In this review, I would like to share my experience with the Best Bottoms Snap Cover and Stay Dry Inserts. I bought several cloth diapers to try with my then 26-month-old toddler (31 pounds) because she has been a heavy-wetter.

I thought it would be useful to have an experience with the different brands and types of cloth diapers as well to compare with my mostly used Charlie Banana One Size pocket diapers.

Let’s get started to see if the Best Bottoms cloth diaper is the best overnight cloth diaper.


is the best overnight cloth diaper

Last Updated: April 8, 2017


Name Of The Product: Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell-Snap

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Name Of The Product: Best Bottom Stay Dry Overnight Inserts

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This is how the shell snap looks like.


best cloth diaper reviews


When you are new to using a system like this, you will find that it is a no-brainer system. The Best Bottom All-In-Two diapers don’t have pockets. Instead, it has two buttons on both ends for you to snap the inserts which have buttons as well.

The buttons is a good idea because there are no pockets to keep the inserts in place especially if you are using it with a hyperactive toddler. Just attach the inserts to the cover and you’re ready to go.


best overnight cloth diaper


Or if you are using a different type of inserts without buttons, just lay them flat on top of the shell cover.


best bottoms diaper


The sides of the cover have a lining, also known as a gusset. This is to help prevent leaks. This is the second diaper that I encountered that has a gusset.


best cloth diaper system


The size of the cover is easy to adjust. It uses the button system at the outside part, so you just have to snap the buttons together to get the desired size. See the smallest setting of the Best Bottom cover.

To adjust the size, look for the furthest button below and snap it at the second to the topmost button. That would be the newborn size. Keep it unbuttoned and you have the largest size.


best pocket cloth diapers


And here’s the biggest setting size:

best bottom diaper cover


When I first bought it, I was able to use the Best Bottom shell cover for the first time around. The maximum size, however, only allowed me to use only one button per side instead of 2 or three. Therefore, the first time my daughter slept on it, we got leaks! It is because the sides were so “loose” the gussets were useless. My daughter moved a lot during her sleep that one of the buttons was detached. Therefore, it leaked. Nevertheless, it took 5 hours before I changed her diapers.

I wanted to give up using the Best Bottom All-In-Two system, but I didn’t want to waste money. And I am searching for the best overnight cloth diaper, so I gave it another try. The second time around, I didn’t want to use the covers anymore. I feel it was too tight if I button it securely, but it was too loose if I snap it again using just one button like the last time.

Worried that the Best Bottom cover would again be too tight, I used a small clothes hanger to give the cover a good stretch a day before using.


best bottom diapers review


One of the reasons I learned on why it was so easy to unbutton it is that it was too tight for my then chunky, 31-pound toddler.

I then discovered that there is a so-called “Extender Tabs” you can purchase separately. It is an excellent accessory for chunkier toddlers! Awesome! Now I don’t have to keep on stretching the waist with a baby hanger. :-p


best bottom diaper cover
Attach this extender tab if the waist area is not enough for your chunky toddler


BEST to get the extender tabs and this problem is solved or wash the cover several times to get it stretched.

The All-In-Two system of the Best Bottom is very flexible that I feel it is a good idea to use this for newborns too using pre-folds, flats or any other type of inserts you trust.

This diaper has gained my confidence in bringing out my daughter wearing it instead of disposables. If you are used to going out with disposables, putting your daughter in a cloth diaper if you will be out for the whole day is a gamble, but the Best Bottom overnight inserts don’t fail me and last for four hours without leaking. The cover helped a lot in keeping the wetness inside, too.

This diaper also has been one of the diapers I trust for overnight use. When I say overnight, I would still change it maximum 5-6 hours after putting them on to my daughter for hygiene purposes.

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the Best Bottoms cover and overnight inserts so I decided to purchase 3 more covers and 2 more pieces of the overnight inserts.

This is officially my trusted overnight diaper and “going out diaper.” I customized it though. Because putting two pieces of large overnight inserts is very bulky, I decided to just put one overnight insert and place a charcoal bamboo insert on top to wick the wetness.

It’s a perfect combination and hasn’t failed me so far. The longest I didn’t change the diaper overnight is 7.5 hours without feeling guilty or without getting worried that my daughter will get a diaper rash.

