The Evenflo Everyfit 4 1 Convertible Car Seat is one of the most affordable car seats on the market. It is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, but it poses some difficulties with installation, which can be frustrating for some. 

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ideal use

Rear-Facing Weight:

4 to 40 pounds

Rear-Facing Height Limit:

17 to 40 inches; the top of the child's head is at least 1 inch or more below the top of the child restraint headrest

Forward-Facing Weight:

22 to 65 pounds

Forward-Facing Height Limit:

28 to 49 inches, 2plus years old

High Back/Backless Booster Weight Limit:

40 to 120 pounds

High Back/Backless Booster Height Limit:

44 to 57 inches

Backless Booster Height Limit:

The top of the child’s ears are at or below the vehicle seat headrest.

Once your child exceeds any of the size requirements for the above-specified uses, you MUST discontinue the use of this child restraint.

DON'T try to make a car seat fit a child who is too large or too small.

There are also other, more serious consequences to using an incorrectly sized car seat. If a car seat is too large for a child, the straps may not be tight enough to keep the child safe in a crash. If the car seat is too small for a child, the child's body could come into contact with the buckles or sturdy components of the car seat and be injured.

It is very important to use the correct size car seat for your child, as it can mean the difference between life and death in a car accident.

will it fit in my car?


19 inches


32.5 inches


22.25 inches

If you have a smaller car, it is quite large and you may need to squeeze your little one in between the roof of the car and their car seat to place them in.

Getting them out of the seat in an emergency could be difficult in this case.

Evenflo EveryFit 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Featuring 12-Position Headrest, Two Integrated Cup Holders, Removable Snack Tray, and Machine-Washable Fabric (Augusta Pink)
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Do I need to use a pool noodle/rolled towel?


Easy To Install Rear-Facing?

LATCH - Relatively

Seatbelt - Relatively

Easy To Install Forward-Facing?


Easy To Uninstall?


Some say that the base that reclines is small and narrow, making it difficult to get the seat to sit right so you can tighten it properly. The angle at which the strap is tightened makes it difficult to get tight enough so that the seat does not shift about.

In a rear-facing position, even with the knee in the seat, some cannot pull the strap tight enough. The forward and backward movement of the seat also makes it tough to tighten the straps.

It can be hard to keep the seat level, as it tends to slide up and lean back, even more, when it is in a more reclined position.

Also, you may need to remove some part of the seat cover so you can pull the strap at an angle that will allow it to tighten well. Once it is tight enough, it is not easy to release or uninstall. 

Some find the instruction manual poorly written and isn't of much help. However, after playing with it for a bit, it might not be too bad at all but be aware there is a learning curve.

How To Install The Evenflo Everyfit 4-in-1 With LATCH Rear-Facing

How To Install The Evenflo Everyfit 4-in-1 With Seatbelt Rear-Facing

How To Install The Evenflo Everyfit Forward-Facing With LATCH

How To Install The Evenflo Everyfit Forward-Facing With Seatbelt

How To Install The Evenflo Everyfit 4-1 In Highback Booster Mode

How To Install The Evenflo Everyfit 4-1 In Backless Booster Mode


Country Of Origin:


Steel-Reinforced Frame:


Five-Point Harness?


Side Impact Tested:


Approved For Airplane Use:


Easy To Buckle And Unbuckle?


Before buckling your child into their car seat's 5-point harness, pull all of the slack out of the harness, then snuggle it up at the hips. Then, pull on the strap to tighten the shoulder area.

Good Convertible Car Seats Of 2023

Consider narrowing down your options by focusing on those made with EPP or EPS foam for impact management. Both materials meet government safety regulations, but EPP foam is more elastic and less brittle than EPS foam, making it better at withstanding multiple impacts and regaining its shape.

Keep in mind that any seat involved in an accident should be replaced, regardless of the foam type.

Good Convertible Car Seats With EPP Foam:

Good Convertible Car Seats With EPS Foam:

the seat

Is The Material Breathable?


Seat Weight:

19 lbs.

Machine Washable Cover?




No-Rethread Harness?


Comes With An Infant Body Support?


Easy To Remove Cover?



10 Years

Comes With A Cup Holder?

Yes, 2

Shoulder Harness Has Pads?


Most would agree that the seat is very comfortable, especially when it lays back for comfort. The quality also seems to be good for the price. Just note that the mesh cushions on the headrest can easily get caught with your child's earrings, as shared by one of the parent reviewers.

As a bonus, it includes a small tray for snacks.


There are many different car seats on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your child. As with most things, there is a learning curve with this car seat, but it can be overcome with some patience.

The safety features of the seat are good and it has been crash tested and approved for airplane use. The material is breathable and the seat is roomy. The car seat also comes with a small tray for snacks. Although it is one of the more affordable car seats on the market, it does have some drawbacks.

All in all, it is a good car seat that could use a little improvement in the installation category.

Before you buy this product, make sure you know exactly what you're buying! Even better, read the reviews to see if there are other parents who have installed the seat and can help provide much-needed pointers on how to do it yourself.

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Evenflo Everyfit 4 1 Convertible Car Seat

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