This is one of the affordable diaper backpacks that I have. I love bags in general. And I feel that you should use a bag depending on what you need to carry. Sometimes I would use a bigger one. Sometimes a smaller one if I will just be out for 2 to 3 hours. I also have a gender neutral (black) backpack for my husband to carry as well as a stylish mom bag for myself. 🙂 After using this bag for five months, I have decided to make this my babysitter’s official bag, LOL. She mostly uses it now.

affordable diaper bag backpacks
Green Flowers Pattern-Backpack


Last Updated: November 9, 2016

Name of the Product: Mariego Stylish Diaper Bag Backpack
My Rating: 9/10
Lowest price to get it from: Amazon
Usual Price: $42.99 – $44.99 & Free Shipping (Click here to get the latest price)
Available in 7 Patterns: Green Flowers Pattern, Black Dots, Dark Blue Dots, Dark Red Dots, Khaki Dots, Red Dots, Rosepink Dots

The Affordable Diaper Backpacks
6 Other Backpacks Colors

Pros: Durable materials, good design, organized storage
Cons: Heavier than other backpack diaper bags I tried
Bottom line: An unbranded, not-so-famous but good quality, and worth the price product that can carry one-day essentials of a baby/toddler and a parent.


1. Storage

These unbranded backpacks have a total of 13 pockets.

the best diaper bag backpacks
Dual Zip Main Compartment


When you open the dual-zip main compartment, you will see one large pocket with a velcro strap on one side. Directly opposite it is an almost same size large pocket without any enclosure. Outside that large open pocket is three more pockets with two pen holders (one mesh pocket with a zipper and two small pockets). A total of 5 pockets and the 6th division is the space between all the pockets.


affordable diaper bag backpacks
Main Compartment Interior




First Big Stretchable Pocket

The first big pocket will work well for extra changing clothes. I am currently using a cheap (less than $2 waterproof, transparent casing) that is originally meant for paper supplies but functions ok for baby clothes, a small blanket, and two soft cloths. Putting them in the waterproof casing makes them secure from any liquid spill. It is also very convenient trying to locate them since you can easily see them once you open the zippered main compartment.



The cushioned changing diaper pad carrying three disposable diapers can be slipped into the first inside pocket together with the changing clothes.



Second Big Pocket

The second big pocket holds the mommy stuff and other baby essentials. I always bring one small dress to change into (for accidental spills or spit-ups) as well as a pair of socks (for the unplanned trips to the indoor playgrounds). This pocket can also hold a small waterproof storage cube (also less than $2 from a stationary supply store). This storage cube holds a small bottle of liquid cleanser to clean diaper areas, an anti-flatulent oil, a baby powder container, a little hand cream, and a diaper rash ointment (you can also bring any cream if you use one). You can slip an empty waterproof bag inside the pocket that can be used for wet stuff. This second pocket is more shallow than the first big pocket.



The Mesh Zippered Pocket, two open small pockets, two pen pockets

I seldom use these divisions. If someone is using these backpacks as a school bag, the pen pockets will definitely serve their purpose.


baby diaper bag backpack
Small Pockets In The Second Pocket


The Central Space

The central compartment will be already cramped by the time you fill up the two big pockets.


Central Compartment Full
Central Compartment Full


However, there is still space left on both sides. One end can contain your toddler’s snacks and an extra water bottle on top of each other, and the other end can carry a folding umbrella (if you use one). You can slip an empty waterproof casing in the middle that can be used for dry and used clothes/burp cloths later on. You can also put formula milk container on top of everything.




The beauty of using this type of color-coded organization inside an already organized bag is that no matter how chaotic your day turns out, the stuff inside your purse are forced to remain tidy. 🙂 You can easily see what you need even in the middle of any form of distraction.


The Second Dual Zippered Compartment

the polka dots diaper bags
Dual Zipper Second Compartment


The secondary compartment has two thermal bottle pockets and a velcro slip on holder for a sippy cup or a small water bottle for mommy. The insulated pockets can hold an 8-oz Avent milk bottles in each pocket. The pockets are stretchable so they can also hold a sippy cup. The velcro snap is adjustable, and you can quickly try to fit any cup size in there as well as a big water bottle.


