The Osocozy Cloth Diapers – Unbleached Prefold Diapers For Infants’ Use

The Osocozy prefold might be the best option for parents who haven’t found their perfect newborn cloth diaper yet. It comes in sizes and size one is perfect for babies from 7-15 pounds. Should it not fit your child who might be less than 7 lbs, you can just adjust the fold before fastening accordingly.

For toddlers, expect to use it as an insert inside a pocket diaper. If you lay it flat on top of a reliable All-In-Two cover like the Best Bottoms cover, you can have better results. It has been a cheap, good backup every time I ran out of inserts. Although not highly absorbent as the other cloth diaper inserts I have, it is a step higher than training pants.

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Can It Be A Top Rated Cloth Diaper? Ecoable’s Charcoal Bamboo All-In-One With Pockets

When I first bought the EcoAble Baby Charcoal Bamboo All-In-One from Amazon, I was a bit hesitant. The brand “Ecoable” was not very familiar with me, but the product has something that my other cloth diapers don’t have. It is a combination of an All-In-One cloth diaper and a pocket cloth diaper. That means the inserts are already sewn with the cover (inside the pockets), and you still have the option to put an extra insert inside to boost absorbency. After using this cloth diaper for exactly 9 months now, can I confidently say that this is a top rated cloth diaper? Read more about our experience.

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Is The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Snap Best For Newborns?

If you are after the best one size cloth diapers for newborns, Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Snap and Soakers is definitely more ideal as it can be resized to the smallest setting compared to all cloth diapers I have in my stash. And if you happen to have a 29-month-old toddler who is not chunky as mine, you might just be able to still use the covers until you have a potty-trained toddler.

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