While the Graco Literider (without the LX) seems to be more famous with parents, let’s see if The Graco Literider LX Lightweight Stroller is an improved version of the Graco Literider.

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 Is The Graco Literider LX Lightweight Stroller

Graco LiteRider LX Stroller


The Stroller Seat


Having a backrest height of 16 inches, the Literider LX can accommodate a child of up to 50 pounds and 43 inches. Although it’s good for a few years, you can only use it once your child has gained a proper head and neck control.

The reason is that the stroller seat does not recline flat. In fact, it only has two positions – all the way up or all the way down.

There’s one parent who said that the back seat doesn’t stay in place when it is upright. It keeps on sliding to the most reclined angle which is around 45 degrees.


The Restraint System


The 3-point harness/5-point harness can both be utilized. However, the five-point option is always safer.

Another parent has had a difficult time releasing his child out of the seat harness because of the very stiff buckles. It can be a big deal not only when you are in a rush but most especially, when you are in an emergency where you have to unbuckle your child out of the seat.


One-Hand Open/Fold Mechanism


Opening and folding the stroller is an easy one-hand job.

It does fold differently, however. Usually, most Graco strollers stay almost the same in height so that you can roll and drag them behind you as you walk.

The Literider LX when folded is shaped like a shorter rectangular box.

Its height is something that you cannot comfortably drag behind you so will have to carry it once folded.

The only good thing about its compact fold is that it will be more space-saving in your car trunk.

To get the most comfortable experience, don’t collapse it until you are about to put in your car trunk.


Can It Stand Upright Alone?


The Literider LX is not designed to stand up on its own when folded. Although it can roll ok behind you when folded, its folded height (around half of a normal person’s height), is not something comfortable to drag.

Carrying it once folded is the only solution unless you are ok for it to be lying on the ground.


The Storage Area


Unlike other Graco strollers that have deep and HUGE baskets, the LiteRider LX’s storage basket is of average size. It is somewhat inclined and although it can be wide as other Graco strollers’ baskets, its depth is only around half-deep.

One good thing about the basket is its easy accessibility. You don’t have to put the stroller seat all the way up so as to access your stuff in the basket. You’ll be able to get your things just fine.


Stroller Handle


The stroller handle is nicely padded and is of good height range even if you are tall. However, it is not adjustable so you only have one setting to play with.


The Parent Tray


The parent tray has two cup holders. Some parents wish that the cup holders were bigger to accommodate wide neck drinks and bottles.


Child’s Tray


When a compatible infant car seat is clicked onto the stroller, the child tray somehow serves a barrier so that the infant seat stays in place.

Some parents find the child tray to be a bit flimsy. That means they wouldn’t trust it to use as a travel system (a means to carry their infant car seat).

The cupholder in the child’s tray is not very deep, too.


The Footrest/Leg Rest


The plastic footrest is located on the lower front part. It is fixed to the frame and is not adjustable.

Using the stroller for a toddler with long legs might need you to remove the child tray for a more comfortable ride.


The Canopy


The canopy coverage is of average size. It has a peekaboo window that is made of a mesh netting. The mesh netting is covered with a flap.

This is a nice feature since when you click an infant seat in the stroller and have the stroller canopy and infant seat canopy meet in the middle for full coverage, you need good ventilation inside.

Mesh peekaboo window is always better than the plastic ones. Should you be strolling under the sun and the rays are getting through the roof of the canopy, just close the flap.

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Size And Weight

Stroller Dimensions When Opened

Stroller Width:

27.50 inches

Stroller Height:

41 inches

Stroller Depth:

19 inches


Stroller Dimensions When Folded

Folded Stroller Width:

19 inches

Folded Stroller Height:

14 inches

Folded Stroller Depth:

33 inches


Stroller Weight:

16 pounds


The Wheels


There are four hard rubber wheels that give an easy-to-push ride.

Although the wheel assembly can be a bit challenging, you’ll reap the rewards after since the stroller rolls smoothly on flat and not too rocky surfaces. Even grass roads are okay, too!

I feel that this stroller is ideal for trips to parks, theme parks, and malls.  

It is best to avoid gravel and rocky surfaces as it is not ideal.


The Brakes


There are two plastic rear-breaks that you can engage if you want to park the stroller safely. There are also two locks in the two front wheels so as to either make the front wheels just go straight (locked) or have it swivel up to 360 degrees (unlocked).





The question of whether the LiteRider LX is an improved version of the Graco LiteRider can be answered by the following.

  1. The Literider LX stroller seat capacity has been increased to 50 pounds. The LiteRider (without the LX), is only good until 40 pounds.
  2. There is the feedback that the stroller seat of the LX doesn’t stay in place when it is upright. If you want your child to be sitting up, your child’s weight might trigger the back seat to recline even faster.
  3. The buckles of the stroller seat harness of the LX can be stiff and therefore be hard to release your child immediately from the seat.
  4. The LX stroller when folded doesn’t stand up on its own. If you are a commuter riding the bus with your child, you’ll need to lay it on the floor or have it stand against something while still supporting it so that it doesn’t fall.
  5. Instead of a plastic peekaboo window, the LX comes with a mesh netting peekaboo window. A better feature when you need ventilation after making the stroller canopy and the infant car seat canopy meet at the center.
  6. The LX stroller’s height is 2 inches more than the Literider. That is not very visible in my opinion.
  7. When folded, the LX is around 2 inches more compact than the LiteRider. Again, not a major size improvement.
  8. The LiterRider LX is almost 1 pound lighter than the Literider. You’ll hardly feel it.

From the above points, it seems that the advantages of the Literider LX are just minor compared to the LiteRider.

For improvements, I am expecting deeper cup holders, bigger and deeper storage baskets, and a sturdier child tray since it stops an infant car seat from falling down.

None of these was improved in the LiteRider LX.

Between the two, I’d get the Graco LiteRider instead.

I highly suggest that you check out the feedbacks of parents who got this stroller to help you decide further.


Check Out The Graco Literider LX Lightweight Stroller Reviews From Amazon






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Is The Graco Literider LX Lightweight Stroller

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  1. Based on the video you included, I would assume that the LiteRider LX is the better option. But based on your detailed descriptions and comparisons, I will definitely stick to the Graco LiteRider!

  2. Hi Pitin,

    The enhancements to the new version only prove to have very minimal changes, which is really not worthy of the price difference or beneficial to parents, in my opinion.


  3. Thanks for reviewing this product. I have a 2 month old and I’m looking for good strollers.
    I appreciate the comparison between the Literider and Literider LX and your recommendation to stick to the regular Literider. Do you know if there’s a price difference between the two?

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