suggest you add a Charlie Banana insert on the bottom most layer to boost the absorbency of the default inserts.



  3. Hi Pitin

    I’d have to say the most important factor for me would have to be absorption. It seems the Bumgenius lacks in this area but is still more expensive. Seems like a deal breaker right?

    1. Hi Keith,

      Not to say that Ecoable is more absorbent than Bum Genius, because as I mentioned, both of them needs an extra insert to maximise absorbency and to fully perform at their best. But you’re right, if we put it in the price point issue, Bum Genius’ absorbency can be a deal breaker since the USD8 difference can already be used to buy an additional insert.



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