The Best Bottoms All-In-Two diapers continue to be my daughter’s overnight and going-out diaper. The covers are still in excellent condition. The inserts, although still very absorbent, are starting to turn yellowish. I don’t use bleach and baking soda in them. I let them be like that since it doesn’t seem to affect the performance.


Covers Reusability


I have a friend who uses a similar type of reusable cover but from a different brand. Her daughter is almost same age as mine. She only has a total of 7 covers (but 40 plus inserts) that she has been using since her daughter’s day 1. That means getting seven covers would be just enough for practical parents. It would last as long as your child can still fit on it. That’s approximately two plus years old or 35 pounds.

The good thing about the wipeable shell cover is that you can use it 2 or 3 times for one day. After using it, just air dry it and use it again on your next diaper change. You have the flexibility to choose the inserts that please you. Best to test drive what inserts works for you before getting a lot of inserts if you are going for this All-In-Two system.

The bad thing about getting only seven covers for your child’s use (approximately 2-3 years), is that you may not be able to use the cover for your second child. The quality will surely depreciate, and the look may not be too pleasant after three years of use.



The quality of the cover and inserts are great. But texture-wise, I am not a fan of the Best Bottom insert, which is somewhere in between rough and soft. However, the Stay Dry Overnight Inserts absorbency is definitely a winner.


best brand cloth diapers
Damp inserts


How to Wash The Best Bottom Diapers


Aside from the NO BLEACH and NO FABRIC CONDITIONER instructions for all cloth diapers, Best Bottom advised not to use baking soda AT ALL. I don’t usually stick to the recommended detergent and only use what has been working with us for two years. The Tide with Charlie Banana was horrible and the Purex is what worked. Let me know how Tide works for you if you decide to use it for this cloth diaper.



Had I not given the cover a good stretch with a baby hanger, it would not have fitted my daughter’s waist. But again, several washes solved the problem. It was stretched enough after 4-5 washes and I don’t need to use the extender tabs with my then 31-pound daughter at all.

We currently ALWAYS use the extender tabs nowadays since it doesn’t fit my 36.5-month-old (39.6-pound-toddler) anymore.

Inserts absorbency-wise, I can say that the overnight stay dry inserts are the best overnight cloth diaper inserts so far, though it is too thick if you put two overnight inserts in one shot.

The best combination is one overnight insert under a charcoal bamboo insert I have come to love.

the best bottoms diapers

If I am given the chance to be a mother again, I would definitely go for this All-In-Two system. I can reuse the cover for 2 days and they dry so fast even when hand-washed. But I will definitely get the same charcoal bamboo insert to answer the absorbency needs I want without getting too bulky.

If you are using this for your child in his early months until early toddlerhood, I also feel it is a PRACTICAL choice. You don’t need to buy so many covers, and you can even customize it using a pre-fold or flats should it not fit your child on day 1.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any question and feel free to visit my blog again for any update on this cloth diaper.

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Published on: June 4, 2016

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  1. If you were to use the Best Bottom cover as a daytime diaper as well as night what would you suggest for the insert during the day? Just one hemp/organic overnight stay dry insert? Or one regular hemp/organic cotton insert? Both by Best Bottom inserts. Thank you for the helpful reviews!!

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      Someone actually advised me that I have been using the Best Bottoms All-In-Two system the wrong way.

      “The system is intended for you to use one overnight insert snapped into the shell, then one daytime diaper insert snapped into the overnight. That’s why there are snaps on both sides!”

      I was also told that the texture on the standard daytime inserts is much much softer and comfortable.

      I honestly haven’t tried doing it the “right way” during daytime or even nighttime as I have been mixing and matching whatever I have in my stash so as not to incur additional expenses.

      I have yet to update this post, and thanks for your comment I am reminded to do so.

      As for now, may I suggest staying away from the Best Bottom Stay Dry Overnight Inserts since they are not very durable and have already become stiff and rough in texture.

      I still use the Best Bottom Diaper covers which are still in very good condition. But as for the inserts, I now use the normal inserts I have in my stash (Charlie Banana Reusable Inserts, and Rumparooz Microfibre Soakers) and top it with a Charcoal Bamboo insert for overnight use.

      I hope this helps.


      1. Ok so I just want to make sure I understand…new mom here and first baby on the way:)!! I have read many of your posts especially on Grovia, Thirsties and Best Bottoms plus the overnight charcoal bamboo insert info. Ultimately that’s why I want to go with Best bottoms so thank you for all your explanations.

