The Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX – Just Another Back-Up Seat

The Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX is a budget-friendly two-way car seat. It is not that easy to tighten the straps in the rear-facing mode. You’ll also need to get a separate approved shoulder harness pad, so your child’s neck doesn’t get irritated from the straps. These are just a few of its shortcomings. Read on why, despite these, it’s not a useless seat.

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The Graco MySize 65 Vs Size4me 65 – Same Seat, Same Problems

The Graco MySize 65 Vs Size4me 65, also known as the Graco Fit4Me 65, and Graco Headwise 65 are practically ALL THE SAME.

They come with different fabrics and are sold by different stores using the above different names.

Although the Graco Headwise 65 has a “Safety Surround” in the movable headrest and a “premium” fabric, they all carry the same specs and offer the same performance.

Let’s dig in further.

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The Disney APT Convertible Car Seat – Just For Babies!

If you ask your child which car seat they like and show them all other convertible car seats including The Disney APT Convertible Car Seat, there is no doubt that most kids will choose The Disney APT seat. Just by looking at it, no child will say no to it.

But is it safe and comfortable for everyday use?

Let’s see.

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