This review will compare two of the “best” 2-way seats nowadays – The Britax Marathon Vs Chicco Nextfit.

I have compared the Britax Marathon Clicktight and the Britax Marathon G4.1 in this review, and the Clicktight came out to be the clear winner.

And so, to narrow down our search, we will only be comparing the Marathon Clicktight and the Chicco Nextfit in this review.

Let’s get started.
Last Updated: November 2, 2017

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Britax Marathon Clicktight  Vs  Chicco Nextfit

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Ideal Use


Britax Marathon Clicktight Chicco Nextfit
Rear-Facing Weight: 5-40 pounds 5-40 pounds
Forward-Facing Weight: 20-65 pounds 22-65 pounds
Height Limit: Up to 49 inches Up to 49 inches

Both seats have the same maximum limits when it comes to weight and height. They are both good until forward-facing.


Will It Fit In My Car?


Britax Marathon Clicktight Chicco Nextfit
Width 18.5 inches 19 inches
Height 23.5 inches 29.2 inches
Depth/Length 23 inches 21 inches

The Britax Marathon Clicktight is half an inch less wide than the Nextfit. I don’t think that is noticeable, but the difference in length and height are definitely more visible.

Chicco Nextfit has “high sides” which some parents regard to as a “hindrance” when trying to put their younger kids into the seat. Parents with larger vehicles who can position themselves in front of the seat instead of on the side of the Nextfit doesn’t seem to mind the “high sides.” After all, it’s an added protection to their little ones should there be a side collision.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat | 1 Layer Impact Protection - Rear & Forward Facing - 5 to 65 Pounds, Verve
Price: $299.99
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Britax Marathon Clicktight Chicco Nextfit
Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel? Yes No
Easy To Install Rear-Facing? Yes Yes
Easy To Install Forward-Facing? Yes Yes
Easy To Uninstall? Yes Yes

When fitting them in the vehicle, the Clicktight has 7 recline positions, while the Nextfit has 9. Both are sufficient enough to get the proper recline and but Marathon Clicktight might need you to use pool noodles for kids who don’t have proper head and neck control yet.

In terms of ease of installation, the Chicco Nextfit seems to be the sure way to go when you want a fool-proof and dummy friendly seat to install. The LATCH straps even have labels in them saying “pull first” and “pull next.” Uninstalling the Nextfit is a breeze, too!

The Clicktight, however, would only need you to open the seat, strap the belt/LATCH and close the seat. No tightening required.

Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat, Matrix
Price: --
(As of: 2021/10/11 3:08 pm - Details
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Britax Marathon Clicktight Chicco Nextfit
Country Of Origin: USA China
Steel Frame: Yes Yes
Five-Point Harness? Yes Yes
Side Impact Tested: Yes Yes
Approved For Airplane Use: Yes Yes
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle? Yes Yes

Both seats are undoubtedly safe. Even if they are made from different countries, they both have steel-reinforced frames and are well-built to ensure your little passenger’s safety.

Check Out The Britax Marathon Clicktight Colors

Check Out The Chicco Nextfit Colors


The Seat


Britax Marathon Clicktight Chicco Nextfit
Is The Material Breathable? Yes Yes
Seat Weight: 28.5 pounds 25.5 pounds
Machine Washable Cover? No Yes
Roomy? Yes Yes
No-Rethread Harness? Yes Yes
Comes With An Infant Body Support? Just removable body pillow Yes
Easy To Remove Cover? Yes No
Expiration 10 years 8 years
Comes With A Cup Holder? No Yes
Shoulder Harness Has Pads? Yes Yes
Leg Straps Has Pads? No No

When it comes to the comfort of the seat, both seats are comfortable to sit on and you don’t have to worry if your child will overheat. They both are made with breathable fabrics.

The Clicktight is 3 pounds heavier than the Nextfit. Although Nextfit is lighter, both are considered to be on the heavy side.

When washing the seat cover of the Clicktight, make sure that you hand-wash it since some parents who used washing machines ended up with a seat cover with frayed edges. The Nextfit is safe for machine washing.

