The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System consists of the Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seat, the EZ Ride stroller and a car seat base.

This review aims to help you decide whether this combo is something worth picking up. I will mainly focus on the stroller as I have already reviewed in detail the Flex Loc infant car seat which you can read from here.

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Last Updated: October 19, 2017

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System


The Stroller Seat


The recline of the seat can be changed to different recline positions.

When adjusted to sit up all the way, it can nearly achieve around 80 degrees. Some toddlers prefer to be sitting all the way up observing the environment.

When it is all the way down, it can only do around 45 degrees and does not recline flat.

You can use the stroller for toddlers of up to 50 pounds.


The Restraint System


The stroller used to have a three-point harness to secure an older child in the stroller seat. Good thing they have improved it and changed the harness to a 5-point-harness which has shoulder pads, too.


One-Hand Open/Fold Mechanism


To fold the EZ Ride 5 stroller, look for a button found on the handlebar. There’s a locking mechanism in there that you have to slide to unlock. After you slide the lock, squeeze it and lift the stroller to see that it’s starting to fold.

The stroller does fold up easily with one hand. But to make sure you have it fully collapsed, you’ll have to help it completely fold up by pulling the child’s tray towards you. After which you have to clip the red lock on the side.

For convenience, only fold the stroller when you are about to put it in the trunk or if you are going to put it away for storage.

This is because once you have folded it, the basket sort of drags to the ground should you decide to wheel it behind you.

Reverse the process to open the stroller. It would usually take two hands to open it.


Storage Basket


The basket underneath looks “small” but it is actually quite spacious. You can fit a medium-sized diaper bag like the Skip Hop diaper bag and still leave a room for some grocery bags.


Stroller Handle


The stroller handle is adjustable in four positions. You can have it lowered if the one pushing it is petite or have it at the highest level if your tall hubby will be the one pushing it. There’s a middle ground level too should you need it. The fourth position looks like it’s already dangling down (all the way down) so I don’t think you’ll be needing that angle.

Check Out The Colors


Parent Tray


A parent tray is attached to the stroller handle. It has two cup holders and a covered container in the middle. If you have a phone that leans towards the bigger sizes (i.e. iPhone 6plus, Samsung Galaxy Note, and the likes), you will not be able to put it inside the covered container.

If you have a phone that leans towards the bigger sizes (i.e. iPhone 6plus, Samsung Galaxy Note, and the likes), you will not be able to put it inside the covered container.

You can, however, just put your keys instead.


Child’s Tray


It’s good to know that there is a child’s tray with two cup holders as well. Your little one can put some small snacks in them too since the “snack tray” seems to be only the flat area between the two cup holders.


The Canopy


The canopy has a decent coverage. When fully extended and viewed from the side, it extends to almost 130 degrees.

When using as a travel system and you want to have a full coverage, have the car seat canopy and the stroller canopy meet in the middle.

The canopy has a peekaboo window on top which you can use to take a quick glance at your child.

The peekaboo window is made of a mesh netting so if you need an extra ventilation for your little one, you can leave it open.

Alternatively, you can seal it with the flap if the sun is in the direction where it can shine right through the peekaboo hole.


The Wheels And Brakes


The stroller comes with three wheels. Some parents find the wheel in front of the stroller hard to maneuver.

It’s expected since the wheel is not the type that can take all kinds of terrains.

Best to use the stroller on flat and smooth surfaces, not so bumpy or rocky roads, as well as avoid using it on the beach (sand) if you can.

There are two plastic rear brakes, too, that you can engage to safely park the stroller.


Have A Look At This Video To Learn More


Name Of The Product: Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System

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The Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seat may not be the best infant seat, but it can do the job without breaking the bank. For a budget infant seat, you get a unique-shaped handle which will let you carry the infant seat by hand using any angle convenient to you. No other brand of car seat has that handle design.

As for the EZ Ride 5 stroller, it is on the average range. Not too fancy, but still useful for everyday use.

If you will be getting this combo, try to avoid rough and bumpy terrains and limit your destinations to flat and smooth surfaces so as not to “challenge” the wheels.

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System is an “economy” combo that is both practical and useful. For a complete set (including the car seat base), you get a great bargain compared to other higher-end expensive models which can function the same BUT looks more classy.

I highly suggest that you check out the reviews of the parents who got this pair because these testimonials will help you more to make up your mind.


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the baby trend ez ride 5 travel system


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  1. Your review of this product is very informative. That stroller handle seems very flexible since it can accommodate three different positions. Also, it is great that the peek-a-boo hole is waterproof. A good perk in my perspective.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Roman,

      Thank you for your thoughts and I appreciate you leaving a comment. The peekaboo window is probably one of my favorite features as it easily allows us to see what our little ones are doing. 🙂



  2. Thank you for such an informative review of this product.

    If the peekaboo window is made of mesh would I need to worry about rain going through it? Or is the cover adequate to prevent any rain from seeping through?

    It sounds like a good product at a reasonable price for everyday use that isn’t too rough but I wouldn’t want to spend the money if it won’t keep my baby protected.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      The mesh peekaboo window has a cover with a velcro. It is water-proof so you don’t have to worry about the rain going through it. 🙂



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