Imagine Baby pocket cloth diaper* was relatively new in the market when we first used it back in 2016. It has a soft interior and a pocket wherein an adjustable and absorbent insert is inserted.

My daughter used this pocket cloth diaper for nine months (last few months in our cloth diapering stage). Because the cover was large, to begin with, I did not have a problem with comfort issues because it fitted her just right. The waist still had a lot of room for adjustment, and the leg openings accommodated her chunky thighs.


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The Things I Liked Most


Soft interior

The material they used felt comfortable even when wet. I have tried touching it after my daughter soaked the inserts and although it’s wet, it is the kind that is more tolerable than a wet disposable diaper.


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Huge Pockets

The insert it came with was only one piece, but the pockets have enough space to accommodate another piece or 2 pieces of inserts. I have tried putting in the Naturally Natures Bamboo insert*, the Charlie Banana insert*, Bum Genius inserts*, OsoCozy prefolds* and the Rumparooz inserts (yes, two of them making it three inserts inside the pocket).

Of course, it’s too bulky for my toddler to handle so I wouldn’t go over two inserts for comfort sake, but the three inserts fit inside the pocket just the same.


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Excellent Inserts Absorbency

The adjustable inserts can be relied on for overnight use. And because I have a heavy wetter child, I would usually add another piece of an insert to boost absorbency. Pairing the Imagine Baby insert with any of the inserts in my stash would make it last for 4 to 6 hours overnight.


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Adjustable Inserts

Unlike some pocket cloth diapers that come with inserts in different sizes, this one has an adjustable insert. To make use of the smallest setting, just fold it and button it up. Leave it unbuttoned for the largest setting.


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How Is The Drying Time

The cover and the insert after spinning them dry would usually take 12 to 16 hours to air dry. It’s an average time, just nice before I ran out of cloth diapers in my stash.

Is It Leakproof?

This pocket cloth diaper does not have gussets on the sides which prevent leaks, but I have experienced none leaking UNLESS the OsoCosy Prefolds* was inside the pockets. I sometimes ran out of inserts because of my erratic washing schedule, so I have to use prefolds that are not meant for toddlers who are heavy wetters.


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How Is The Quality

After using it for nine months, the inserts remained stain-free and immaculate white. The cover had no signs of a tear as well. All buttons were still intact, and it looked as though it can handle frequent washing and spinning, so I do not worry about it ripping out.


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How To Wash It

I stand by the rule of no bleach and no fabric conditioner to maintain the absorbency of the insert. As a general rule, always rinse off the pee/poop residues before throwing it away in a wet bag. I always mention in my cloth diaper reviews that my secret to a stink-free stash is this particular WET BAG*. Stop soaking your cloth diapers inside a pail of water with baking soda. Just rinse off the soiled diapers in a clean bucket of water, wring out the excess water and keep it sealed in a wet bag until it is washing day.

Check Out The Designs Available*



Imagine Baby Pocket Cloth diapers may not be the cutest cloth diapers in the market today, but it can be your secret to dry nights. I wish it came along in cuter designs and with an extra insert for added absorbency. Form + function is what I am usually after.

Adding an extra insert is the key. Just the one piece of insert it comes with is not enough for longer hours in the night, although it is perfectly fine to keep it as it is if you plan to use it during the day.

A word of caution: Too many inserts inside would make it leak in the tummy area, so always ensure that the insert you are adding would still keep the waist area sealed.

My 36-month-old (39.6 pounds) toddler still comfortably fitted in it. However, I always had to put an additional insert to boost the absorbency. Nevertheless, it remained leak-free as long as I make sure that the thigh and tummy areas are sealed.
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What do you think?

Are you fine with less cute nappies if it would mean better functioning one?

Can This Be One Of The Best Pocket Cloth Diapers?

Check Out The Reviews Of Parents Who Also Got This*


Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.:)






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First Published on: October 17, 2016

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    1. Hi Cy,

      Yes. The inner layer of the Imagine Baby pocket felt thicker than the Bum Genius pocket’s inner layer. However, the texture is different. The Bum Genius felt nicer.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

  1. I always used cloth diapers when we were at home and only used disposable diapers when we would go out for long periods. They sure do save you money in the long run.

  2. Nice review! This diaper is super cute and I like that it comes in other different patterns as well. I was wondering if they were organic or not since it’s not stated.

    tfs 🙂

    1. Hi Trisha,

      It is always advisable to test drive a cloth diaper first before you begin to start stacking up. You can buy one piece first. If you are happy with the initial results and are already decided to go with it, it is advisable to have at least 18 pieces. That is good for 2-3 days (6 a day), depending on how much of a wetter your child is. 🙂


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