        I have on my baby registry hemp/organic overnight inserts to place one inside and then have the Charcoal Bamboo inserts on the registry as well to place one of those over the top of the overnight insert for night time use. You are still suggesting this for nighttime use correct? I liked what you were saying that the charcoal inserts wick away the moisture. I know you mentioned staying away from the overnight ones above but if you are using the charcoal inserts over the top does that matter (sorry new to this)?

        Then for day time I would get the regular/daytime hemp/organic cotton inserts for day time use. When you are using daytime inserts do you just need one daytime insert or two inserts? You mentioned the other two brands but I was liking the snaps on the inserts.

        Thank you for your help!! I have been researching Cloth diapers for weeks and think I can finally see the end of the tunnel…for now anyways 🙂

        1. Hi Tiffany,

          Is this the hemp/organic overnight insert that you added to your registry? If yes, then that is the exact insert I bought. As per product instruction, you should put it under a regular insert for added absorbency. That’s what I did. But instead of a regular insert, I place the Naturally Natures Charcoal Bamboo insert on top, this one to be exact.

          Yes, it’s good for overnight use, but the quality of the Hemp/Organic insert is only good for 1 to 2 years. They have become stiff and frayed on the sides (although they’re still usable).

          If you can potty-trained your child before she/he turns two years of age, I think this combination will work overnight just fine.

          There are at least 5 to 6 different Best Bottoms inserts and most of them must be used with another insert on top for added absorbency. I don’t think you’ll need two inserts for newborns and younger babies who are not a heavy-wetter yet. 🙂

          As for daytime use, I honestly do not use them often since I rely on my Charlie Banana pocket diapers more.

          I hope this helps. 🙂


          1. Yes those are the exact overnight inserts I have on my list. Since there are multiple sizes for weight. I put small, medium and large on the registry too, which comes with 2 inserts per order (still deciding how many of each?). And I have those exact Charcoal bamboo inserts as well to go over the top (24 total-since you had that as a recommendation). I put both of these inserts on my registry per what you said for overnight wearing.

            I will get the daytime hemp/organic cotton inserts for during the day. I knew you used the Charlie Banana ones but didn’t even know how to decide for inserts since there are so many options. Your explanations were great and ultimately why I decided to go with the Best Bottoms.

            How do you even decide how many inserts you need with all the combinations? Plus not running out in between washes. Thank you again for your help!! This has been truly helpful!!

            1. Hi Tiffany,

              I’d usually change the diapers every 3-4 hours during the daytime, depending on how “soaked” they are. There are times when they would soak it within an hour of changing because of liquid intake (milk, water, soup, etc..). But the most I’d let the wetness sit is for 4 hours, just to avoid rashes and UTI.

              Assuming you change diapers every 4 hours, you’ll need 6 in a day.

              As for the Best Bottoms system, you can use 2 covers alternately. Just wipe the insides (they are wipeable), and air them for 30 mins to 1 hour. They dry quite fast. By the time you need to change diapers, you’ll have the cover ready for use.

              So in 1 day (daytime):

              2 Best Bottoms Covers
              4 Daytime Inserts

              For nighttime:

              2 Overnight inserts
              2 charcoal bamboo inserts

              Multiply it according to how often you intend to wash your stash.

              I usually wash every 3-4 days. 🙂

              I hope this helps.


      2. Do your other inserts snap in place or do you lay it on top like a standard cloth diaper. I feel like you sold me on best bottom system but I don’t think the system is still appealing if I’m not using the snap system

        1. Hi Jane,

          If I use a different brand of insert, I just lay them on top. Most of them are different in size and do not have buttons.

          To be honest, I don’t find it a problem to mix and match, with or without buttons. 🙂 You can even use flats or prefolds in it, instead of the buttoned insert (as long as they are not heavy-wetters yet).


  2. Very well explained and informative. I preferred to use cloth during the day and regular diaper at night because of wetness. This article is so clear and organized. I have so many infants in my family but I am not familiar with all the new baby stuff now that my own children are older. This would be a great recommendation for my niece who has 2 young ones in Pampers. She would save so much money and said she would be open to using cloth if it were more reliable.

    Thank you for your review.

