The Evenflo Symphony Elite And Graco Milestone seem to have a similar set of features since we can use them can both rear-facing, forward-facing and belt positioning booster. However, the Evenflo Symphony Elite seems to be a more preferable option. Keep reading to know why.


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Evenflo Symphony Elite*


Graco Milestone*

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Ideal Use


Evenflo Symphony Elite (DLX) Graco Milestone
Rear-Facing Weight: 5 to 40 pounds 5 to 40 pounds
Rear-Facing Height Limit: 19 to 40 inches the head must be at least 1-inch below the handle
Forward-Facing Weight: 22 to 65 pounds 20 to 65 pounds
Forward-Facing Height Limit: 28 to 50 inches 27 to 49 inches
High Back Booster Weight Limit: 40 to 110 pounds 30 to 100 pounds
High Back Booster Height Limit: 44 to 57 inches 38 to 57 inches


  • Rear-Facing

While the Graco Milestone and Evenflo Symphony Elite have the same rear-facing weight limit of 5 to 40 pounds, I think that some parents would approve the former because it has no specific height limit. They can use the car seat as long as possible while only considering if the child’s head is at least an inch below the handle for adjusting the headrest. Both car seats (according to reviews) have a harness system that will most probably provide secure fit for average-sized newborns weighing 7 pounds, rather than the marketed minimum 5 pounds.

  • Forward-Facing

The capabilities of the 2 child restraints are somewhat similar in terms of forward-facing, but the Symphony DLX offers a height limit an inch higher than that of Milestone.

  • Belt Positioning Booster Mode

The higher minimum weight limit of Symphony Elite, in my point of view, is preferable because this will allow me to keep my child seated and secured with the 5-point harness system longer. The maximum weight limit is also higher so this will make the car seat useful longer than the Milestone.


Good All-In-One Car Seats


Will It Fit In My Car?


Evenflo Symphony Elite (DLX) Graco Milestone
Width 21.5 inches 17 inches
Height 19.5 inches 18.88 inches
Depth/Length 28 inches 24 inches


  • 3-Across

Cars differ in dimensions and in configurations. Compact cars, for example have 48 inches in width; while a mid-sized sedan is about 52-56 inches wide and a minivan could be 63.5 inches wide. The 3-across installation could be achieved depending on what model, brand and type of car seats you would be using, as well as the what installation method can be used in a particular vehicle.

Evenflo Symphony Elite is considerably wide at 21.5 inches so 3 of this car seat might not even fit across a single row of seat in a minivan. Yet, it can be paired with other narrow car seats like Clek Foonf, Combi Shuttle* or Diono Radian 3RXT in the most appropriate configuration so they could be installed side by side. 

Three Graco Milestone car seats with 17 inches width each will most certainly fit in mid-sized sedans and minivans. You may also install 2 forward-facing Milestones at each side and another narrow rear-facing car seat in the middle such as Chicco Keyfit 30. One Amazon reviewer claimed she was able to achieve 3-across installation of this Milestone, Graco Nautilus and an infant carrier in her Ford Edge. Another parent, who drives a Toyota 4Runner, said that she was able to install 2 forward-facing at the sides and 1 rear-facing in the middle.

  • Fit In Vehicles

Symphony Elite was installed rear-facing in a 2010 Subaru Forester and a 5’11” father still had enough leg room left.  This car seat also fitted well in Subaru Outback and Toyota Camry.

Some parents, especially those who own compact and small cars, stated about the tight fit of Milestone in their vehicles, which ultimately affected the legroom of front passengers. Installed forward-facing, reviewers noted how its sized is comparable with the forward-facing only Graco Nautilus. This was installed in a Toyota Highlander and there was still ample space left. It also did not take up too much space in a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta. Other vehicles where this child restraint was installed include Ford F150, Jeep Cherokee, Honda Civic and Ford F150.


Good Two Way Car Seats





Evenflo Symphony Elite (DLX)

Graco Milestone

Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?

Yes, but the manual mentions only rolled towels

Easy To Install Rear-Facing?



Easy To Install Forward-Facing?



Easy To Uninstall?


Recline Position



Lower Anchor Weight Limit

40 pounds

45 pounds


  • Pool Noodle/Rolled Towel

Take note that both manuals of Graco Milestone and Evenflo Symphony DLX do not mention the use of pool noodles. If you are more comfortable with using pool noodles instead of rolled towels, be sure to consult with the manufacturer or with expert CPST. 