The top part has a waterproof carrying case for baby wipes. You don’t have to remove the baby wipes in the original container so that it doesn’t dry up. There’s a hole in the middle to access the wipes easily.



Top Front Pocket

The pocket is small and can hold a wallet, your keys or your phone. It has a zipper enclosure for your valuable’s safety.


The Two Lower Front Pockets

the best diaper bag backpacks
First Lower Front Pocket


This pocket can hold anything flat such as an iPad or a flat suction plate for eating out. However, I noticed that when you force the iPad or the plate inside, the sewing becomes visible, and it is very scary if you always do this as it might end up ripping the pockets.


The frontmost pocket can only hold small or almost flat items such as sachet creams, card holder, keys, small burp cloths, extra storage bag and the likes. It is narrow, so I seldom fill them up because it can be hard to access stuff in there.


how do you pack the diaper bag
Frontmost Narrow Pocket


Side Pockets

how do you pack diaper bag
This is now the side view of the fully-packed bag for one day (without iPad/suction plate)


There are two stretchable side pockets. The first one is insulated and the second one is not and has a zipper on the side. Use them for an extra milk bottle, water bottle, a comfort item/toy for your baby, or even your phone.


2. Easy of Use

The adjustable padded backpack holder is long enough to be carried comfortably by my husband who is 5’11”. There are two metallic loops that you can use to hang this bag on a stroller hook.



A reminder (for myself included, lol): A heavily-packed bag should never be hooked onto a stroller to avoid accidents.

Even if you don’t follow the other organization I have stated, the main compartment lining of the bag is a light, good contrast color so you can quickly find items even in the dark. The pockets are also very organized and you will probably memorize where you put stuff and find them quickly after several trips with this bag.


3. Comfort

This backpack bag is 1.6 pounds when empty. However, it doesn’t feel heavy at all – unless you pack for a whole day and include an iPad which greatly impacts the weight. Baby clothes are so light and if you are nursing, you can even deduct the weight of the three milk bottles with water. Also, if you don’t bring too much baby wipes, a folding umbrella or your filled water bottle inside, all the more it will be very light to carry.


pack diaper bag checklist
Backview Of The Diaper Bag Backpack


There is a padding behind the backpack for carrying comfort. However, it can get hot carrying this bag if you are doing long walks in a warm weather. I would usually hook it on the stroller (oooppps, I am still trying to overcome this habit) or put in on the floor (when commuting). I am extremely surprised how light it feels to carry this backpack. I am thinking it has something to do with the padded back, and good weight distribution of the contents inside.


4. Quality/Cost

For USD39.99, this bag belongs to the lower price range. I got this bag last October 2015, and the quality of the bag still remains excellent. All the zippers are still working, no rips, and surprisingly, no sign of wear and tear. Rest assured, I will update this post on how the quality goes as I carry on using it.


5. Material

The bag is made of a waterproof PVC lining inside. The outside material looks like a canvas. You can clean the inside of the bag by just wiping it. You can spot clean the outside with a damp cloth when necessary.


6. Return Policy

Place your merchant order through the Shopping Cart and your purchase is protected by the A-to-z Safe Buying Guarantee.


Product Specs

Carry Method: Adjustable padded backpack straps, stroller metallic loop, grab handle
Weight: 1.6 – 1.7 lb.
Dimensions: 16.1 x 11.8 x 7.5 inches
Materials: Fabric/Canvas, Waterproof PVC lining
Included Accessories: No accessories included
Main Closure: Zipper
Number of pockets: 13
Cleaning instructions: Wipe clean, spot clean with a damp cloth

Is this product for you?

If you are packing for a day out and you use the organization tips I have indicated, you will love this bag. However, if you are cloth diapering, this bag might be cramped for a day out. A half day out is advisable for those who uses cloth diapers.

Why I rated it 8/10?

