When I first bought the EcoAble Baby Charcoal Bamboo All-In-One from Amazon, I was a bit hesitant. The brand “Ecoable” was not very familiar with me, but the product has something that my other cloth diapers don’t have. It is a combination of an All-In-One cloth diaper and a pocket cloth diaper. That means the inserts are already sewn with the cover (inside the pockets), and you still have the option to put an extra insert inside to boost absorbency. After using this cloth diaper for exactly 1 year and 5 months now, can I confidently say that this is a top rated cloth diaper? Read more about our experience.


A Top Rated Cloth Diaper



Last Updated: March 14, 2018


My daughter is a few days away from her 4th birthday. While it is still tempting to continue testing the cloth diapers in our stash, it would be very selfish of me to not start toilet training her just for the purpose of still wanting to know how these diapers will stand the test of time.

This will be my last update for the Ecoable AIO cloth diaper. If we ever get pregnant again, I am sure this diaper will still be usable and still perform decently.


Final Verdict:


As we all must have known by now, children’s weights can fluctuate. When my daughter stopped drinking milk from the bottle, she lost a few kilos. She eats solids mostly and her main fluid intake is pure water.

At the time of this update, My daughter is 37.4 pounds (17 kilos) – way over the Ecoable AIO’s recommended fit (up to 35 pounds).

Despite that, she can still use this diaper for daytime use.


Best Use


The Ecoable AIO is best used for daytime when the weather is hot. The bamboo material of the interior keeps the skin feeling fresh and absorbs moisture and wetness very easily – while leaving the skin dry.

On the downside, you’ll have to add another insert inside its pocket if you are going to use it for night time. I would not recommend using it at night since adding a second layer (there’s already an insert sewn inside the pocket), will bulk it up.

Being bulky, there’s a tendency for the buttons on the sides to not stay in place. Once even just one button is removed, there will be leaking from the sides. You’ll all wake up with a wet bed.

When I bought this 2 years ago, they do not include an extra insert. Nowadays, some sellers include a free charcoal bamboo insert.


Wil I Buy It Again? Why Or Why Not?


When my daughter was 3 years old, she was about 39.6 pounds. Although the Ecoable AIO can still fit her, it can only take one wetting. After which you’ll have to change it already.

I’d probably buy it again only IF I can promise myself to successfully toilet train my children before they turn 3 years of age, better if earlier.



Whatever I have written below is an old story. They have dates you can refer to as to when the update was written.


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April 11, 2017 Update:


The first time my daughter used this cloth diaper was when she was 27 months old and around 31 pounds. Unlike the other new cloth diapers I bought, it fitted her just right. She was 31 months old as of first writing this review.


Ecoable’s AIO/Pocket Diaper For Starters


To start using this diaper for your child, just attach the lowest button layers to the third layer of buttons. It’s pretty straight-forward. Leaving them unbuttoned would give you the largest setting possible.


the best rated cloth diapers
Smallest setting is best used for babies weighing 10 lbs

best brand cloth diapers


The inserts are already sewn inside, so you don’t need to do anything. If you want to use it as an overnight diaper, you can stash an extra insert for added absorbency. I have tried adding a Charlie Banana insert inside the pocket, and it makes a difference.




Although it is a pocket diaper as well, it is more of All-In-One type. Once it is soaked, you cannot reuse it and must discard it for washing. You can at least make use of it for 4-6 hours, depending on your child’s liquid intake.

If you have read my Best Bottoms cloth diaper review, you will see that on top of the Best Bottoms overnight inserts, I put a charcoal bamboo material insert from Naturally Natures to wick the moisture away from my child’s bottoms. It is efficient but bulky. I feel that Ecoable’s AIO/pocket cloth diaper can achieve the same result like the customization I did for Best Bottoms – without the bulk! If you are okay with not reusing the covers after one use (AIO), then you should check this diaper out.


Something I don’t Like


One thing that I dislike is the drying time. Because it takes very long to dry, it has developed an ugly “brown pattern” inside on the inserts. Looks like a stain but it doesn’t stink either. Good thing it is inside the pockets, so it doesn’t touch my daughter’s bums.


February 8, 2017 Update:

The brown stain “chipped off” like flakes and the inside insert is clean again. I have been drying it inside out and probably, just probably, the direct sunlight helped. I didn’t put any bleach or any special detergent. It just went away like scales that flaked off.


best price cloth diapers

The Things I Like Most


Charcoal Bamboo Interior


The best thing about the Ecoable’s cloth diaper is that, even though it is super soaked, the bamboo material of the interior doesn’t moisten my daughter’s bottoms very much.

cheap cloth diaper covers


Cute Prints


I am a sucker for looks, LOL. I love how cute the prints are! It feels very similar to Happy Endings cloth diaper patterns (which I would’ve gotten too if I had known about them earlier).


Check Out The Cute Prints!


The Ecoable’s AIO/pocket cloth diaper has gussets on the sides which prevent leaks. Take note though that I usually add an extra insert inside to help contain the wetness. I believe the “leakproof” claim is a bit over-promising since, without an added insert inside, there is a limit as to how much liquid it can contain.


pocket cloth diapers reviews


How To Wash It


After it is soaked with pee or poop, I prewash it with water to rinse all the residues away. Keeping it inside this exact wet bag for 2-3 days before washing will prevent it from stinking. I use an automatic washer with regular temperature water and spin them dry.

As for the detergent, I used to buy Purex but discovered that normal powdered detergents work fine as well. The stink doesn’t come from the soap you use, like how I blame Tide for stinking my stash, or how I praise Purex for keeping my stash smelling good. It is how soon you rinse away the pee/poop residues, and storing your soiled cloth diaper inside a wet bag and not in a pail of water.

You should also avoid bleach and fabric softeners as they will affect the absorbency of the inserts.

All-in-one Cloth Diaper Shell with Double Gussets, Snap Buttons, One Size (Polar Bear)
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Name Of The Product: EcoAble Baby Charcoal Bamboo All-In-One AIO Cloth Diaper w/ Pocket

Cheapest Place To Buy

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The All-In-One cloth diaper from Ecoable is not bulky at all.





I believe that it would be better if Ecoable would sew the insert on only one side like how Bum Genius people did in their AIO. Not only will it help the insert dry faster, but it will also avoid any staining that comes from uneven and long drying.

Nevertheless, I am amazed by how the Ecoable AIO/pocket cloth diaper can achieve the same dryness as my favorite AI2 combination Best Bottoms and Naturally Natures Bamboo inserts. The best asset of this AIO in my opinion is the material used for the inner lining. It leaves the skin dry although the insert inside the pocket is already wet. Best to use it with an added insert stuffed inside the pocket to use it for longer hours.

My daughter is currently exactly 3 years old and 39.6 pounds and she can still fit in this cloth diaper. She has been using it for 9 months now.


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What Do You Think?


Do You Think It Can Be A Top Rated Cloth Diaper?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!








First Published On: October 11, 2016

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  1. I never thought I would ever see cloth nappies making a come back but I am so pleased they are. Disposable nappies have become an absolute ecological disaster and create an enormous amount of rubbish that takes years to degrade. Even if people use disposables for traveling it will make a huge change to landfill dumps. it is another step toward saving our planet for future generations.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      From what I know, a mountain of disposable nappies can take more than a hundred years to “decompose.” Parents using disposables are using them because they are not fully aware yet that cloth nappies can also serve the purpose that they are looking for. Modern cloth nappies nowadays can be at par, if not, better than some disposable brands. Parents just have to look for it, it is readily available online most of the time. 🙂



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