One parent said she installed Milestone in her Ford Edge and another claimed she had to use 3 large towels to install the car seat at appropriate level in her Kia Sportage. Meanwhile, a mother who drives a 2007 Honda Civic also had to put rolled towel under the Symphony Elite.

  • Installation 

Generally, Evenflo Symphony DLX is claimed to be easier to install than the competition. This is especially true if your car allows LATCH installation. Milestone has the InRightLATCH push-on type of connector, which is easier to use than the standard j-hook connector. Yet, you need to still push and press on the middle of the car seat so you can pull and remove the slack from the strap. On the other hand, Symphony Elite has much simpler-to-use self-ratcheting SureLATCH system. 

  • Lower Anchor Weight Limit

The downside of LATCH is that not all vehicles (especially older models) have LATCH. Although the Evenflo car seat is easier to install with LATCH, its lower anchor weight limit is lower than that of the Graco model. This means you will need to change installation from LATCH to vehicle seatbelt when the child is 40 pounds when using the Symphony DLX and 45 pounds when using the Milestone. 

  • Recline

Graco Milestone has more recline positions to offer in rear-facing than the Evenflo Symphony Elite. 


Evenflo Symphony Elite All-In-One Convertible Car Seat, Paramount
Price: --
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Evenflo Symphony Elite (DLX)

Graco Milestone

Country Of Origin:



Steel Frame:


Five-Point Harness?


Side Impact Tested:


Approved For Airplane Use:


Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?



  • Country Of Origin

For some people, where a car seat is manufactured really matters. Thus, those who prefer locally-made products will side with the Evenflo product since it is made in the US. Nonetheless, both of these car seats have passed safety tests and are approved by the authorities.

  • Safety Testimonial

Symphony Elite saved a 13-month old from harm when their 2010 midsize SUV was hit at the sides. In another incident where a Ford Excursion was totaled from a multi-car crash incident, a parent can only praise and thank that the Symphony DLX did its job to protect her toddler from injuries. You could read other reviews where parents noted that they decided to buy another Symphony DLX as replacement for the previous ones that were involved in specific accidents. 

A father told about the time when their car had run-off the main road and then hit a guardrail. Afterward, their car flipped over about 5 times and although they all ended up in upside down position, the son remained harnessed in his Milestone and suffered no injuries.


Graco Milestone 3 in 1 Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car Seat, Gotham
Price: $299.99
(As of: 2022/11/10 1:41 am - Details
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The Seat


Evenflo Symphony Elite (DLX)

Graco Milestone

Is The Material Breathable?



Seat Weight:

21 pounds

19.4 pounds

Machine Washable Cover?




No-Rethread Harness?


Comes With An Infant Body Support?


Easy To Remove Cover?



8 Years

10 Years

Comes With A Cup Holder?

Yes, 2

Yes, 1

Shoulder Harness Has Pads?




  • Breathable Cover

You will find more parents approving the cover breathability of Evenflo Symphony DLX because it helps children stay cool and comfortable while seated on the car seat even during hot and humid summer days. 

  • IIHS Best Bet For Booster Fit

Both of these child restraints can offer secure fit for children 4-8 years old in almost any car.

  • Lifespan

Earlier, it was mentioned that the usefulness of Symphony DLX could be longer than that of Milestone, but this is only in terms of weight limit. Nonetheless, I think that for overall expediency, it will be a win for the Milestone since its lifespan is longer than the competition. 

  • Other Available Versions

If you are ever looking for other versions of each car seat, you will learn that the Symphony actually comes in other store-exclusive models. This DLX or Elite model is readily available in Amazon. A ProComfort Symphony DLX is available at Target and it is known for its Gel Matrix Technology that reduces pressure points. Platinum Symphony DLX is at Babies R Us and it is designed with Outlast Performance Fabrics that absorb and release as needed hot and cold temperatures


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Compare The Price


Evenflo Symphony Elite (DLX)

Graco Milestone

Check The Latest Price*

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The Evenflo Symphony Elite And Graco Milestone have the same price tag most of the time.

The Symphony DLX’s attributes that will make you want to consider it are:

  • higher forward-facing height limit
  • higher booster weight limit
  • ease of installation in all modes especially with SureLATCH
  • USA-made
  • seat cover is made of breathable materials
  • comes with an extra cup holder
  • available in other versions

Graco Milestone’s features that stand out are:

  • highly possible 3-across setup since it is narrow
  • more recline positions
  • higher lower anchor weight limit
  • lighter
  • longer expiration date
  • shoulder harness has pads

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The Evenflo Symphony Elite And Graco Milestone?

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