The Graco Slimfit car seat and Graco 4ever Extend2fit could both grow with your child starting from birth until a child restraint will no longer be needed. However, the 4ever Extend2fit will prove superior to the Slimfit in more ways. Find out more below so you could determine if this indeed applies for your child’s needs.

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(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)
ideal use

Graco Slimfit
Graco 4ever Extend2fit
Rear-Facing Weight:
5 to 40 pounds
4 to 50 pounds
Rear-Facing Height Limit:
The head must be at least 1-inch below the handle
Forward-Facing Weight:
22 to 65 pounds
Forward-Facing Height Limit:
27 to 49 inches
High Back Booster Weight Limit:
30 to 100 pounds
40 to 100 pounds
High Back Booster Height Limit:
38 to 57 inches
43 to 57 inches
Backless Booster Weight:
40 to 120 pounds
Backless Booster Height Limit:
43 to 57 inches
  • Rear-Facing 

The minimum rear-facing limit of 4Ever Extend2fit is lower than that of Slimfit (4 pounds vs 5 pounds). According to reviewers, a 4-pound preemie could have a good fit with the 4Ever Extend2fit. The Slimfit, on the other hand, appears to offer a good fit with babies at least 7 pounds in weight, instead of the 5 pounds that were advertised to be its minimum rear-facing limit. 

Comparing Graco Slimfit and Graco 4Ever Extend2fit in terms of rear-facing capacity, the latter would be the better choice for any parents as it can allow a child to ride rear-facing for a longer period of time, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The 40 pounds rear-facing limit of Slimfit may only accommodate a child up to 4 years of age while the 50 pounds rear-facing limit of 4Ever Extend2fit can be used by a child until he/she is 7-8 years old (if based on this table for half of the kids within the ranges).

However, in terms of making a child more comfortable, less awkward, and more willing to sit rear-facing on the car seat, 4Ever Extend2fit has a feature that could make this happen. Just like the classic/original Graco Extend2fit,* it has a 4-position leg extension panel that offers up to 5 inches of legroom for the child passenger.

  • Forward-Facing

These 2 car seats are at par in terms of forward-facing capacity.

  • Booster Mode

Considering the booster capacity of the 2 Graco products, it is quite obvious that 4Ever Extend2fit is once again a more preferable option. Not only does it have 2 booster modes (high back booster and backless booster), it can also accommodate up to 120 pounds. 

will it fit in my car?


Graco Slimfit
Graco 4ever Extend2fit
19.88 inches
19 inches
25.5 inches
23 inches
16.25 inches
21 inches
  • Dimensions

Width – The original width of Slimfit makes it wider than the 4Ever Extend2fit, yet, if you decide to make use of its slimming feature wherein the cup holders can be rotated to reduce their size in half, you could have an additional space of about one inch that will enable 3-across installation in a vehicle. Thus, Slimfit is a more suitable option between the 2 in terms of space-saving. Below are possible configurations that can be used to achieve this.

  • Slimfit forward-facing on left and right sides + Slimfit rear-facing in the center
  • Slimfit forward-facing on the left and right sides + a narrow infant car seat at the center
  • A Slimfit forward-facing or rear-facing + 2 truly narrow car seats like Clek Fllo, Combi Coccoro* or one of the Diono Radian series’ seats

Height – If you are worried about your rear view being blocked, then you should pay more attention to the seating location you install the Slimfit at since it is taller than the 4Ever Extend2fit.

Depth/Length – The 4Ever Extend2fit is longer than the Slimfit, which is why many parents complain about how they were unable to install the car seat at the back of either the driver seat or front passenger seat without compromising the available leg space in front. The ideal location for 4Ever Extend2fit, therefore, is in the middle of the row. 

  • Fit in Cars

Most likely with the slimming cup holder feature in use, Graco Slimfit is said to have fit 3-across in Ford Edge and Ford Escape. Just as explained earlier, the slimming feature of this Slimfit will help save space, if only a bit. One mother compared the Slimfit to a 4Ever car seat and decided in the end that it offered more room for passengers when installed in the center of her 2014 Mazda CX-5. One parent said this is a perfect size for her Mercedes ML350 SUV while others said they installed this with no problem inside 2014 Chevy Cruze and 2014 Dodge Durango R/T. Another reviewer said that they took this car seat when they traveled by air via American Airlines flight and it fit well forward-facing and rear-facing (not reclined) on the plane seat with the armrest down.

The Graco 4Ever Extend2fit is not the bulkiest child restraint, but many parents have said they had difficulty in installing this seat (especially when fully reclined or with fully extended leg panel) without decreasing the remaining space for other passengers, particularly at the front. One example is a parent who said she had to move the passenger seat up in a Honda Accord. Many parents complain about how this car seat eats up a lot of legroom for the front passenger and/or driver when they decide to use a full recline and/or extend the foot panel. They should probably install the car seat in the middle like what other parents did. One of them said they installed the 4Ever Extend2fit in the middle of a Chevy Malibu and Dodge Ram. Others, additionally, have commented that this bulky car seat is perfect when installed in a Honda CRV, Nissan Altima, Honda Pilot, and Nissan Sentra. Another parent also claimed they flew with this child restraints on a flight via Alaska Airlines and also installed it in 2 other (unspecified) cars.