One thing to take note of the ease of removing and putting back the seat cover is that the Nextfit takes a little time and patience every time you need to wash the cover. The Clicktight’s seat cover is an easy job to deal with.

You can use the Clicktight for two years more than the Nextfit. It expires in 10 years versus the 8 years usability of the Chicco Nextfit.

You will need to get a separate cup holder for the Clicktight while the Nextfit comes with a removable cup holder that you can use on any side of the seat.


Compare The Price Difference


Britax Marathon Clicktight

Chicco Nextfit

Click Here To Check The Latest Price

Click Here To Check The Latest Price




The majority of the parents who have small vehicles and got the Chicco Nextfit regretted getting it every time they try to put their little ones in the seat. The high sides of the Nextfit make it difficult for them to instantly put their kids on the seat especially that they cannot position themselves in front of the seat.

If you choose to get the Nextfit, make sure that your vehicle will allow you to position yourself almost in front of the Nextfit so you don’t get bothered by the high sides.

If the installation is your priority, the Nextfit is the sure answer. However, the “new way” to install the Clicktight is not particularly difficult to do too.

One thing that might be a big deal is how time-consuming it is to remove and put back the cover of the Nextfit every time you need to wash it. And although it is machine-washable compared to the Clicktight, the seat cover of the Clicktight is super easy to remove.

If a cup holder is important to you, note that there will be an added cost should you decide to get the Clicktight.

If you plan to use the seat for your next kids, the Clicktight is good for 10 years while the Nextfit expires in 8 years.


Do You Need More Help Deciding Between

The Britax Marathon Vs Chicco Nextfit?


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What do you think?


Which of the two gets your vote?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!








the britax marathon vs chicco nextfit


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  1. My vehicles would take either of the two just fine so that really is not a factor. I am a father and grandfather and finding good seats is important. My wife and I have had to take my son on long trips as well as the grandson and that means a good seat is very necessary. Machine washable is a must. The kids vomit from car sickness and the laundry mats are just faster and cleaner in my opinion. Both car seats are very nice but I would have to go with Britax personally.

    1. Hi John,

      Just a gentle reminder that if a machine-washable cover is a must, the Britax seat cover is only good for hand-washing.

      There is an option to buy a spare car seat cover, so at least, as you line dry your other cover, you can use the spare seat cover.

      The Cowmooflage seat cover is available for Marathon Clicktight.

      This is also available: Britax Boulevard Click Tight Convertible Cover Set. Boulevard Clicktight and Marathon Clicktight have exactly the same dimensions, so I am sure it would fit just fine.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Hello Pitin,

    I really love the idea of cleaning the cover in the washing machine but at the same time, it is really difficult for me to place my LO appropriately if the car seat has high sides.

    So in this case, the Britax Marathon Clicktight is more suitable for my case.

    1. Hi Rawan,

      Hand-washing the seat cover of the Marathon Clicktight will be easier to do anyway since it would take more time trying to remove the car seat cover of the Nextfit versus just pulling free the Marathon Clicktight cover without needing to remove the harness.

      Also, a machine-washable piddle-pad can help protect the crotch harness from soiling and wetness, especially for toddlers that are just in the process of being potty-trained.



  3. Hey Pitin,

    Thank you for the comparison between the two baby car seats. It was very helpful in deciding which one to choose.

    I think I would go with Nextfit. My car is big enough to handle both Nextfit and Britax but the machine washable option for Nextfit is very appealing! I do not like to hand wash anything.

    1. Hi Crystal,

      Nextfit’s seat cover is indeed machine-washable. But if washing is really a big deal to you, you may want to check out the Chicco Nextfit ZIP version.

      While the Nextfit’s seat cover is machine-washable, it is quite time-consuming to remove and put back the seat cover when compared to the Nextfit Zip version.

      I have reviewed the Nextfit vs the Nextfit Zip side by side here, and I think it is a smarter move to get the Zip instead of the Nextfit (without the ZIP).


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