If I am to rate the bag by itself alone, I would probably give it 9/10. It could have been perfect 10/10, but it can get hot if you carry it all the time. Comparing it to the other two gender-neutral backpacks I reviewed, I would rate this as Good. The other two would be the Better, and the BEST.



This multi-purpose backpack comes in seven different designs that both mommy and daddy will love. The bag is cheap compared to the quality and features it carries. The materials are durable and don’t get dirty easily. I haven’t cleaned mine since I got it (lol), and the photos above still looks clean after five months of use.

Aside from using this bag as a diaper bag, you can also transform it to a school bag, a laptop bag or an airport carry-on bag. The size is compact and it doesn’t look too bulky even when fully-packed.


Check This Affordable Diaper Backpack from Amazon


A similar bag with less front pockets ships from a different seller but is Fulfilled by Amazon. Check it out.

If you have any question, please feel free to comment below and I would gladly help in any way I can.


first time mom tips







Published on March 6, 2016

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  1. As a parent, I can totally relate to the need for serious organization. I personally have always preferred a backpack to an over the shoulder bag, and when it comes to diapers and snacks, conventional diaper bags just don’t cut it. I think you have used all the space provided and then some to optimal use and looks like you could be out all day with that much easy access to diapers snacks and clean clothes.
    I also think its great that it comes in a variety of colors that include a less feminine option as well. Lots of helpful dads out there who would also appreciate this.
    I had a good chuckle at the end of packing up all the baby/kid gear where you show how you get the smallest front pocket for you two or three items. Kids have so much luggage, thank you for taking the guess work out of one item.
    How long did it take before you found such a handy baby item?

    1. As much as I want to bring my all my essentials, it looks like bringing my daughter’s essentials is more important for a hassle-free day out. LOL. To be honest, I have a lot of diaper bags that are always packed. Depending on where we are going, and for how long, I have them ready all the time so that all I have to throw inside are milk bottles, water, milk powder and some snacks. Packing takes a lot of time and effort, and rushing to pack means you will forget something, LOL. It didn’t take long for me to choose this backpack – maybe a night of shopping online ’til I found this gem. 🙂

  2. What a fantastically detailed review. I am extremely impressed with the care and attention you have put into this. It is obviously something close to your heart. When my kids were babies, we had nothing this handy for all our bits and bobs; everything was just dumped into the inevitable one compartment holder. Good luck trying to find what you needed at the time you needed it, lol.

    1. Lol, Tony. I totally get what you mean. I know of people who use normal backpacks as diaper bags and although they are much spacious than this, they easily get disorganised because of lack of separate compartments.

  3. What a comprehensive review of this pretty and functional carrier. I think the extensive imagery gives the reader everything they need to know without having to actually see the bag.
    Actually, this bag would be useful for any purpose and I wouldn’t mind one myself for when we go off for day trips.
    The fact that you have bought this bag yourself and used it for a number of months, gives the reader the confidence to buy this off line instead of seeing one first. Really excellent review, well done. Hope I can get one in the UK! Ches

  4. Hi Pitin,

    This is a great product and I really enjoyed your thorough and honest review! I had never seen a diaper backpack until now and I love it! Makes so much more sense than the traditional diaper bags that don’t last long because of all the wear and tear!

    It is a practical and affordable bag for parents and I like the different designs that are available. I think your suggestions are great for other ways you can use this bag when you outgrow it as a diaper bag (i.e. airport carry on bag).

    The pictures in your review are amazing!! So many times when you want to buy something, either there are no pictures of the product or the pictures are poor quality ones. I’m sure there are many others who will appreciate this as much as I do!

    I will recommend this to all the mommies I know!

  5. Hello Pitin, one thing that I really like about this review of yours about this bag is that you really have used this. I believe that if you haven’t experienced something first hand, you can’t really give a “truthful” feedback about it.

    Anyway, doesn’t the bag have any brand even though it’s not a popular brand? It must have on it. 🙂

    The plastic envelope idea was really great, I might use something like that as well when my kid is already out in this world. I really like this bag, it can even be converted to a school bag. 5 months without a wear and tear, it’s really a durable for a non-branded bag.