    1. Hi there,

      I used disposables too during nighttime during my tired months (first three months). I think it is normal for parents to think about convenience especially if they are working for the whole day and would just want everyone to have a good night sleep. But if a reliable overnight cloth diaper like this is available, wouldn’t that be awesome?:)


  3. Thanks for the review. I know a lot of people who cloth diaper and overnight wetness can be really hard with cloth. Do you find your toddler wakes up at night feeling wet with these? How many overnight inserts do you put in it? I have prefolds that I fold into thirds and was wondering if those would work at all in these shells as well in the day.

    1. Hi Liz,

      I usually anticipate to change diapers every 3-4 hours or every 8 ounce of fluid intake so as not to make my daughter feel uncomfortable and disturb her sleep. If I am using the Best Bottom Overnight Inserts, 2 of it is very bulky but extremely reliable to absorb wetness. The cover is also very good in keeping the wetness inside. However, I have come to love my customised version of putting just 1 Best Bottom overnight insert under a Bamboo Charcoal insert. The Charcoal insert wicks the liquid away from the skin and the overnight insert absorbs all the liquid. In combination with the cover, it is a very reliable combo that can last for up to 7 hours!

      I have tried the OsoCozy Prefolds with this cover. Although the cover contained the wetness, I don’t advise it for heavy-wetter toddlers since the OsoCozy prefold soak up easily – unless you are putting the Charcoal Bamboo insert on top of the prefold which can help make the wetness feel unnoticed. Prefolds inside this cover MAY be okay for newborns or toddlers in their early toddlerhood when they aren’t heavy-wetters yet. I can only assume since when I first tried the OsoCozy prefold, my daughter is already a heavy-wetter. Best to put a Charcoal Bamboo on top of it to minimise the feeling of wetness.



  4. Great post 🙂

    You made it so nice and clear that I think even a daddy can use these diapers:)))

    I think the cloth diapers are better and economical than pampers and other disposables, what do you think? Over a month, you save a lot of money 🙂 Very informative and nice article:) Thanks for sharing:) I think you will help a lot of moms. 🙂


    1. Hi Cristina,

      I agree that cloth diapers (especially this Best Bottoms All-in-Two diapers), is way better and more economical than disposable diapers like Pampers. We have saved a lot of money using cloth for 2 years plus now. I will make a detailed computation the next time I update this post to compare how much is the yearly savings as I did with my Charlie Banana One Size Cloth Diapers Review. 🙂



  5. Me and my wife have a daughter on the way that’s due in September. I keep trying to convince her that we should use cloth diapers when she’s born but she hasn’t been very forthcoming. Do you think the inserts would help cut down on diaper rash? If so I might be able to sway her a little easier.

    1. Hi Retnuh,

      I can confidently assure you that cloth diapers can prevent diaper rash way better than disposables. My daughter hasn’t had any diaper rash ever since we started cloth diapering. The main thing to remember is to change the diaper every 3-4 hours for hygiene purposes. Sometimes the rash is caused not just by their pee but also because of their sweat. And if you use cloth, they can absorb the sweat better than disposables. Cloth are also more breathable compared to disposables. They are also made of natural materials compared to disposables which contain some chemicals that may irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

      I hope this helps.



  6. Hi Pitin
    How awesome that you’ve found extender tabs. Geez I am sure that makes a massive difference.
    I know once or twice I had to use nappies a little too small for my babies and it must have been very uncomfortable for them so I am sure this find must make you very happy.

    1. Lol, Lynne. :-p Yup. I hope other cloth diaper manufacturers make them available for their brands, too. That woud make a big difference!

  7. When you used the Best Bottom covers did you use the extender tabs. I can see judging by your pictures how when these diapers are on the last tab they would not leave much coverage at the side. I wonder with the tabs inserted, do you get even less coverage? As a grandma who used the old cloth diapers, this system is certainly better than that, and I’ll be checking back for the grand babies

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Yup, they don’t leave much coverage on the sides. Actually, I prefer it this way because more coverage means more skin contact (and therefore, more sweat for my toddler). I like using this at night. Mainly because we have the airconditioner switched on overnight and therefore my daughter sweats less. Also, the extender tabs helped the covers to NOT BE TOO STRETCHED. The first time around that it was too stretched, older toddlers like my daughter can easily remove them.



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