Graco SlimFit 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car Seat, Saves Space in your Back Seat, Darcie
Price: $219.99
(As of: 2022/08/02 8:02 am - Details
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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Graco Slimfit
Graco 4ever Extend2fit
Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?
No, but the manual mentions that rolled towels may be used 
Easy To Install Rear-Facing With LATCH?
Easy To Install Rear-Facing With Seat belt?
Easy To Install Forward-Facing With LATCH?
Easy To Install Forward-Facing With Seat belt?
Easy To Uninstall?
Recline Position
Lower Anchor Weight Limit
45 pounds

35 pounds rear-facing

 40 pounds forward-facing

  • Pool Noodle/Rolled Towel

Both manuals only mention rolled towels, but Graco Consumer Services replied to Amazon inquiries that cut-to-size pool noodles may also be used to make the car seat level.

One Amazon customer said that he had to use a rolled towel/pool noodle underneath the Slimfit since his 2016 VW GTI has a sloped seat.  Meanwhile, the recline settings of 4Ever Extend2fit seem to be sufficient since there were no reports from parents regarding how they needed to use pool noodles or rolled towels to mount the seat in an appropriate recline and level.

  • Installation

LATCH – Both are equipped with Graco’s InRight LATCH system, which consists of a push-on connector that parents prefer over the regular j-hook connectors. 

Vehicle Seatbelt – The 4Ever Extend2fit has a seatbelt lock-off that helps in keeping the installed car seat in place. Slimfit does not come even with a locking clip.

  • Recline

There are 4 recline levels in Graco Slimfit: 2 for rear-facing and 2 for forward-facing. A bubble level indicator located at the side of the car seat can be used.

As mentioned earlier, Graco 4Ever Extend2fit has more recline settings to offer. There are 4 positions for rear-facing and 2 for forward-facing. A bubble level indicator is also present for parents to use in determining if the seat is mounted in the appropriate recline.

  • Lower Anchor Weight Limit – Slimfit has a higher weight limit than 4Ever Extend2fit for LATCH installation in both rear and forward-facing modes. 


Graco Slimfit
Graco 4ever Extend2fit
Country Of Origin:
Steel Frame:
Five-Point Harness?
Side Impact Tested:
Approved For Airplane Use:
Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?

These 2 child restraints share common safety attributes so what could help you choose which is the better car seat would be the available testimonials and reviews on how these safety features work at times they are needed most.

Reviews on Graco Slimfit usually claim that the car seat has helped keep children safe during accidents, but I personally think of them as somewhat unreliable because of the lack of details about the accident and about the condition of the child after the incident.

Meanwhile, the available reviews for Graco 4Ever Extend2fit will provide parents with better insight on how effective the safety features really are since they contain the details lacking in reviews for Slimfit. For instance, a father stated about how their car was totalled in an accident. Still, the 4Ever Extend2fit remained intact while the child passenger suffered only minor bruises on her thigh. Another testimonial was from a mom who told about how another vehicle t-boned their car right on the side where her son had been sitting. Luckily, the child did not even get a scratch although the side airbags were deployed.

Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4 in 1 Car Seat | Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit, Clove
Price: $359.99
(As of: 2022/08/02 9:03 am - Details
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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the seat


Graco Slimfit
Graco 4ever Extend2fit
Is The Material Breathable?
Yes (except Clove*)
Seat Weight:
19.5 pounds
25.8 pounds
Machine Washable Cover?
No-Rethread Harness?
Comes With An Infant Body Support?
Easy To Remove Cover?
10 Years
Comes With A Cup Holder?
Yes, 2
Shoulder Harness Has Pads?
# Of Crotch Strap Positions:
  • Weight – Graco 4Ever Extend2fit is heavier than the Graco Slimfit. Thus, you might think twice about carrying the former if you are air traveling with it or if you are thinking of moving it from one vehicle to another.
  • Harness System – Both have IIHS Best Bet Booster rating, which means that either of them can provide a good fit with the seatbelt of most cars for children aged 4-8 years old. 
  • Cup Holders - Each of these child restraints come with 2 cup holders. Yet, the Slimfit has cup holders that swivel in place, essentially like folding the cup holder in half so that extra one-inch space could be obtained.

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There is an approximately USD120 price difference between the Graco Slimfit car seat and the Graco 4ever Extend2fit. 

Let’s see why the 4ever Extend2fit is more expensive.

  • It can be used for extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds.
  • It can be used longer as a booster seat for up to 120 pounds.
  • It has an additional mode of usage as a booster seat (backless booster).
  • It has a leg extension panel for taller child’s comfort.
  • It has seat belt lock-off.
  • It has more detailed safety/efficiency testimonials.
  • It has more recline positions to offer, which could eliminate the need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel.

Slimfit, on the other hand, should not be quickly dismissed because some parents might actually realize this is the child restraint that will answer their specific needs such as:

  • possible 3-across installation
  • easier to install in all modes, whether by seat belt or LATCH
  • higher lower anchor weight limit
  • lighter car seat to carry for traveling by air
  • more crotch strap positions

Do You Need More Help To Decide Between

The Graco Slimfit Car Seat and Graco 4ever Extend2fit?

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What do you think? 

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The Graco Slimfit Car Seat and
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