    The problem I’m always having with backpack is when I take it off, my back is soaked with sweat but I think it’s can bee neglected. I know I can’t ask that much for such a low priced bag. 😀

    1. Hi Norstad 🙂

      I think it is a bit impractical to have all the items you are reviewing just to give a “truthful” feedback. One example is the people reviewing car seats, even though they have all the car seats with them, do you think a day’s experience with one car seat will reflect the car seat’s performance as a whole? No right? You need to find people who have used them for years or months and see what they think about it. You need to gather information from around (research), and compile them and tell the story to your readers. That I feel is “truthful” enough because it is a good balace of the pros and the cons.

      I may have a good experience with this backpack, but another parent may not have. 🙂 Anyway, the bag does not have any tag on it. I searched and there is really none. haha

  6. Great job very thorough review of the bags. My grandson is full of energy at 5 months old and my son and daughter in law take the entire house with them whenever they go anywhere. You know how first time parents are. This looks like a great inexpensive way to carry all of Little Williams needs right on their backs.
    Thank You for Sharing,

    1. I totally understand how first time parents tend to carry the whole house especially on their first months. I was like that too. Haha. It’s just a phase. By the time our little one becomes too heavy to be carried in the baby carrier, only then we realise it is time to learn packing and search for the perfect bag to the rescue. I hope this bag will help them just as it has been helping me. 🙂

  7. Great review and what a wonderful product for parents! My daughter has a 6-month-old son, and I see her struggling to carry everything she needs. With the baby in one arm and the “diaper bag” in the other arm, she’s got her hands full. But with this diaper backpack, she can just sling it over her shoulders, carry the baby with one arm, and still have one free arm. I’ll share this site with my daughter.

    1. I was also like that until I met the diaper backpacks. Indeed a life-saving product. I usually hated going out because of all the things hanging on my shoulder, but with this diaper backpack, I am okay to go anywhere. 🙂

  8. Hi Pitin, This looks like a great bag for putting all of your baby bits and pieces in when you go out. I like the fact that there are some plainer ones that even dads would be able to use and to associated with!
    It certainly looks well made, and it is quite durable from your account of it.

    1. Yes, very durable. I recommend this backpack to anyone looking to get a backpack that will not break their budget.:)

  9. Having such an item would be very handy for people that are on the go and don’t have time to be lugging around individual items. The fact that you can also buy this multipurpose backpack in multiple colours is a nice feature. All the storage compartments within the bag look like they would also be very useful.

    1. Yup. Indeed a flexible bag. I can imagine still being able to use this bag as my laptop bag. Dads can choose from the black, blue or dark red. I guess the design I chose would not appeal to them, lol.

  10. Wow, such an excellent review! Your bag is so awesome I feel like buying it for myself. My sister just got married, and I’m considering on buying your bag for her as a birthday gift.

    It’s in a few months time, so I bookmarked your page. So cool, I never knew there are so many different compartments for bottles, towels, etc. for babies.

    1. I hope your sister will love it as much as I do. If she is not a fan of backpacks, you can also check some stylish but equally functional diapers bags I have reviewed here.

  11. Hi Pitin! A great review on these diaper backpacks right here. You’ve convincingly demonstrated just how far they can be put to multiple uses and, as such, I wouldn’t argue much with their pricing as well. I don’t worry much about their (lack of) branding! I think they look just fine as they are, don’t you think so?

    1. I honestly believe that expensive and branded does not always mean better. This is one of the cheapest backpacks I have found so far, and I have tested the quality, and it functions perfectly for me. 🙂

  12. What a beautiful Baby Nappy Changing Backpack. I can’t believe I never knew they did this. Using a carrier bag was a pain and would always tear, a large duffel bag replaced it but this was too bulky, especially when transporting the pushchair. The duffle bag I purchased was not well organised, and the items inside would get wet sometimes.

    This style of Nappy Changing Bag is fantastic. I may have to get one for outings with my little nephew. It holds so much and is comfortable and waterproof too. Thanks so much for sharing this, I love the designs.

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